The Process: 21 Days to Transformation


A unique opportunity to cause and create a real Positive Shift and Change in your thoughts, your emotions and your life. An easy and enjoyable to use system featuring New Dimensional Art, Positive Thought Cards, and Journaling that can be used over and over…

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of “The Process: 21 Days to Transformation”

Where do you want to go? Where will your journey take you? “The Process: 21 Days to Transformation” is unlike anything you have experienced or tried before. It’s something to easily and enjoyably do for 21 days and it takes only minutes a day. Yet it’s profound magic brings change and shifts that you could not have previously imagined.

The Process is going to be talked about for a long time yet. This is your own personal opportunity, and your own private retreat. This is THE gift to give yourself and once experienced, you will want to gift “The Process” to everyone you care about…

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, well this is “21 days to Transformation”…

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What people are saying:


“…more than a book, more than a tool, it’s a revolution…”

“The Process” is more than a book, more than a tool, it’s a revolution… People are creating the reality that they want and moving forward to their soul’s purpose. They are developing deeper awareness and seeing, experiencing, and understanding how things actually work.”
– Mari Selby, Publicist

“A great tool, I can’t thank you enough…”

“During the 21 Days… I came to powerful realizations that I can now use to guide myself in the days ahead. One of my greatest moments was when I actually pinpointed, faced and dealt with my biggest fear. I am finding it much easier now to be open, to express myself and to explore myself and other people. I am also a lot more able, more than ever before, to be in the moment. A great tool, I can’t thank you enough. I would highly recommend “The Process: 21 Days to Transformation” to others as I took some really big steps forward.”
– Cassey, California, USA

“I find myself thinking in a whole new way..”

“Thanks to Petrene and Amazing Tree for this powerful product. I find myself thinking in a whole new way since using “The Process”. It was a real treat for me to use it and take time out for myself. There were lots of subtle changes but the most amazing thing happened in the last few days! Something happened and came into my life that I had always wanted and had given up hoping for… The love of my life! I know it was a direct result of this journey and my new way of thinking. Thanks again…”
– Maxine, Nevada, USA

“I kept going and surprised myself with the results…”

“Yes, I did finish “The Process”, even though I stopped for a day or two in the middle. I kept going and surprised myself with the results. I took the plunge and made a house move I had been wanting to make for years, something which many friends had advised me against. My dream home also came at the right price. I feel a lot more fulfilled and have noticed that life is surprising me. I seem to have more awareness and more moments of spontaneous joy.”
– Katerina, Texas, USA

“Just do yourself a favor and experience it. Now…”

“I am so glad to have taken the opportunity to experience the self-improvement system created by Petrene and Amazing Tree. This system is not like any other that I have tried. The design is one of a kind.

Initially, as I read an uplifting quote, gazed at the beautiful picture, wrote in my journal and chose my Positive Thought Card, I wondered what was “supposed to happen”! Nothing is “supposed to happen”, it just does! What happened, almost immediately, was an awareness of my true self. A self-awareness that blossomed and I began to write and paint again. I began to find my way back to my creative self-expression and without the usual critical self-talk.

I began to take better care of myself as a woman. I took time out for myself and walked, relaxed or did whatever worked for me in the moment. I remembered how important I was and started to care for myself. I gained back self-confidence to go for what I want without fear, regardless of whether or not it “appears” that I will achieve it or not. I just know that I will.

A less noticeable transformation occurred, one that I believe is still occurring a month after using the system. I found an inner power and intelligence, another type of awareness, a real knowing of myself and the world around me. I understand and appreciate our varied personalities without judgement or taking things as personally. Not only did I benefit greatly from this system, I looked forward to it each evening and missed it when it was over! Expertly, the design gently guides you into the whole “Process” and then out of it again.

I cannot say enough positive things about the beauty of the pictures or the wisdom of the writings. In 21 days, I gained self-expression, self-awareness, self-care and knowledge of an inner strength… Just do yourself a favor and experience it. Now.

– Kerri-Cobb-Black M.S., Texas, USA, Intuitive Counselor, Creativity Coach and Writer

“I have recently used “The Process: 21 Days to Transformation” for the first time and being acquainted with and having completed many other “self help” programmes that work on helping you create shifts in your life, my first impression when starting it was, “This will be something that I can use again and again.”

Have you ever done one of these programmes and got a buzz and was highly motivated the first time and then a few days after you’ve finished, it’s over and when you try it again it’s totally anti-climactic? Well with “The Process”, it’s so subtle and non invasive that you sometimes think nothing is happening but, believe me, it is…

I used it to get me focused on moving towards my dream career and when going through it, I was charged with an energy to get everything essential done and then work on what I need to do to get it there. I completed it two days ago and can still feel it’s positive energy. Unfortunately and unrelated to “The Process”, I had to revisit some really negative emotions whilst doing it because I am involved in a legal case and had things that had to be dealt with and even though I had things that really could make me feel angry and frustrated, I managed to keep in control and still maintain a drive towards my goals. When I was released from the demands of the legal case, I moved forward with “The Process” as though nothing had happened.

I am really looking forward to doing it again without major distractions. I see it as a great tool to use when I need to start focusing on something specific, like starting a new diet and exercise regime, or focusing on making a big life changing decision. I can’t quite figure out all the permutations for using it for myself, but whenever my life needs some positive input and I’m unsure where to go, it’s there whilst I seek the answers.

The pictures are so beautiful and combined with The Positive Thought Cards create inspirational unique messages that speak intuitively. Because of this, no day or experience can be exactly the same. It worked for me on a subliminal level and really got me moving towards my goals. There is a feeling that nothing is happening, but when you look at the changes afterwards and see how you are reacting to things and coping in difficult situations, you see it has. And all this without having to read long chapters or listen to a recording for hours every week. And the journaling at night, helped me to keep track of all the new ideas that came…

I hope this helps anyone thinking of using “The Process” and I hope it helps everybody in the way they need it to. Best wishes”

– B., London

“I am not someone who ever easily did self-healing exercises and yet despite this or in fact, because of this, and because of how easy and yet effective this book makes it, I totally love “The Process”! I have done it twice now, it takes no time at all, time flies when you are doing it and it feels like a trusted friend which I miss when I am not doing it!

I feel that it has grounded me and made life and each and every day much more fun, meaningful, loving, enjoyable, expressive, joyful, relaxed, focused and effective… I feel more relaxed and yet I feel like I have a load more available energy and have gotten a lot more done and more easily… The issues I focused on as I did it have all moved forward and closer to where they need to be…

The book itself is very beautiful and colorful. The words within are deep, touching and wonderful, the Positive Thought Cards are amazing and the artwork is brilliant… Doing “The Process” is like giving yourself a deep rest, a beautiful present, a love letter everyday… And all of this in such a deceptively simple, enjoyable and colorful, beautiful way!

Thank you so much Petrene and Amazing Tree…”

– Xenia, Athens, Greece

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