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“From Silver Service to Psychic Service”

Psychic News Magazine, UK, November 2018

Petrene Soames - Psychic News Magazine - November 2018

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“A Pet Psychic’s View” – Chatting With Petrene Soames

Houston PetTalk Magazine, March 2011

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your pet, either a pet that is living or has passed? If so, pet communicators are a medium that you might be interested in learning more about so Houston PetTalk sat down with Petrene Soames, a local Houstonian, to learn more about her abilities. Petrene is internationally recognized as a communicator, healer, author, broadcaster, TV personality and speaker.

When did you first feel you had a gift to communicate with animals?

Communicating with animals was an obvious thing to me once I became involved with animals as an adult. I was not surrounded by pets as a child. Cats were my first love and things developed from there.

How do you describe yourself: psychic, animal communicator, healer or something else?

I describe myself as a World-Class Psychic. I work directly through Extra Sensory Perception ( ESP ) and have been doing so professionally for over 25 years. I am also an Animal Communicator, Paranormal Expert, Healer, Teacher, Author, Medium and creator of unique Therapies which change lives… I also offer many different workshops on a wide range of topics within the realms of self-healing, awareness and self-growth.

You are the poster child for animal rescue, with two horses, nine cats and four dogs that were all rescued. Tell us about one of those rescue stories that you think is really interesting.

Actually all of my animals are rescues, except for one dog whose name is Max. Each of my rescues is interesting and they all have a special story. Leo, my little Maltese/Shih-Tzu mix, sat in a cage at the front desk of the local shelter. I stood in line one day, waiting to ask some questions about a litter of kittens I was fostering. I saw him in the cage and he had a faraway look in his eyes that was quite different from any other look I had seen before. There was a sign on the cage that read “reserved” and I was relieved to know that he was going somewhere. Finally, I got to the front desk where I saw a friendly face who said “look what we have for you, Petrene!”! Yes, the little dog had been reserved for me!

You have worked and traveled in over 30 different countries. Is there a place you traveled where you felt the most “connected”? What has been your favorite country? Are there countries where the idea of ESP is more widely accepted and practiced than others?

The country that I feel the most connected to is definitely India. There is great openness to the paranormal and ESP there. It’s a very exciting place.

You write about self-awareness and have a book published on the subject. What advice would you give our readers on this subject?

Yes, I have at this time two published books. The first is called “The Essence of Self Healing: How to Bring Health and Happiness into Your Life”. The second is called “Fifty Ways to Fix Your Life: The Workbook”.  My books are a great starting resource. They will give you a simple but incredibly useful head start and make sense of so much you already know but may not be connected to.

If someone wants you to communicate with their pet, how does that work? Do you hear the pet’s voice? Is it images? How do you know it’s their pet? Do some pets not come through? Can you speak equally to pets in this world as well as those that have passed?

Most of the time people bring or send me a photo of their pet, although they do sometimes ask me to come to their home or they may bring their pet to me. Whether the pet is living or has passed on, it’s the same for me. I look for particular habits, behaviors or anything unique that I then describe to make sure the owner knows that this is indeed their pet. I see what is really going on emotionally or psychologically with the pet. I have never had a case where a pet did not want to communicate.

Tell us about your upcoming book.

My new book which is to be released this year is called “The Process: 21 Days to Transformation” and it’s more than a book, it’s a system… It’s like going on your own personal 21 – day retreat to develop awareness and to create and experience powerful and positive shifts in your life!

Thank  you, it has been such a pleasure doing this interview and I would like to say to all the Houston PetTalk readers that we are in incredibly exciting times and our pets are very much there to love, support and show us the way forward…


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“Close Encounters: Interview with Petrene Soames”

by Robert Granger, Psychic Connections Magazine, US, 1997

In this interview, we explore with renowned Psychic Petrene Soames the reality of extraterrestrial life and the possibilities that it can unlock.

When did your “encounters” start?

As a very small child, maybe about five-, six-, or seven-years old, I had my first alien encounter. It was in the woods near my home. I didn’t just see aliens, though, I saw fairies and other entities – all kinds of different life forms, throughout my childhood. I’ve had about six or seven actual alien encounters – ones where I had them actually visit me and talk to me or where I actually saw spaceships – through the years.

Normally, I know that it’s coming and my intuition tells me that I have to go to a certain place. They haven’t all been like that, but at least half of them. In the past I’ve even gotten on a plane and gone to a certain country just to have a conversation. They’ve always been very interesting.

