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“Psychics, love’em or hate’em, believe or disbelieve, there’s no denying that everyone is fascinated by these mystic gurus. And after you’ve met Petrene, you may even be convinced about their powers… Barely looking at me, Petrene begins to get visions and thoughts and proceeds to reveal a host of ideas that I thought were my deepest and darkest secrets… Apparently not!”

Andrew Balkin, London Regional Newspaper

“I had a very interesting conversation with Petrene on Saturday that was very impressive. I don’t normally have psychics on this program, but Petrene Soames is in a class all by herself, I have no problem with saying that the time I spent with you on the phone on Saturday, to say the least, was mind boggling.”

Paul Gonzalez, UBN Radio Network

“Petrene Soames has the Technology to Reset Lives…”


“Dear Petrene, I would like to thank you for offering me such a great Rebirthing session. It’s been a turning point in my life. Now my relationships with my friends, family members and co-workers are all flowing smoothly… Everything seems easier for me. I am also more confident within myself and I love and spoil myself… I don’t know how to describe the happiness inside of my heart. ^^ . Thank you, Petrene, I LOVE YOU… XXXXOOOOO”

Carol Chen, Taiwan

Thanks Petrene for giving me so much! After talking to you and contacting my family members who have passed on in the Mediumship session I feel at ease knowing that they are still here and I can still talk to them.”

Candace Molis, Texas

“Dear Petrene, I really appreciate the help that you gave me with the Rebirthing that released my anger and unhappiness Thanks also for the encouragement and your love. Sincerely…”

Shu Fanf Yuan, Taiwan

It is a great experience to join your class in Taiwan! Hope to see you soon!!”

Joy, Taiwan

“I had the opportunity to experience a Rebirthing session and follow-up with Petrene. It is unlike any other experience that I have ever had. Without my knowledge, I had suppressed my true self through years of living on other people’s agendas… With Petrene’s Rebirthing session I was able to find my way back to my core and am slowly rediscovering my soul’s true purpose. I highly recommend this process to anyone at any point in their lives who would like to live authentically and with joy.

Kerrie, Spring, Texas

“Having been a witness to many of my own client’s Regressions with Petrene, having worked with her as a translator and having just done a Regression myself with Petrene, again, after many years, I wanted to share about what an amazing experience it truly is!

I see my clients after having done a Regression, clearer, stronger, fundamentally changed in a totally unique to them and totally and exactly what they need way… Having just done the Regression with Petrene myself I can say all of the above and want to add that I was totally astounded with the depth of positive change which it produced inside myself!

On a mental level everything was totally different after the Regression, I was so much closer to the person I fundamentally am and want and need to be. I have not had such a big mental shift in many many years, if ever! And the astounding thing to me is that this all happened in such a simple and easy, deceivingly simple way! What looked and felt so simple is simply an amazingly accurate tool for altering reality and making it what we need it to be!

I am also the kind of person who believed it would be difficult for me to let go and be able to do the session, thinking that my very logical mind would not co-operate and I would not be able to do it but I could! Petrene does not use hypnosis in her Regressions as, and I can see that this is true, it is totally unnecessary. I would totally recommend Regression with Petrene to anyone who is interested in working with their mind and changing negative mental patterns… Petrene’s experience, wisdom, compassion, love, care and humanity are all there to help you feel totally safe and supported in your journey and it absolutely works…”

Xenia, Athens, Greece, https://yeswearestars.com

“Petrene is a wonderful person. I am truly inspired to fulfill my dreams and to conquer my fears!”

Trish, Maryland

“Petrene, I just wanted to let you know that I have heard so many good compliments and recommendations from others who have come to you for sessions I bought “The Essence of Self-Healing” and would also like to come for a session. I told a friend of mine and she also wants to come in for a session for herself as well!”

Mary M., Houston, Texas

“Dear Petrene, I now have in my possession two months rent and I am still 10 days away from rent day! This is the first time this has happened since I have been in this apartment and the first time I have had this amount of money in a long long time… You know how worried about money I was… My work is also going as i want it to and so I am expecting more to come my way soon… I am just writing to reconfirm that the letting go and drawing in exercises with the crystal and the expanding exercise and the walking every day are working!!! Lots of love…”

Xenia, Athens, Greece

“When I met with Petrene she almost immediately told me and “got” that I have pain in my shoulders and neck and headaches… During the Healing session and after some basic breathing techniques I felt lighter… It seems like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I felt that the pain was really severe and in a very specific place… Then suddenly the pain disappeared! I was so taken aback, I could not believe that after many years of pain, that in seconds it was gone! I bought “The Essence of Self-Healing”.”

Indi, Houston, Texas

Petrene has helped guide my life in so many wonderful directions that I don’t have room to list them all here… Great work, great book I am a student.”

Julian Samuel, Houston, Texas

“Petrene and her amazing book have made a tremendous impact on my life. She is a true gift, wrapped in knowledge, compassion, love and wisdom. There are no words to convey the improvement that meeting Petrene has made in my life. I am so thankful for the privilege or meeting her in this lifetime. My husband Carl, my sister Peggy and my daughter Misty have all also had fantastic experiences with Petrene. In appreciation and love…”

Maxine Crull, Henderson, Nevada

“I have had lots of different readings in the past years from different people. Petrene is not just true in every sense, but gave me all the spiritual tools that are available from her well of knowledge… I have found a Psychic that is 100% correct! Thanks Petrene for the many different angles that you were able to look at within the situations… The tools you gave me are priceless. My son, who would not accept help from anyone, trusted you, all due to the Rebirthing. Thank you also for the reading regarding his future… Thank you.”

