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"Petrene is the most powerful healer I have ever met. She can tell you the deepest root cause of your problem and fix it through her tender love, voice and healing hands and methods. Her energy is so full, it fills the healing space and pours into the individual. My life is changed. My eyes are so clear and my mind is so clean after just one psychic consultation and two sessions of therapies. I cherish this opportunity very much and I am grateful for being aware and awakening to take back the power of my life. Thank you Petrene, with all my sincere love."

- Acho, Taiwan
( Travelled to the US to heal with Petrene, November 2018 )

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Welcome to the next steps in your life! Magic and transformation are simple and everyday, the answers and tools that you need to bring the changes that you want are here! You can heal, develop your awareness, pinpoint and remove blocks and more... You can do all of this faster than with any other methods that you have previously tried. Your life is now. The tools are HERE... YOU are here to be truly happy and to express the incredible and amazing being that you actually are.

I am here for you, I can help. You can contact me easily. I have the answers to your questions. I can help you heal and resolve problems and situations that have seemed impossible or that you have struggled with for a long time. I can help you see and change what is going on when everything is stuck and nothing is moving.

Just as I am amazing, you are amazing too... You never make mistakes, there are no mistakes. You do know exactly what you are doing all of the time. If you do not truly know this then only your fear and pain are in the way. It is time to develop awareness, realize, who you truly are, and heal pain whenever and wherever it's from. You can do all of this much faster than you might have ever imagined. You are not here to live in pain, struggle, and sorrow, you are here to be happy, joyful and express the incredible being that you truly are. The two most important statements and affirmations with which we need to first get comfortable are:

  • "I Am A Free And Powerful Being"
  • "I Love Myself Completely Without Condition"

Even if these statements do not ring true or are uncomfortable to you, it's time to get comfortable with them. Repeat them firmly to yourself every day and question every single thing that tells you otherwise! Each time you repeat these statements, notice how they feel and then breathe that feeling all through your body. It will become easier and easier, all else follows.

"As a child did you ever dream you could fly, the truth is that you can."


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