My most recent “encounter” occurred just a few weeks ago, near the Hale-Bopp incident. I do my Psychic work everyday, and all day I had this little voice that kept saying “go outside and go to the end of the road”. That evening, at about 7:00 or 8:00pm, my partner and I set out. When we got there we sat and looked up and it was a lovely, clear night and there were a couple of houses lit up.

Several dogs around the neighborhood started to bark and then a giant hole opened in the sky. Three lights came through the hole and then I saw their forms – they were like physical people. I could just see their outline. There were two “males” and one “female”. Normally, I have long conversations, but this time there wasn’t much of a conversation at all. All they said was, “We are here. We have come to join you”. It was really amazing because in that moment I could trace how far they had come and how long it had taken them to get here. You can’t measure it in hours or miles – it’s totally beyond time as we know it – but it’s time in a way I understand very well because I am a “time traveler”. A lot of my work revolves around “Progression” and “Regression” healing techniques. Then the three of them entered my body and actually became part of me.

After that experience I could feel their influence take my research into new directions – I actually felt like I was given a lot more information to help with what I’m doing.

Why do you think that they come to you?

Because of what I’m involved with. Even though I’m a world-famous Psychic, I’m not trying to rake in millions. I have a much greater sense of purpose than that. I believe I’m here to broaden the barriers of “what is” and “what isn’t”; I am here to knock down some of the concepts and say there’s nothing really so amazing after all. I’m amazing, but so is everybody else. As much as aliens are absolutely real and concrete to me, I’m also totally aware that they’re an expression of – and a part of – myself. I don’t view aliens and the alien’s reality as something separate from me – it’s not a “them and us” situation.

What is it that you’ve seen through your “encounters”?

I’ve seen so many different aliens: they walked, they crawled, they flew. There are life forms in just about any shape, size, and dimension that you could imagine. I feel that the “greys” and the typical archetypes that are known do exist, I’ve seen them myself, but these are just two or three of millions of different types.

How do you communicate with them?

It’s always telepathically. I always understand everything that they’re saying and they understand everything that I’m saying. Sometimes it’s like we’re talking in a totally different language. I couldn’t begin to tell you what this language is, yet I’m aware that I know it completely, on another level. As for actual statement, sentences, and conversations, it’s like I’m given huge amounts of knowledge and information. I can feel when it begins and I can feel when it ends. I go away with that information and it can be days, weeks, months, or even years; then little by little the information will come out and I’ll know that I got it from them.

What kind of state are you in when this occurs?

I’m generally very relaxed because I known it’s going to happen. I learned that you have to put any fear that you have aside and to be completely open. For some reason my body goes into a state of paralysis all the time that it’s going on – my head and my mind are completely awake, completely alert, but the rest of my body is in a gentle paralysis. Once the experience is over, that subsides and I’m fine. I always feel incredibly high, incredibly positive, and incredibly energized afterwards.

Is it true that you’ve had contact with an alien that’s being held captive in the United States?

This was some years ago. I was leading a Psychic Development group that had been going on for about a year, and I’d been in contact with this being for a couple of years. I decided to share my experience with other people and let them see it for themselves. I had about seven people there, and without putting too much in their mind, I gave them several clues on how to get to this particular place or vibration. Out of the seven, four of them saw it and connected and communicated with it. Because of their different personalities and conceptions, they all got it in a slightly different way, but mainly they saw the being, they saw that it was real, and they saw that it was in the room and place that I said it was in.

Why do you think people are so afraid of making contact?

Things are getting a lot better. Just look around; there are so many alien magazines, t-shirts and paraphernalia and there are so many more programs relating to the topic. It’s unfortunate that a lot of the “entertainment” that’s coming out is of a negative nature – the movie “Independence Day”, for instance. I want to say one thing very clearly, the whole alien experience is not outside of ourselves. This is a part of us and we are a part of it. When we’re being fearful, we’re being fearful of something outside, we’re being fearful of a part of ourselves. Even now certain people have very logical minds and are afraid to look any further.