Zsuzsanna and Bradley, Dallas, Texas

Petrene: Meeting you is one of the biggest blessings of my life. Also for my husband Carl and my daughter Misty. You are a true being of light, sharing your wisdom, compassion and immense storehouse of knowledge as you do… Each of us in contact with you emerges a better person and this is spoken from experience… So very thankful for you, your enlightening book and your most helpful workshops. I feel alive and everyone and everything you touch blooms… In fact, I can almost see your wings!!! Straight from the heart…”

Maxine Crull, Henderson, Nevada

“It took one psychic to tell me that I would not be getting any insurance money from a car accident I had one half year ago… That psychic was Petrene & she is right… other psychics I had consulted said that I would… So to all others out there looking for a TRUE Psychic, look no further.”

Patricia Yeap, Houston, Texas

Petrene, You are a beautiful resource for this planet. Your work is awesome. I am grateful for you.”

Pamela Payne, Houston, Texas

“Dear Petrene, thank you so much for all your help over the last few days. We really appreciate it and our thoughts will always be with you. Thank you for the strength you gave us to continue. We miss you lots and hope to see you very soon. Coming to terms with the situation has been made easier with your constant help, thoughts and energy.

Take Care. Lots of love always, we will be in touch soon.”

Emma, Terry and Carlton, London, UK

“I have “The Essence of Self-Healing” and it’s great!! I also had a Rebirthing and what an experience that was as well… Petrene is a beautiful person! What a refreshing, caring and compassionate individual she is… Thank you so much for opening my eyes ( so to speak ) to a new and exciting way of life. I can already see and feel a difference in myself and my way of thinking and/or ways of dealing with and interpreting things in everyday life.”

Misty Lynch, Las Vegas, Nevada

Petrene is a gift to us. She helped my family with her gifts of healing. She taught me that life does not have to be a struggle.”

Fiona, Houston, Texas

I called Petrene during a tough time in my life. She really helped me through it by providing great insight! Thank you! Love and Happiness.”

Mary, Stafford, Virginia

“As I begin my second summer of knowing Petrene I realize that the relationship we share is difficult at best to describe in mere words, but I will try. I have been through a Rebirthing and a Regression. When I first came to Petrene, I was very close to being “out of control” and I went through the Rebirthing when the time was “ripe”. My Rebirthing occurred four months after my having first contacted her by phone. Having visited her last summer and experiencing the Regression, I further realized that her warmth, caring, and intellect are much more than can even be conveyed over the phone! I was “overwhelmed” at what she picked up on, at the mere sight of me. She is very tiny in size but huge in “spirit”… :)! I was not a skeptic when I first contacted Petrene, as I grew up with a mother who was unafraid to experience the “unexplainable”. I was, however, wondering if she would be the one to help me find my direction… I “found” her “by accident” alone, although “accidents” really don’t happen without a reason. My world has become a more relaxing, centered and harmonious place to be and those who know me well can “feel” the difference in me. As a teacher of special children and a mother of six, I know that those around me would especially like to thank Petrene for the difference she has made in me. Finally, there is no real way for me to fully repay Petrene for all that she has helped me learn about myself except to refer those who have tried conventional and otherwise methods of “healing” to this wonderful person that creation has placed in our midst! I am grateful beyond words for what you have helped me discover Petrene and I look forward to a long, continued relationship!!!”

Suzanne Zelinski, Michigan, USA

“Petrene is the most benevolent being I’ve ever encountered. Her willingness to share her vast knowledge in an understandable way transcends the norm. She cuts through traumas in an instant that would otherwise take years to work through in traditional therapies. I dream of the day we all wake up to her message!!!”

Annie, Austin, Texas

“I just had my first Psychic Reading over the phone with Petrene and I am still in shock. She was dead on about things going on in my life without my telling her about them. Make no mistake, she is definitely the real thing!!! I look forward to working with her in the future. I’m definitely hooked!!!”

– Danielle, Washington DC, USA

What a blessing you are! I sincerely appreciate you sharing such a remarkable gift with me. Your healing sessions are almost inexplicable! I must say the Rebirthing session was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Although I was very apprehensive and nervous, to say it was remarkably rewarding would be an understatement. I had no idea I was carrying so much hurt, anger and pain. I truly feel healed from the burden of ALL these negative feelings… In regard to the Progression and Regression, I am still baffled. It amazes me the power of our psyche. I actually revisited past experiences that have been blocking me from progressing further. The amazing thing was realizing that it was/is my reality and that I changed my reaction to the events, consequently allowing my thoughts and feelings to be more positive! In regard to Progression… Well, I was there. I saw it, felt it and just knew it… It was so real. I have given myself permission to start living that moment in “time” TODAY! In short, you and your healing sessions have changed my life – more specifically, you have allowed me the opportunity to embrace who I truly am. Furthermore, you have provided an incredible source of true transformation to awaken me to the full capacity of my essence! What can I say other than… I’m so grateful our paths have crossed… If anyone has the opportunity of working with you, their lives will be graced and changed forever. Lastly, I do not believe that you can accurately put a dollar amount on your services/gifts, however, each session and reading is worth thousands of dollars, years of therapy and light years of spiritual healing and transformation. God bless you!!!”

