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What is Paranormal?

What is very normal to me might be quite unusual for you and vice versa. Paranormal could then be just a matter of perspective... There are certain subjects that we think of as being part of the Paranormal. Ghosts, levitation, telekinesis, clairvoyance, to name but a...

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Top Tips


Love & Relationships


The Common Cold

No one likes getting a cold. Many avoid getting a cold but when you do get a cold what is it "really" about and what can you do? In my knowledge, knowing and reality, we "catch" a cold because our minds and bodies are temporarily out of balance. They are going at such...

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Food & Diet

Why we Comfort Eat and Overeat and How to Stop

The holiday season is on the way and winter and cold weather are just around the corner. Are you concerned about extra weight? Does it seem difficult to lose despite trying all kind of quick fix cures and miracle diets? If the answer is yes, you may be dreading the...

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