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The Positive Thought Cards


Change your life by changing your thinking and get comfortable with positive thoughts fast! The perfect gift for you, your family,  your friends, the gift that really makes a difference! 33 Amazing, High, Positive Thoughts. Use them at home, in the office or take them with you anywhere. Everyone needs and can use The Positive Thought Cards.

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of “The Positive Thought Cards”

33 Amazing, Beautiful and High Positive Thoughts for you to use daily!

Place the 33 cards face down in a box or basket. Start your day by selecting a card at random while having the following thought firmly in your mind: “I am choosing the card that I most need at this time”.

You can use The Positive Thought Cards to start your day in this way or at any time when you feel down, need a fast solution, an answer to a question or are at a loss what to do next…. You can also choose a Positive Thought Card for a friend or situation. These cards work over and over… Get ready to be amazed, get ready to change your life in the most positive of ways…

“Thoughts are alive… They shape our world, our reality and our destiny. So to think positively is important, no small thing… If you have the same thought often enough and send it with enough emotion ( energy ), it will in time take on a material form.” – Petrene Soames

You can try “The Positive Thought Cards” out here! 


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