– Shawnda Hibbeler, Montgomery, Texas

“Dear Petrene, thank you so much for doing the Rebirthing with me, it has made such an impact on my life. I couldn’t have imagined anything that would have the kind of effect that the Rebirthing has! I didn’t know/could not imagine that this level of being existed!!! My life has completely changed in the most gentle and profound way and is continuing to do so as we speak… You know that i was nervous before we did it, thinking that i would not be able to do it properly or that I would have to “perform” or something, but as usual, you helped me feel completely at ease and to have the confidence to be as real as I’ve ever been with anyone… I can never ever thank you enough…

– Xenia, Athens, Greece

“Petrene, it`s been a pleasure to have known you for a long time now… Let all the people out there be aware that this lady is a Genuine Psychic Dynamo! Her concepts and ideas are way ahead of their time. If you let just a little of her insights seep into your mind’s eye then Aeroplanes and Starships may just become a thing of the past… Love always from an eternity long friend…”

– Mark Ridgwell, UK

“You were my first experience with a Psychic and until recently, I have ALWAYS been a skeptic. Within the first 10 seconds you nailed me and what was going on in my life to a tee. WOW! You are truly connected with the oneness that surrounds us all. You and my wife have inspired me to learn all I can about the spirit world and the energy around us. You ARE amazing! Thank you.”

– John, League City, Texas

Petrene, WOW!!! That is my response since having several appointments with you. You are an Angel here on earth! Dedicated to helping others, to say the least! Your communication with my deceased father was phenomenal, conferring information that my family really needed to hear and his personality came through so that we knew exactly that it was him. He said to set a place for him at the table for Thanksgiving – I’m sooo glad that I did that! He also said he would send us a sign… WELL, what a sign he sent! Thanks a bunch for all your help.”

– Lee Ann, League City, Texas

“I have had one Psychic Reading with Petrene and since then I have not been able to get her put of mind. I have this huge feeling of anticipation and being drawn to her. There is a growing well of excitement inside of me when I think of what she might be able to tell me about myself, my existence and my purpose in life.”

– Carl Mohr, Pasadena, Texas

“I experienced a Psychic Reading over the phone and was amazed at several current events that you described with accuracy. I look forward to the positive events destined for my future… Your thoughts were very uplifting! Thank you!”

– Cary Feldhahn, Flower Mound, Texas

Petrene is wonderful! She gave me the courage to take very important steps towards a bright future. Her words were confirmations of things I knew deep down had to be done. Peace and Love be with you!”

– Eva, Baltimore, Maryland

“I had one Psychic session with Petrene via phone and two visits with her personally on mediumship about a week ago. I have been devastated by my Mother’s death 6 months ago. Petrene has helped me more than I could ever imagine by communicating with my Mother and relaying information and messages to me. She told me things that no one could possibly know unless they were truly in communication with my Mother. Knowing that my Mom still exists, spiritually, that I can talk to her, is helping me to go on with my life and has given me a feeling of comfort more than I ever thought possible. Thank you Petrene. I will contact you regarding Rebirthing when the opportunity arises. You are wonderful!!!”

– Nada, Chicago, Illinois

“My husband and I have had two Psychic Readings from you and we look forward to meeting with you again soon. Your manner of revealing information and imparting truth was both meaningful and inspirational. Thank you.”

– Connie Walden, San Antonio, Texas

“Greetings Petrene! I enjoyed your appearance on the TV show this morning. Your presence over shadowed the other guests! It was obvious that you are real and not just some phony. You were very loving and professional at the same time. You also appeared very comfortable before the camera. You must have done this before. You radiate an immense amount of love and energy in all that you do. I am amazed that I have found someone like you so near me. I believe that I am in desperate need of help as I suffer from manic depression. I will see you at your next lecture.”

– Alora Windsor, Magnolia, Texas

Petrene!! Oh My God!! You told me the day of my Psychic Reading on the phone… That you see my deposition being delayed… I just couldn’t see how that could be! Lo and Behold if I didn’t get a call saying that the very same day!!! No deposition. It was postponed!… You also hit truth in other things you said… Thank you Petrene.”

– Lovely, Long Beach, California

“I have had the pleasure of having two Psychic Readings with Petrene. I can honestly say that the information shared was not only accurate but timely and not to mention very helpful… I especially appreciate Petrene’s honesty and integrity. She is full of light and thus a reading with her is very uplifting. Thanks again Petrene!”

– Pat C., Center Harbour, New Hampshire

“I was very pleased with my Reading today. I am relieved, rejuvenated, and redirected! My attempts to locate someone who does Rebirthing in only a couple of sessions in my area have not been successful. I will be scheduling that with you in the near future… Thank you for my reading. It is very helpful.”

– Donna N., Lake Havasu City, Arizona

“Thank you for my last reading. You were right about my tooth, there is nothing wrong with it after all and it stopped hurting… P.S. Well done for predicting the break-up of the Spice Girls!”

– Malwina L., Oxford, UK

“I have seen Petrene for a Psychic Reading about 6 times over the past 2 years. Her insights have hit home and her predictions about my future have come to pass with accuracy. I would not have returned after the first visit if I had not felt secure with her as a person and if I had not respected what she had told me and the way she presented her information. Most important was her warmth and concern about me as a person. Some things she said I perhaps didn’t want to hear, but after all… she could only tell me what she actually saw and felt… and she was right! Petrene is a warm, caring person and an amazing intuitive.

– Patricia R., Houston, Texas

“A friend of mine gave me your web address and has had several readings from you. She was totally amazed by your accuracy. I plan on contacting you for a reading myself.”

– Karen B., Huntsville, Texas

“Thank you Petrene for listening to me and for caring enough to answer my questions. I am a beginner and this is all new to me. I appreciate your kindness and honesty.

