Yes! I am a woman of Color!

My house is painted in bright bold yellows, blues, purples, greens, oranges and many others. My wardrobe contains every color of the rainbow, but more importantly, I am yellow, green, pink, blue, red, gold, brown, white, black, violet, orange. I am every color that you can think of, all the colors you have ever seen and all these colors that you see in your dreams and have known as being from another place. Yes, I am all of those brilliant, wonderful colors, and so are you.


Colors are vibrations. Science and Physics recognize this. We as humans are made up of vibrations. This is a proven fact. We each oscillate, scintillate and vibrate at different frequencies. This makes each and every one of us unique. We each have our own unique vibration to bring to this mass tapestry of color vibration and light we call reality and life. We are each a part of that tapestry and of each other. Recently science recognized and can prove that individual and group consciousness is interwoven, one of the same. When one hurts on some level, we all hurt. When one experiences joy on some level, we all experience joy. It makes so much sense to treat others well as you would wish to be treated well yourself, for truly there is no division between us. In essence, we are truly connected.

The colors that we wear, the colors that we live in and surround ourselves with, play a vital part in how we feel and how we express ourselves to the world.

Anything and everything must go. We cannot afford to be victims to the dictates of seasons and fashions if we really wish to experience life. Break out today. Color analysis experts and charts may generalize, even promise to personalize what’s you. But we can do better than that. We can explore and re-discover our own unique resonance and expression with color. Follow this simple tip to reconnect and establish your own unique relationship with color:

Take pieces of colored cards or cloth. Take a few minutes to look at and feel for yourself what each color brings and gives to you. Put aside associations such as yellow brings a picture of the sun. Put aside too the things that you have been told such as blue is for calm, green for growth. Make notes. Take time and discover which colors make you feel good and what they bring to you. Explore also the colors you don’t like and find out why.

We can all experience color. Go ahead, play with colors: wear them; live in them; express them. What color are you being today? Imagine different colors and breathe them all through your body. Fill yourself up with the color that you feel you need in the moment. Color can and will change your life in the most beautiful, positive and amazing ways.

Life is full of the unknown. For example, let’s for a moment focus on the color black. This is a color which has often been misunderstood. Yet black has depth. It is a mix and a mass of all colors, all vibrations. In past times, we have not known black, not explored it. There have been many fears and myths associated with the color black. Somehow, it’s been believed to be bad, perhaps because of its unknown aspect. Have you asked yourself why some people have darker or black skin? We are told it’s because people from Africa, Native Australians, African Americans, Caribbean, and other islanders have an increased amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin, we are told, is the pigment in the skin that protects the skin from sunlight. So far, so good. This all seem to make sense. But when we dig a little deeper and look at the function of melanin, we find that it’s a substance found in all living kingdoms and in many different structures and forms. We find that it has a clear role in camouflage and sexual display. It can act as a sunscreen but in fact is not a very effective one. Melanin is envisaged as an energy transducer. It can absorb many different type of energy and dissipate them in the form of heat. The point here is that there is more to the color black that we may have first thought, and what is known is also inconclusive. We must realize that there is so much more to explore and discover about color.

The truth is that colors we do not know about may make us feel unsure, uncertain, even afraid, and yet they are there for us to explore, to transcend barriers and discover more of who we are.

Maybe it’s time for us all to move forward and not to be shy, to embrace more completely the black and the brown, the yellow and red and all the other colored people of our world, because all of them are also all of us and who we already are.

Yes, I am a woman of color, and yes we are all colorful beings. As we bring more color into our lives, we bring a greater richness, fullness and diversity of life experience. It’s time now to explore, assimilate and enjoy all color for ourselves. Start today. Don’t hold back. Wear that red dress. Paint that bathroom cabinet bright green. Do what you feel. You might even start a trend.

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