I do not view healing as being amazing. I see it as an ability that we all have and can use… I see healing and self-healing as being a part of us that adds to and expands our lives. I see myself as a healer, but more as one who is drawn to teaching. I want to share all that I know and have experienced about healing, mainly because I would much rather have the people of the world know that they too can heal themselves… Then, a lot more healing will take place.

I like people and I believe in them. I like and believe in myself too. I see this as a basic and necessary part of being a healer. Believing in yourself and feeling safe to be who you are, even for a few moments, is fundamental for the healing process to be successful. I realize that reality is not fixed and that anything can – and does – happen. Knowing this is important. I believe in giving power back to where it belongs: to you, the individual. I enjoy showing people the choices that they really have in their lives and with their health, choices which they might not yet have considered or realized. As a healer, I have not wished to be seen as a master, saint or guru, as I realized that this may take away from the fact that each one of us is already a saint, master and guru. I have no problem being thought of or seen in those ways, as long as individuals recognize that this is also what they are, even if they are not currently using this knowledge. I could say that healing is also born from compassion, openness, caring and love. When I say “love”, I mean being love, in love and of love.

I do not see healing as “giving” on any emotional level. The persons who desire healing are rather taking what they need in order to become well from what is offered and already there. They and I are actually already a part of all of this.

There are many ways of healing, as people are in pain and hurt on many levels. All of the individual’s needs have to be taken into account: the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and the mental. Root causes and reasons for illness and pain must be examined and recognized to facilitate the healing process. To heal is to open up and to allow a natural process to occur, clearing and disregarding any block that might stand in the way. Yet healing can and does also happen instantly and spontaneously. It is important to realize that illness brings opportunities and experiences that individuals may often not see offered in other ways of being. It is not fair or true to say that wellness is positive and illness negative. As a healer I embrace both states of experience and am fascinated by them. I welcome any experience where I stand, poetically speaking, naked before another, stripped of illusion, doubt, pretense or barriers of any kind. It is as rewarding for me, the healer, as for the one that is being healed. Those moments and times of openness and clarity are delightful and welcome indeed as a joyful part of the healing experience.

Each healing experience is different and each complete in it’s own way. There have occasionally been people who came to me to be healed and later realized that they were not ready or even did not want to be well after all. At such times, I stand aside and respect those individuals’ choices and decisions, because I know that each one of us does already know what we are doing – whether we are aware of it or not. I have also watched people choosing to die rather than live. I wished them well and bid them goodbye, recognizing and accepting their right and decision to do so. As a healer I have been sometimes asked to be present during the dying and release process. I have always felt very honored to be able to offer my help, support and being in those moments.

As a healer, I look clairvoyantly ( clearly ) at the person I am healing. I know what needs to be done. I know where to place my hands. Before I begin the session, I shift my thoughts and emotions to the highest possible level and affirm that I am operating with the highest and best intent. I feel safe and secure in all that happens during a session and strive to make sure the recipient feels the same. I adjust myself to the speed of that person or bring them to mine so that we may work together. Often people report feelings of heat coming from my hands. They say that “energy” moves around their body. I am aware of keeping a delicate balance, not only between the two of us, but throughout the room that I am using. Being psychic, I have had many fascinating experiences as a healer. I have watched layers of pain and struggle literally fall away, watched as bodies have unblocked, straightened and re-aligned themselves. I have seen colors and sparks fly from my hands and watched others light up as if they were turned on by an electric switch. I know that the idea of “energy” is a concept. It brings connotations of lines and focus of matter. When I am healing, it is rather like turning up the brightness and volume of all that I already am; and then merging with what already is. The ones who are healing, as they relax and barriers are removed to their openness, become a part of this brilliance, openness and all that is. Then, they take what they need to re-adjust themselves to a whole and healed state. To work fully, this process requires at some point and on some level, acceptance from both the healer and the one being healed. This is the factor involved in determining how quickly or slowly healing works. People often ask if I get drained during the healing process. The answer is no, because I am not limited by any “energy” that I use. It is not mine personally, nor contained in or coming from my body. If you are a healer and find yourself drained, you need to re-look at your concept of energy and healing.

I meet people who become healers so they can heal themselves. While this is understandable, my advice to them is that it’s important to do – at least – the bulk of healing on yourself first before working on others. This was the course that I took and I have found that it worked for me and for those who I have healed. I feel it’s important to go through as many experiences as possible, know who you are and understand yourself as much as you can before working on healing others. Indeed, life experience is a valuable ally.

I like being a healer, and I like seeing new smiles on relieved faces. Not long ago I had a healing session with a lady in her mid forties who had been in pain most of her life. At the end of the session I asked her how she felt. “Different”, she said. “I cannot remember a time when I did not have a pain somewhere in my body and right now there is no pain anywhere”. I told her to relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the feeling. For me, as a healer, it was another great day.