– Lori-Ann M., Guys Mill, Pennsylvania

I can’t thank Petrene enough for changing my life and opening me up to a whole new world. I see life differently than I did 6 months ago and live totally differently due to her and her positive guidance. She has given me two personal readings and has been, I would say, about 100% accurate. Not only that, but she gave me the courage to explore a new universe and holistic level in my life that has become a positive part of my every day living.”

– Nancy S., Houston, Texas

“Thank you very much for your wonderful letter/email Psychic Reading. I feel like a new person and I will do what you say… I was so happy that tears were running down my cheeks… Everything you said about me is true. Thank you again and I will let you know about my future.”

– Lucie T., Marlboro, Maryland

“Stop The Press! Top Psychic Petrene Soames AGAIN predicts accurate events in the life of Janice G.!!! ( … ) I have really come a long way from the person I was 6 months ago… Your ability to help people find their inner strength is priceless. Cyber hugs to you.”

– Janice G., Clarksville, Tennessee

“On May 25th, 1995, Petrene responded to my request for an email Psychic Reading, answering several questions correctly. I then asked about some of my investments in the stock and bond market. She responded by stating that between late October and November 1997 there would be great uncertainty in the market and the Dow average would drop substantially. On October 28th the Dow Jones average had the biggest point drop in history! I think this speaks for itself.”

– Jerry W., Kansas City, Missouri

“I have had 4 sessions with Petrene ( two Rebirthings and two Psychic Readings ). Many of her “predictions” have come to pass and she has been very accurate with details regarding several areas of my life. Petrene is very professional and a very positive person! I have confidence in her abilities and she has definitely earned my respect. Not only has she put my mind at ease about certain situations, but she has given me direction when I felt like I was spinning in circles. My personal experiences with Petrene have been very rewarding…. She truly IS amazing!

– Cori D., Houston, Texas

“After having a few sessions in the past I realized it was time to do something for me again so I decided to send Petrene an email… As always my questions were perfectly answered and her guidance and advice were totally on point. Now I feel more hopeful and like I can really create the reality I need. Thank you Petrene!”

– Effie, Athens, Greece

“I have done a lot of work with Petrene in the past and recently a friend asked me if I had seen her lately. I realized that I hadn’t but then realised that it was because I’ve been so happy and Petrene helped me get here! She is a very loving, nurturing, positive person who accepts you unconditionally. She has always been very accurate with her readings and has guided me through a great deal of healing. Petrene is the best and legit and she’s an amazing person who can really help you.

– Julie H., Houston, Texas

Petrene – Amazing and beautiful is all I have to say. I am beyond joyful with the experience that I shared with you as a Medium communicating with my son who passed away suddenly about a month ago. I do not know how to express to you the HOPE and the positive feelings from the Medium experience ( my first Medium experience ) that we shared and for which I am so thankful… My unbearable sadness has turned into the beginning of a peaceful and faithful journey. Thank you. GREAT BIG HUG to you. Love.”

– Carrie, Tennessee

“Petrene, I’m still absorbing all the amazing information from our one hour phone reading. One thing I’ve done already is go out and get an amazing and magical little shelter cat who has been such a blessing to me even in the short week I’ve had him. I guess I needed that nudge to go and do it and the timing was right for me to find this particular cat. Thank you!”

– Lori, Houston, Texas

“You did a reading on my dog Lilly today. You were amazing and I wish to see you again. I want to make a appointment to see if you can contact someone for me…”

– Kaley B., Santa Fe

I have seen Petrene for years. This lady is the real deal. A person can place their trust in her and never regret it. Extremely accurate. Petrene helped me through the sudden death of my only sister, my family and my sister’s family. There are just no words to describe the gratitude. Its certainly hard if not impossible, to find the real deal these days. Petrene is a diamond in a world where diamonds are rare.

– Debbie, Houston, Texas

“Very happy to have such a positive guide so close to me…”

– Susie, The Woodlands, Texas

“I’ve gone to Petrene over the years for many readings. She has NEVER failed to deliver! She has cleared my mind, calmed my soul, and given me direction when I felt I had none. Petrene tells it like it is – I HIGHLY recommend her! She’s professional, yet someone I’m proud to call “FRIEND”! xo”

– Corrie, The Woodlands, Texas

“I have been using Petrene for personal guidance and growth for 3 years. My son had been seeing a therapist for 4 years. I decided to let him have a session with Petrene and she accomplished more with him in 1 session than his therapist had in years! She is an amazing person. Very honest yet never rude or offensive. I look forward to checking in with her every 3 months for direction and ideas. She is extremely insightful and I always ask if I have any messages from loved ones who have passed. She brings much comfort to me. I had been trying different psychics and card readers for 20 years. After using Petrene I have not used anyone else. I am very satisfied with her services.

– Susan Fisher, San Antonio, Texas

Petrene is the real deal. Very accurate and inspiring reading. My mother passed away recently and Petrene helped me greatly to see her life more clearly and learn to accept my feelings. I have had readings in the past but none that were as insightful, revealing and helpful as Petrene.”

– Mark G.

The way in which Petrene gets to the heart of any problem is amazingly accurate. She works with commitment and enthusiasm and in a disciplined, completely professional and non manipulative way. I consider her a trusted and discreet friend who never judges and who has enough patience for when I react or become stubborn and who knows how to support and lift me up.

