Petrene Soames is a World Class Psychic, Paranormal Expert, Professional Healer, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Medium, Rebirther, Therapist, Author and much much more…

Petrene Soames Psychic


 But more often than not, Petrene Soames is simply called “Amazing”…


Born in the UK, England, Petrene Soames comes from a long line of Psychics and Seers and travelled widely  before choosing to live where she currently does, in the US, Texas. For over 40 years, she has been a leading authority in Healing, Self Awareness and Multi-Dimensional Reality. The unique practices and therapies that she has created, along with her amazing insights, drawn from every realm of human sciences, human studies and beyond, have helped countless numbers of people worldwide.

Her public radio and TV appearances have helped and inspired millions more. A veteran Radio and TV Talk show guest both in the USA and Europe, Petrene has dazzled audiences with her incredible powers. She is the first and only Progression Therapist to successfully transport subjects to the future live on National UK Television ( twice! ) without any use of hypnosis. To date she has appeared on over thirty five TV shows, over two hundred Radio shows and has over a hundred published articles.

Petrene is the author of the groundbreaking books “The Essence Of Self Healing: How to bring health and happiness into your life”, “50 Ways to Fix Your Life: The Workbook” and “The Process: 21 Days to Transformation”. She is also the creator of “The Positive Thought Cards” and the online “Healing and Psychic Development Course”.

Petrene Soames Psychic

Petrene Soames is in a class all of her own and is beyond any New Age and other concepts… Her work is devoted to “You”, the individual. She brings clear answers, deeper understanding and great awareness. She cuts through perceptions and concepts and steps out of and beyond the limited reality that we perceive ourselves to be in. She can help you to do the same…

As a motivating and inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and healer/therapist, Petrene’s goal is to help people take control of their lives, their health, and their reality. She gives them the tools and the opportunity to discover and express the unique and amazing persons that they truly are. Her message is simple and clear:


“I am amazing and you are amazing too… If you don’t truly know this, then let me help you and let the magic be…”


Wherever you are in your life and within yourself, Petrene can help!

An avid animal lover… Petrene is a long time vegetarian, supports local and international animal welfare organisation and has personally rescued, lived with or still lives with many animals, including cats, dogs, horses, ferrets, rats, bunnies, ducks and more! Her Pet Psychic sessions are second to none…

She is also a mother to two wonderful daughters and grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren…

Petrene offers personal and group sessions to people all over the world via Skype, telephone, mail, e-mail and in person. She also offers 7 – 10 day intensives and specialised therapist training for individuals and offers many many interesting, exciting, mind-opening and above all else, healing and amazing, workshop, lecture and event options.

Petrene also travels regularly around the USA but also worldwide to the UK, Greece, Taiwan and more… While there, she presents workshops, does media presentations and schedules personal sessions. If you would like to work with or invite Petrene to come to you, or to ask any questions and make suggestions please contact us!

Read more about Petrene and how she works in her amazing article, “I,The Healer”.

Watch the video below to see, feel and hear more about Petrene!