Some interesting facts are coming to light in the science community right now. Quantum physics has realized and is stating that there is no such things as “time”. If we go back 2000 years to the original Greek thinkers and philosophers, they came up with the theory that time is a straight line. Scientists are now beginning to realize and accept that this was wrong. Science is now saying that thought creates reality and that time doesn’t actually exist. In actuality we are all living parallel realities. It’s only a matter of time before everyone says, “OK, we’ve got it all wrong. Let’s forget about those concepts and start looking at ourselves and the universe in a much more multidimensional, open way”. It isn’t something to be afraid of, we’re only being afraid of ourselves and of our cozy little reality being taken away. And yet that reality only offers a false sense of security because it can all be taken away in a minute. So it really is time to move on and find the real security that exists inside of ourselves.

What do you think it’s going to take for people to accept this though process?

There are books available right now that are saying that everything that we’ve been going along with, what we’ve been taught in school for the last X amount of years, isn’t so. People have fears about governments, churches and religions and how they all want to keep us down – I can see all that, but not really. I don’t have any fear about that at all. I have enormous faith in human beings and in human nature and I feel that everybody isn’t going to “get it” all at once. At the same time, there will be enough people who do realize who will start spreading the word, making information available and then others will start thinking for themselves. The whole world needs “Rebirthing”. This is a therapy where you let go of all the fear and the pain of the past so you can start acting and reacting from “the now”.

What do you see happening ten years down the line?

I don’t feel that the future is going to be as negative and bleak as predicted. Mankind is going to move forward and start realizing who they are and there will be a certain amount of people who take things forward. There won’t be governments or religions – people will realize quite simply that they don’t need them.

I definitely see people, aliens and other realities using the power of their minds to travel in both time and space and to end sickness. India, surprisingly enough, will be one of the first countries to really start working with vibrations ( vibratory patterns ) in order to wipe out all illness. It isn’t a matter of this not existing already; it’s just not a financially good idea for big business. But the answers and potential are all here, it’s all possible.

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“Psychic Petrene will take you into your future…  and let you “live” it too!”

Eva Magazine, UK, 1995

Top British psychic Petrene Soames can help you find out what you’ll be doing in the future because she turns people into time-travelers. Using the technique of Progression – a deep relaxation and visualization process – she takes clients into the future of both their present and future lives.

Subjects lie in a softly lit room, listening to music and Petrene guides them into a gentle relaxed state. She guides them towards their future in gradual stages, experiencing what life will be like, often in vivid detail.

“But that doesn’t mean the future’s fixed,” says Petrene, who’s been a professional psychic for more than 20 years. “Some roads are more fixed than others, but there are few that can’t be changed… Seeing what’s in store gives people the power to alter things to their advantage. Sometimes it can even change the whole course of their lives. There have been quite a few instances where Progression has prevented some terrible disaster happening because the person involved has taken all the right steps to avoid it. Robberies have been prevented, losses avoided – and even relationships have been saved or changed for the better.”

Petrene also offers Past Life Regression and Clairvoyant or Psychic readings. She says people who ask for Progression often check how their long-term plans for the future will work out. “It gives them more confidence and increased motivation if they can find out what they’ll achieve. Progression can also help reduce stress when people are going through a bad time. It they’re having problems with their business or marriage, it can restore their courage if they see and experience the future and realize their difficulties won’t last forever.” “They’re usually on a ‘high’ after a session” she says. “They feel great and say something like, ‘Wow, that was really weird.’ So I sit them down and give them tea until they’ve come back down to earth again.”

While an accurate prediction of death might terrify some people, there are those who are reassured by ‘living through’ death. One of Petrene’s clients, Jackie, kept having severe panic attacks which were linked to a fear of dying. As a child, she’d watched her grandmother die and the terror she’d felt remained with her. During her session with Petrene, Jackie was guided slowly into the future, in 5 year stages. Finally, Petrene helped her ‘live’ her future death. Coming back from the experience, Jackie described how after her ‘death’ she’d gone through a white tunnel into a new existence, feeling warm, secure and completely unafraid. It was so comforting that her fear of death has now gone. So, too, have the frightening panic attacks.

Petrene has always been a psychic and so was her father. She knows all about her own future – and past – experiences. “I was an oracle, a nun and a Victorian waif. As a child, I often ‘slipped’ back into past lives. I will be in China towards the end of my life and will die in my 70s. But to me, it will be just like transferring to a different dimension.”