The only thing I need to do during our sessions is to sit on the welcoming couch and express myself with complete honesty and then, having left, be sincere in my effort to change my way of thinking about and dealing with the challenges of my life. I leave the “dirty work” to her, as she knows how to effectively “empty” and “clear” and organize my ideas, beliefs and preconceptions.

She has helped me to see who I am, where I am, what I am doing and what I want and has helped me to be able to state, simply and clearly, what I don’t want. I feel free of the weight of my past ( which I remember I used to describe as a gray landscape full of huge thorns ) and the most important thing of all, I am calmer because I was able with her help to really forgive, accept ( which I do think is one of the most difficult things to be able to do ) and understand the people in my life.

Petrene said to me that I am nearing the end of my journey and search and that I am strong enough now to continue on alone with the new adventures in my life. I acted as if I hadn’t heard that and didn’t say anything about what she said as I want to keep having contact with her. I like people with such special, positive, strengthening energy and I am very pleased to receive it.

For the light, for “all the colors and fragrances of the world”, for “all the stars of the universe” which she teaches me how to find inside of myself, I will be forever grateful.”

– Katerina P., Cyprus

“Petrene is an amazing woman who gives meaning to my life. She helps me to better understand who I am and to be in contact with and use what I have inside myself and simply… to be well! She is also like my guardian Angel, she saves me from mishaps, she offers me some of the wisdom and guidance of the universe, she answers my everyday and also my metaphysical questions and worries and the most important thing of all… when I fall she teaches me how to get up!!! May you always be well Petrene, thank you so much!”

– Katerina, Athens, Greece

“There is a moment in your life when you feel that you are inside a tunnel. It isn’t something in your mind, it is real. Or at least that is how I experienced/felt it, I was in there and felt that no-one could get me out… It was at a time like this, d years ago, that I met Petrene. With Petrene’s help I saw things that I never imagined that I would be able to see. And yet they were always there, inside me… Through sessions with Petrene, I learnt how to love myself and as a result of that how to love others. I found answers to problems which had been on my mind for years and guidance on everyday levels as well. I traveled mentally to the past and the future and I saw how relative time and space are and how easily we can deal with and face issues which frighten us… The results really are worth it… Our lives are too valuable to be living only on the dark side… With much love and many kisses…”

– Panagiota S., Athens, Greece

“After my Regression with Petrene, the fingers on my left hand which up till then always hurt when I bent them no longer hurt! It is amazing! I also feel greater self-confidence, have more belief in myself and see things in a more positive light, with greater awareness. It has helped me a great deal in my new life. Petrene really is unique in what she does, I can’t thank her enough…”

– Konstantina, Athens, Greece

“It is true that with this pregnancy, I feel like all of the positive parts of myself are coming out… Positivity, strength and sureness. I feel like the work that I have done with Petrene over the last few years, which I have done for myself, is like a big tree which has flowered and which will soon bear fruit, big juicy fruit with soft gentle colors, on all levels… I feel lucky that I have met Petrene in my life, she has helped me and helps very much and more than anything else she has shown me the colors and light on my path…”

– Nectaria, Athens, Greece

“I feel much better with myself and everything seems perfect! Thank you very much Petrene because I was searching for years to find you and the light which you gave me! The way that I feel about our sessions, they are like going out to the theater and watching and directing your life! For sure it is not the last performance, actually, I feel that the season has only just begun… I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch their life unfold and played out exactly as they had imagined – and so easily and quickly too? Petrene, thank you, you have lit up the stage of my life in the most amazing way… With love…”

– Rodis, Athens, Greece

“I have known Petrene for over b0 years. I consulted with her in person when she lived in South London and do so now that she is in the USA, over the phone. I have consulted her on many issues occurring in my life. She is genuine and has the certainty that she is right and she says what is right ( what she sees ) even if, as in many cases with me, what she says has not always seemed to me to be true, logical or even possible! However, in time, when the truth has been revealed to me, I have found that she was absolutely spot on! She communicates in such a clear way and can “tune in”, getting right to the core of the issues/situations that you have partially related to her.  If you haven’t used her services before, I would highly recommend that you try. You will not be disappointed.”

– B., London, UK

“The most warmth & understanding I’ve ever felt, only a few minutes into the session I had with Petrene… It has opened me up much more spirituality and im better able to believe in my self with much more confidence… Many thanks!”

– Amanda L., The Woodlands, Texas

“I saw Petrene for the first time in 2013. Since then I have had a few readings with her. Yesterday I had energy work done for the first time by Petrene. Let me give you a little background… I lost two of my brothers in June 2013… The same month my parents decided to divorce after 37 years… I am also going through my own divorce… and now the sale of my home! To say the least I have been through a pretty rough past 9 months. I did not want to use pharmaceuticals after they almost caused my mom to commit suicide this past December. After my session with Petrene yesterday… I am completely amazed how I feel! After just one session I already feel my old self coming back! I can’t imagine after the next one and am so excited for it! Petrene has definitely changed my life for the better through her readings for advice/guidance and now her energy work! I have been to psychics before… never met one as talented as Petrene! Highly recommend her!!!!!! So grateful for Petrene!!”

– Shana, USA

“The first time I came to see Petrene I had so many questions and she answered them all with great clarity. During that session we were able to speak to my grandfather that passed a few years ago. She described him and his personality and was spot on! I felt so relieved and at peace and was finally able to let go of my grandfather. I contacted Petrene again this year to ask for guidance in some things happening in my life and again I was happy and at peace with the answers she gave me. I asked her to contact to my brother-in-law that passed last year. Again, she was spot on with what happened to him, the description of him and his personality… She knew so much that even I didn’t know, but his wife did. Petrene is very gifted and it blows me away how incredibly talented she is. She is very professional, but so friendly that it feels more like a friendly conversation. There has never been a moment that I felt anything negative from her. If you are looking for a comfortable person to seek guidance from then she is the person you need to talk to. Many thanks Petrene, again you are truly an amazing person!”

– Sherrie, Spring, Texas

“Thanks again Petrene. Once again your advice is to the point and precise and a great help. I’ll let you know the outcome this week. Hope all is well with you. Hugs to you also!”

– Greg, Las Vegas

“Petrene’s methods are scandalously simple. But it is exactly this simplicity which makes them accessible to everyone ( whether rich or poor, royals or paupers ). Her effectiveness is without question, try her and you will be amazed. I believe that a session with Petrene is one of the a0 things that a person needs to do in their lifetime. Regression with Petrene is an invaluable gift that one can give to ones self. I thank Petrene because she helped me to leave my past behind. Petrene is unique, outstanding and excellent at what she does, she does amazing work. I feel grateful and thank the universe that I met her.”

– Monica, Athens, Greece

“You are, by far, the most ACCURATE and wisest reader that I have ever been to. Be prepared, your mind WILL be blown!! Petrene is a Psychic’s Psychic, where we go to for guidance and the ‘next step’. I feel that I have already “grown/expanded” since making your acquaintance, in more ways than one… My visions last night were much more colorful and intense and the chattering of Spirit was noticeably greater. I do feel your energy is “activating” me. I am excited to take this to the next step and do the Rebirthing and the Healing ( would love to see if we can “release” this what I think is a past life neck issue in this life… ) I can’t wait to see who I am without the pain… Nice!!!!! Thank You and God Bless You Petrene Soames for all of your hard work and devotion in helping others. We are so very lucky to have you living in America. Smiles! With Love and Gratitude.”

– Julie B., St.Louis, Missouri

“I got to know about Rebirthing and Regression with Petrene through my wife. I tried them in equal parts because I was curious but also because i wanted to improve my relationship with my wife and refresh and “reset” myself in regards to the congestion and long term exhaustion that I felt. Moving forwards I saw that there was a noted and big clearing on emotional and mental levels and that I was helped a great deal, receiving good opportunities to develop my family life and to have an everyday work life without conflict.”

– Nikos, Athens, Greece

“I have been a very satisfied and frequent client of Petrene’s for eight years. As a female business owner, I have found her services to be invaluable. She is extraordinarily intuitive, proactive in her comments and suggestions, honest and direct in her counsel. I would not make a major move in my business without consulting her. As a result, my business has grown exponentially. Sessions have not only assisted me in understanding the perspective of others, they have also enabled me to grow by better understanding my own thoughts and behaviors. This, in turn, has provided me with the priceless opportunity to grow, personally and spiritually. In addition to working with Petrene on business and personal projects, she had also assisted us in identifying issues affecting our animals. She is a very precious resource. We are fortunate that she is based in our city, Houston, Texas.”

– Karen Thomas Davidson, Houston, Texas

“WOW!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Coming from a single parent who is trying to strive in life alone with my son, I just want to say thank you for answering all the questions and doubts I had. It really amazed me on how you knew some personal stuff and were able to answer my questions. Your response gave me peace, a happy cry, hope and strength in life. I was just amazed about how you knew so many things that nobody knew or was able to know. I will definitely take your advise, knowing how true a Psychic and Medium you are and will continue to stay in contact with you. Thank you.”

– Patty Rodriguez, USA

“The Rebirthing session was life changing. I feel like a new person and feel more secure about my life. I would highly suggest trying it out… Petrene, thank you so much for everything!”

– Kate, USA

“A few months ago one of my indoor skittish kitties got out… Tyke was out for 3 nights. Finally on the fifth night I reached Petrene. She sent my Tyke a message and in less than one hour Tyke came bolting through the door. So grateful for Petrene…”

– Suzie Lenfant, USA

“Petrene is a wonderfully positive individual and I have really enjoyed getting to know her and to hear her perspectives. She recently joined a party I hosted and was absolutely a smash-hit with all of the attendees!”

– KLC, Houston, Texas

“I would like to thank you Petrene for the present you have given to me! Within a very short while I have become a new person! To be precise, I found my childhood self! It is something like a miracle, what I am experiencing! With your help I was able to throw tonnes of weight that I was carrying off from on top of me, weight which was not allowing me to move forward freely in my life! I feel like the chains that were wrapped around and around me are broken! THANK YOU is the least that I can express to you! I think that there are no words to express my feelings and all of this change that I have been able to experience, which is now my everyday life! I don’t know where to begin!

New people have come into my life, people who were problematic have left, I am able to deal with my everyday life so differently and so easily… It used to seem like a mountain to me and I almost can’t believe it! I have changed my perspective on life and most important of all, this has happened completely naturally and without force. I am experiencing a MIRACLE! Never in my wildest dreams did I dream of experiencing what I am experiencing. I have stopped being afraid! Afraid to talk, to express myself, to allow myself to be exposed and open. And of course the most important thing is that all of this change in me is seen by others around me! It is something very intense and it shows. People who love me and do not feel threatened by me can see it and tell me so! Without all of them knowing if I have done something to work on all of this, they can see that I am not the same! That something has changed in me! And this gives me even more strength because I am not imagining all of this, rather it is my reality!