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“Psychics continue to Amaze!”

by Andrew Balkin, London Regional Newspaper, 1993

PSYCHICS, love’em or hate’em, believe or disbelieve, there’s no denying that everyone is fascinated by these mystic gurus. And after you’ve met Petrene, you may even be convinced about their powers. When I walked into her Colliers Wood home, Petrene immediately led me into what would “normally” be someone’s living room. Purple fabrics are draped over the coffee table, yards of purple cloth adorn the sofa, there is an arrangement of dried purple flowers, paintings revolving around the colour purple, and purple crystals (amethysts) are littered around the room.

And I keep asking myself why I consciously left my purple lighter at home that morning, opting for a green one instead. Petrene says: “Purple is associated with the number nine and 11 and works well for me because it is on a very high and powerful vibration plane”. She goes though what she terms as “colour phases”. The purple phase has gone on for some time. Could she and Prince have something in common? And going back to my green lighter – apparently green and purple directly complement purple in the psychic world. Strange but true.

The television is noticeable by its absence, as are clocks. And it comes as no surprise that one of the first things Petrene asks me to do is to remove my watch – “it interferes with my thoughts, and distracts me,” she explained. I sit in an arm chair and Petrene sits across the room from me on the settee. Barely looking at me, Petrene begins to get visions and thoughts and proceeds to reveal a host of ideas that I thought were my darkest and deepest secrets – apparently not.

All this is done with her “third eye”. Something that Petrene has mastered over the course of a good 20 years. This Professional Psychic can also “travel backwards and forwards along your line of conscience”. She believes: “You can change your future, but only if I tell you what is going to happen because then you can react to alter the course of events.”

Everything was going well, Petrene was spot on the whole time, knew things about me that I had forgotten, and was giving me guidance in solving problems that I hadn’t even told her about. But then… a spanner in the works. Who was the lady watching over me? I know of no woman on the other side who was aged about 55 and fiddled with rosary beads.

Aha, she had finally stumbled, come unstuck. I was getting sucked in by the accuracy of this woman and now she had dug her own hole and was falling deeper and deeper into it. “The woman is not close to you – not a friend and not family, but you know of her,” said Petrene. Oh yeah, sounds like a real get out that one.

I was beginning to have some doubts. She stuck to her guns, but the subject had moved on to auras. Petrene sees different colours around different parts of people’s figures. The colours represent different ailments, scars and physical problems that a person may have. She knew of my back aches, but said “because of the grey colouring around the area, you are getting over them.” She also knew of some scars. I was beginning to be won over again.

And if you are wondering about the woman with the rosary beads – that night a phone call at midnight from someone close to me revealed the answer to the mystery person.

Fate, luck, call it what you want, but I knew it happened.

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“Local Psychic Connects with Pets”

by Leslie Olimon, Woodlands Online, 2013

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — When people hear the word psychic, they often picture a woman saturated in jewels looking through a crystal ball. This stereotype is not only false, it detracts from the actual definition of psychic. Essentially, psychic means “of or pertaining to the human soul” from the Greek word psychikos meaning “of the mind.” Looking at the etymology, it’s easy to see that the word applies to anything concerning the metaphysical or spiritual realm. Most psychics limit their abilities to serve only humans; however, Petrene Soames, England native and resident of The Woodlands, can communicate with animals as well.

The basis for psychic abilities is the extrasensory perception (ESP) phenomenon, or the ability to gain information with the mind rather than the five physical senses. This term is more popularly known as the sixth sense.

“I always knew things, and could see things, and my reality was very different from other people but very normal for me – so I suppose I did not really know I was different until I was around eight”, Soames said. “I started working with my abilities professionally in my twenties.”

As if her ability to communicate and heal animals wasn’t uncommon enough, Soames offers a rather unique approach to this practice. Since not all of her clients reside in The Woodlands, she gives the option of a phone consultation and merely asks for a picture of the pet in question.

“When I work with animals, I look at the photo of them ( if not in person ) and I tune into their unique vibration”, Soames said. “I connect with that, the same as with humans I may look at the past, where they came from [ and ] how they have been treated. I look at how they are now, this moment, beyond the moment the photo was taken. I feel their emotions, their mood, any joys as well as frustrations. I look for health problems, where they are, how long they have been going on [ and ] what needs to be done about them. I also will ask them what they would like their human family to know about them – what do they want to say – and then I listen. I generally send this info via e-mail or impart by telephone. People have found it often very helpful in understanding their pet’s health or any behavior issues… I also do this with pets and animals who have passed on, because just the same as with people, they do live on…”

An animal lover herself, Soames, at the time of this article, has taken in 17 animals ( 10 cats, four dogs, two horses, and one ferret ), 15 of which are rescue pets.