I can see that as time passes I continue to feel exactly as I have described and this means that it is not a momentary relief nor something passing! Yes, it is true all that I am living, it is a reality and I continue to do many things in the direction that I have chosen! I just need to tell you one thing: I gathered together and had a reunion after cd years with classmates with whom I no longer had any contact!!!!!! This is something that not in my wildest dreams would I be able to do ( let alone be the organiser of the reunion myself! ). Anyway! I believe that when I came and we began our sessions I was very specific about what was bothering me ( bothering me all my life almost… ) and that was, “being alone” and this has been solved! It is no longer in my life and in fact I find myself wondering about how I was feeling that way all these years!

Of course you should know that I will not be stopping here! It is very easy for me now to find my weak points, one or two which I would like to look at with you! So that is why I will continue! I just wanted to send you the above, together with a thousand THANK YOUS because I know that they will help other people like me! Thank you for the help that you offer me!!!!! YOU ARE A STAR, WE ARE STARS, YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND PETRENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Mary, Athens, Greece

“Petrene helped us with the unexpected, very very difficult loss of our pet… She is a remarkable blessing and blew us away with her communication abilities. I’m not sure what we would have done without speaking with her. We were lost and completely heartbroken. Thank you for doing what you do Petrene!”

– Tanya Shelander, Beaumont, Texas

“My mom and I just had a Mediumship session with Petrene to tune into my father who recently passed. She immediately made a joke from him to us that was uncanny. My mother got to give him the forgiveness that she did not get to give when he was with us. I was very impressed with Petrene and feel that she is the real deal!”

– Stephany, The Woodlands, Texas

“I found Petrene through a very dear friend who told me – “I have known Petrene for bb years and she has never been wrong…” I have worked with Petrene – or, rather, she has helped me – for a couple of years now – and she is very accurate… Furthermore, she is lovely to chat with, is self-effacing, has a great sense of humour, is grounded, to the point, is deeply caring and easy to talk to. She is a healer… She has helped me and someone else I referred to her in very big ways. The healing, the clarity, the improvement in confidence and decision making, all, a terrific help. Way beyond expectations. I am deeply grateful for her insights, her warmth and caring, her accuracy, and most of all, for her Friendship. A real jewel. Love, Thank You, Petrene.”

– Lili, Serbia

“Thank you, Dear Petrene, for your assistance with my Dear dog Oliver… Thank you for being his voice and for helping me and him in his transition to heaven and for sharing communications with others there! You are very caring and helpful and accurate! Thanks again and looking forward to connecting with you again in the future! I wish you all the best!”

– Giselle, USA

“I contacted Petrene last summer to help me communicate with a very special friend who I believed had been trying to connect with me from the spirit world. Ironically, I did not believe in the spirit world and was a skeptic of Mediums, so this was difficult for me to accept in the beginning. I had many Paranormal Experiences that finally led me to seek a Medium. Petrene gave me confirmation that my experiences were real and gave me the assurance that I needed to continue the communication without assistance. She helped me understand what was happening and open my mind. My experiences with the spirit world and the visit with Petrene have been life changing for me. The communication with my friend continues strong to this day. BIG THANK YOU!”

– Debbie, Montgomery, Texas

“I contacted Petrene to help answer some questions. She was spot on, very amazing with things she told me about a certain situation… Very shocking with some things she told me, things no one would have known. She also helped me to connect with my horse that had recently passed… It took me a while to connect with one of the questions that my horse was asking me during the session, but it clicked shortly after I left! Will be going back soon!!! Thank you Petrene!!!”

– Crystal, Houston, Texas

“Petrene is the most powerful healer I have ever met. She can tell you the deepest root cause of your problem and fix it through her tender love, voice and healing hands and methods. Her energy is so full, it fills the healing space and pours into the individual. My life is changed. My eyes are so clear and my mind is so clean after just one psychic consultation and two sessions of therapies. I cherish this opportunity very much and I am grateful for being aware and awakening to take back the power of my life. Thank you Petrene, with all my sincere love.”

– Acho, Taiwan, China

“I had a Pet Psychic reading done on my two cats, Billie & Brodie. They were having some issues that, with the help of the reading, have now resolved. It was so great to know what they are thinking & feeling. It was so amazing for them to be able to communicate to me through Petrene. I was also so happy that Petrene was able to tell them how much I love them & to know that they are happy. I am hoping to have a Mediumship Session in the near future to connect with my Mom & Dad. Many Thanks”

– Cheryl, Houston, USA

“Working with Petrene Soames has brought me a level of self awareness that my mind could not conceive. She receives me with unconditional love and acceptance which facilitates a loving place to explore and heal all that resides within me. I am very grateful for Petrene.”
– Cherie, Houston, USA

“Her insights hit close to home and raise my awareness about my own journey. It is always intriguing to experience her predictions as they become reality.”

– Christie, Dallas, USA

“I feel very good… Lighter, more aware of the world and myself. I have a different perspective on things.”
– Carol, Houston, TX

“I don’t know if changes in my thought patterns can be attributed to the session but I now find that I believe completely that our minds do in fact create our reality! With my business I’m stepping back more and looking at situations in a much less emotionally involved way… Certain things that would have annoyed me or caused me to be angry, now do not evoke those emotions anymore! I seem to see things from the perspective of one who is just along for the ride, even while at the same time being deeply involved.”

– Toni, Houston, USA

“After the session I have been in the mode of thought to question what I have traditionally believed… In fact, I have been searching for a way to validate what is true without having personal or cultural biases corrupt my perception… I approached the Progression and “The Death Experience” as an opportunity to explore my inner self. Admittedly apprehensive at first, it was very pleasant. I now feel the need and desire to continue with more in-depth self-journeys.”