“Each animal has taught me something”, Soames said. “Sky Blue, my six year old paint gelding has taught me to face fear; my white Persian cat Chi, that perfect is not always clean, white, and fluffy… My first dog Max, that there is always room for even more love… It is amazing how much you can give out love and amazing how much you can receive… Most of all, animals are not animals at all, but something else entirely and we are all so very lucky to have them in our lives”.

Naturally, people will have their doubts. Some even scoff at the word “psychic”, thinking of the stereotypes perpetuated by Hollywood movies and TV shows.

“I hardly ever meet any skeptics, the people who seek me out are of course looking for help and are soon convinced”, Soames said. “I have been in the States about sixteen years and when I first arrived, the word “psychic” did not have much respect, a lot less than in Europe, but it has improved quite considerably. I think a lot of people feel like you just go around being psychic every moment of every day and that is not the case”.

In addition to the pet healing services she offers, workshops are also available to help people channel their minds and expand their knowledge. Soames has also written several books on life improvement and self-development.

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“Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today”

by Valerie Jones, Fate Magazine, US, 1997

For years, hypnotherapists have been helping people solve their problems by Regressing them into the Past. Now, a few therapists are trying something new – sending their patients into the future.

When Francis Reece wanted to prepare himself for a brighter future, he visited psychic Petrene Soames. Without needing to use hypnosis, Soames helped him travel through time, He saw his future unfold before his eyes and, as a result, left the session knowing how to follow his dreams.

Like Reece, people around the world are beginning to find hope and guidance through Progression Therapy, a healing technique that could revolutionize our understanding of time and space. For thousands of years, Shamans, Psychics, Mediums and Wise Women have used their abilities to peer into the past, present, and future. More recently, even mainstream Medical Professionals have used hypnosis to help people review childhood events, as well as experiences that appear to have occurred during past lifetimes. Progression Therapy, advocates say, is simply the next logical step in our search for understanding.

British-born Psychic Petrene Soames is one of a handful of people in the United States who uses Progression Therapy and she does so without using hypnosis. She has used the technique for six years. “It can take you into a future time in this life or into a future life,” she said, “both are limitless… I have taken people anywhere from a few days to far far into the future.” One of her subjects had an especially long look ahead while Soames was facilitating a progression on British television. “That person went several thousand years into the future. It was definitely this Earth, but things were much more in harmony than they are now,” she said.

Most of Soames’ clients don’t especially care what will happen on Earth thousands of years from now. They want to learn what will happen to them in the near future. Reece was one such client. At 38, the French native lives in Houston, where he is an Internet communications specialist. “I was skeptical at first,” he said. “I have a very logical mind and I was not completely sure about this.” He decided to try Progression Therapy after Soames gave him several very accurate Psychic Readings and he felt confident of her abilities. Reece said he wanted to see his future for himself rather that having it told to him by someone else . And with Soames’ help, that’s just what he did.

“It’s difficult for me to visualize things,” Reece said, “so what I saw was not clear, like a movie, but I was able to have a good image… It was like being in two places. I was here, but I was also there – really there… There is no doubt in my mind that it was happening.” Reece first saw himself doing a future Internet installation in Spain. “I was working for a company that was supervised from Asia,” he said. Later he saw himself back in the United States, in an attractive office, interacting with people from the Asian team. Reece also viewed his future home. “I just bought a house about seven months ago, but I didn’t see that house. The house I saw was much nicer than the one I have now,” he said.

Perhaps most important, Reece’s Progression instilled in him a new confidence and a sense that his life is headed in the right direction. He said he can now be more selective about the jobs he accepts, instead of “killing myself for little money, but getting nowhere.” In spite of his having slowed the pace since his Progression, Reece said he makes a good living and is happier and more relaxed now. “For me there is no doubt that what I saw is going to happen. I’m already headed in that direction,” he said.

Soames described her technique for Progressing clients into the future: Once they’re in a state of deep relaxation, she leads the person, by suggestion, to a stairway, a door or a corridor that acts as a portal for moving back and forth through time. “I always take people back in time before taking them forward. That way they can get an idea of what it’s all about,” Soames said. “I remove blocks from their childhood or past lives, allowing their higher selves to heal and clear the problem, so we aren’t stopped from going forward.”