– William, Houston, USA

“Hello, Petrene! You were kind enough to help me speak with my parents via a Mediumship session in January and I wanted to thank you for that wonderful experience.

For some reason, after I scheduled it, I started to dread it, maybe because I was angry with what they left me to handle and had some hard words to share with them. Instead, it was fun and poignant and informative and healing. I know they were really there as there was no way you could have know the things you knew unless they were. It was a real kick when you described how they behaved and what they were saying. They were right there with us!!

Thank you so much for your help and I hope they thanked you too! That experience continues to help and comfort me.

Thanks again and I wish you all the best!”

– Crissy, Houston, USA

“Today’s visit and the psychic reading was amazing. From the very beginning, you were right on target with my body pain. Having the opportunity to hear your thoughts and special messages gives me great relief. I believe every word you say and express. You are definitely a gift from God. I look forward to my rebirthing session soon. In the meantime, continue creating smiles and warmth in your clients. You’re completely Amazing!”

Ashley, Houston, USA

“Today, my Mom and I had the privilege to be a part of a mediumship session with you. We came in with so many thoughts and questions about our loved one. Thanks to your unique skills we were able to communicate with our family member. Your instant responses were mind blowing and accurate. Thanks to you, we can finally sleep in peace. I genuinely mean what I say… If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I could have went on for much longer… I look forward to seeing you again soon. Until we meet again, take care!”

Ashley, Houston, USA

I had my first Regression with Petrene a couple of days ago and I would like to share my experience…

I don’t know how she does what she does, but it’s working! For almost an hour she helps you navigate through your past in order to solve problems that have been blocking you for many years… It may sound strange, but believe me, I am feeling so much more confident about myself now and also less angry with things that would have made me furious usually!

If you had issues in your childhood that you think may be causing you problems in your adult life I strongly suggest you try Regression with Petrene… You will thank her for your rest of your life! It’s easy, she guides you the whole way so there is nothing to be afraid about, just give it a try and you will say, “I wish I would have known about this earlier!”

Thank you Petrene!!!

Argyris, Athens, Greece.

“Petrene Soames is a wonder! What better resource to have during these trying 2020 pandemic times than a gifted seer and healer… I feel blessed to have the privilege of being able to access her special abilities. And there is something I have always suspected and which has now been confirmed — Petrene is just as effective working remotely. My last consultation with her was via telephone. It was magically inspired, really helping to bring clarity to a myriad of different situations. So, either in person or via phone, Petrene is the same, thoughtful and gifted counselor. Thank you for being available Petrene!”

Marilyn S., Kemah, TX

“It has been several weeks since our distance Rebirthing session… I truly feel like my feminine energies, energies that I felt I had lost, have come back to me… This is very exciting to me, I feel like my old self again and I thank you for that… I also feel very optimistic about my future and spiritually stronger. When I say my prayers now I feel this fire within me that has been healed… Thank you for guiding me towards my healing… I’m still a work-in-progress and I know that I can get even better… Kind regards,”

Kiara Coyle, TX

“I had a two Regression sessions with Petrene remotely and they were both an amazing experience. The first time, I was able to go to a time that had a much greater effect on me than I realized. After the Regression session I felt as if the memory of that event in my life happened much differently. It was very healing for me.

The second session helped me release past feelings in regards to my brother which still affected my current relationship with him. I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Throughout both sessions I was able to enjoy feelings of fun, play, love, laughter and peace.

Everyone should have a Regression session to promote the good feelings that I felt, but also to have a greater sense of healing in areas that you may not be aware need healing… Highly recommended for anyone who had a traumatic childhood. I feel great and full of love, hence I eat less. Love and peace, Thank you Petrene for healing me.”

Barbara K., TX

“Hello Petrene, you are very powerful and you probably know about it 🙂

So much has happened since we saw each other in summer. I can go on and on but you probably know it anyway without me typing out the words 🙂

I’ve felt really good and free after our session – many things changed for the better between my hubby and I, which I will tell you about when I see you next… I feel my senses are getting much better and stronger…

I would definitely like to schedule an appt for a Rebirthing session with you and just to chat about some other things… Seems like you are not only an excellent energy professional but also a really good psychologist.”

Katie C., Houston TX

“Thank you Petrene for completing our Rebirthing session ( and for the extra time today ✨🤍⭐️🥰 )…

I think that the session came at just the right time for me in my life. My primary spiritual teacher said that she noticed a shift in my energy and I hadn’t even told her about having had the session. You have great insights & intuition! I like your confident delivery. Your experience shows! I can see why the person who recommended you to me looks up to you and why your service fees are what they are ⭐️ I have already recommended you and your Rebirthing to one of my massage clients!

Take Care 🤍 & enjoy the rest of your summer ☀️🍃 “

Roy S., Los Angeles, CA

“I did a Rebirthing session with you and it cured my neck pain… I had it x-rayed by a chiropractor and she had told me the change was permanent, Thank you so much and feel free to tell anyone who would like to call me for a good reference to do so if needed,”

Jean A., Houston, TX

“Petrene is the first animal communicator I’ve ever worked with and she has set the bar so high! She was able to give me exact details of how my horse came across a very rare ailment. She was also able to give me so much helpful information regarding his particular personality & ways to comfort him. She sent him messages while he was away from us in another town at the vets office who eventually fixed him. She messaged me to check on him later too! She’s so loving & amazing. Highly recommend!”

FD Delcamp, Houston, TX

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