After a person has passed through the doorway and into their future, Soames tells them to look down and describe their shoes and their clothing. She asks what they are feeling and asks if anyone else is with them. “Once we’ve established where we are, I tell them, ‘Let’s carry on and see what happens next…'”, she said. People often describe a day or part of a day. Sometimes they tap into future events in their job or a relationship. Gathering as many details as possible, Soames asks what the person did to arrive at the future they see. “If they’re happy with what they see happening, it’s wonderful. If not, they can decide what steps they’re going to take to avoid that thing,” said Soames, who is convinced that people direct their futures by the choices they make.

One of her clients, Dr. Thor Magneson, proved that point quite nicely. A professional fund raiser from Iceland, Magneson met with Soames for a Progression while she still lived in London. “He had a meeting to go to in three days in Barcelona. There were going to be a lot of rich, influential people there and he needed to know how it was going to go,” she said. According to Soames, Magneson was Progressed three days ahead and saw the room where the meeting would take place. The scene was very detailed, down to the wood grain on the conference room table and some French windows that would soon impress him. “His original intention was to focus on a certain person he thought was going to donate a lot of money. But because of what we did in the Progression, he focused on someone else. That worked out for the best and he phoned me afterward. He was absolutely ecstatic”, she said.

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“Interview with a Psychic”

by Past Present and Future Magazine, US, 1996

How did you know you were Psychic?

I was always Psychic. My father was a Psychic. At age five I began having Past Life recalls. Fifteen years ago I was Regressed. I have since developed a way to travel backward or forward in time at will without using hypnosis, which I use with clients.

How are you able to do this?

I move to where I see what’s going on and ask what the scene is. If I see myself buying a million dollar house and having lots of articles published in the next three months, I can ask myself what I need to do to achieve this even more easily. I also ask if there is anything I need to overcome to get to this situation. I work slightly differently with clients. When they go forward in time, in each session they can choose to go forward to two times. They need to be really sure they are there, so I ask them to describe everything. It’s like being in a stop-frame movie. They see whatever is happening in their life at that time.

How accurate is this technique?

I’ve done many Progressions – six years, a few years, days ahead. People have returned and confirmed this. I took a man who is an International Fund Raiser ahead two days to an important meeting in Barcelona. After he got back, he described the people, the furniture, the room – everything was exactly as it had been in the Progression. Before that he believed the main person he needed to focus on in the meeting was the one whom he initially needed to deal with. He discovered that another person was actually the one to focus on.

Can you be very specific?

People see the relevant parts. They will say there is one particular part I want to see. I help them focus.

How do you see the future?

The universal shift of consciousness everyone is talking about is already taking place… As we move forward I see cars that drive themselves, labor saving devices, sound system computers, time and space travel becoming usual, psychic abilities coming a lot more into play. Time isn’t fixed. We’ll soon let that concept go. All the catastrophes will not be as bad as forecast. Some people will leave this planet and some will stay. I believe that people are basically good and perfect inside.

How would your views fit into a Christian perspective?

We don’t need anyone to threaten us or tell us what to do. People need to look further inside. One of the primary things I do is to help people heal. I heal the psyche and help people remember all the things they can do. It isn’t a matter of going forward, it’s a matter of coming back to the God knowledge that we had before we became humans. Each time we advance, we open up. The moment you say “I’ve got it!”, you’re probably wrong.

What about all the suffering today?

Of course a part of my emotional self will feel badly about tragedies in the news. On an awareness level, I believe a person plans out their entire life before they come. As a Psychic, I could actually sit down and figure out why they decided to have whatever happened occur. Humans are becoming gods. We are creators and we can create. That is why we are racing toward our own evolution. This is why we are remembering who we are and what we can do. We have forgotten who we are.

What about the Crystal Skull you recently described on your web site?

The skull was a harbinger. We are getting new creative energy. Creative matter is building up around the Earth. We can draw upon it to create, re-create, and repair what we already have. The tools are there, it’s just a matter of taking the time to tune into them.

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“Woman Progressed into Future”

Front Page of Psychic News, UK, 1995

LONDON Psychic Petrene Soames Progressed a woman “hundreds of years into the future” during a three-hour program on cable TV last month. “She went into a time when the earth as we know it has ceased to be and where people live happy and peaceful, non-materialistic lives,” Petrene explained.

“The people seemed to be dressed in white and were governed by a group known as ‘The Teachers’. It sounded most idyllic and very spiritual. She was quite reluctant to come back to the here and now.”

During the Live TV program – broadcast between 9 p.m. and midnight – Petrene also Regressed a man into four past lives. Seated in an enclosed cubicle with hidden cameras present, the Psychic guided the man back into former lives in Russia, England and France.

Petrene does not use hypnosis in her work, but employs deep abdominal breathing, visualization and other general Regression techniques. “As a Psychic, I see all their chakras opening,” she explained. “If the person has any guides or spirit people around them, I sometimes pick up their presence as well. Often I see the person moving out of their physical body and standing by the top of their head as they are lying down. Then I know I am in communication with their higher self.”

Asked how she could be sure she was actually making contact with a person’s past life and not tuning in to the former life of a spirit guide or person close to them, Petrene was adamant chat such a situation was “very rare. In my experience, I have only come across maybe one case in 25”, she maintained. “Mostly when people are Regressed or Progressed they are quite sure afterwards that it was really themselves. Often, they have already had some recollection of that life. It is not generally a total surprise.”

The first subject Regressed remembered a past life as an 11-year-old boy in France in the 1930s, another as a newly-married man in the 17th century England and a dramatic episode which took place in an existence as an eight-year-old Russian boy. “He remembered hiding outside with his mother and father while people on horseback were raiding and looting the village”, she said. “He was very frightened.”

When the subject discussed his Regressions with Petrene afterwards, he admitted initially being “very skeptical” about it all. However, this turned to surprise when he began to remember details himself.

The young woman Petrene Progressed into the future also found herself “on another planet” in one incarnation. “It was a spiritual world but a solid planet which was mainly desert”, the Psychic explained. “Apparently there had been a lot of destruction and people were trying to build things up again.”

Psychic ability runs in Petrene’s family. She lives in Colliers Wood, SW London, where she heals, conducts Psychic Development Groups and gives Private Psychic Readings. She began using Regression techniques 12 years ago and seven years later started to Progress people forward in time. “I was lucky to have had very vivid past life memories myself when very young”, she disclosed. “It was very obvious to me then that there were many realities. Now, all kinds off down-to-earth people are interested in Regression and they are coming out with intriguing facts and figures relating to their own former lives.”

Petrene is convinced that free will exists and believes there are “alternative scenarios” for everyone. “As a Psychic, I can tell people what is going to happen”, she said. “If they go along with that, that’s all right. But if they want to, people can change the whole thing. Most certainly there is free will. We are all a lot more in control than we realize.”

Time, Petrene pointed out, is not necessarily a fixed thing and people can travel to and fro within it.
“This same expanded perception is encountered in Mediumship”, she explained. “You can tune in to all kinds of different wavelengths. It is really very, very simple. Just a matter of putting logic aside and letting go.”

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“Step Back in Time”

by Richard Allen, South London Press, UK, 1993

You only live once, or so the saying goes… But can we be so sure? Mystics throughout the centuries have believed the human spirit does not die but returns to earth to live in many different bodies. This idea is shared by many Psychics and hypnotists who claim they have the power to take people back to their past lives.

Psychic Petrene Soames conducts both Regressions to past lives and Progression to future lives, but says she does not need to use hypnotism to achieve them. She claims her Psychic ability is able to penetrate the mental parts that hypnotists cannot reach…

When I underwent a Regression with Petrene at her home, I was told to breathe deeply and was guided into a deeply relaxed state, like that between waking and sleeping. Petrene told me to imagine myself on a stairway and taking four steps downwards. When I was on the fourth stair, she told me to look at my shoes and describe them. They were maroon oriental slippers complete with pointed curling toes!

Petrene then asked me to describe my surrounds and I saw a medieval town square bathed in bright sunlight. Through a further series of non-specific questions such as “what are you doing now?” and “what can you see?”, I found myself relating a day in the life of a Syrian baker in the 1760s – selling bread, buying a copper saucepan and sitting with my uncle. Petrene then took me back to the stair case and after descending four more steps into my psyche we repeated the process. This time I was a bored pen-pusher in a city firm in the 19th century, a kind of Bob Cratchett character. My final incarnation was as myself – as a child at my parents’ on a winter’s day. So where did these visions come from?…

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