Why we Comfort Eat and Overeat and How to Stop

The holiday season is on the way and winter and cold weather are just around the corner. Are you concerned about extra weight? Does it seem difficult to lose despite trying all kind of quick fix cures and miracle diets? If the answer is yes, you may be dreading the tempting and less than healthy holiday fare, but don’t despair! You really can stop comfort eating and overeating for good. The answer is in your mind and in your emotions and it wont cost you a cent.

One of the first ways to stop comfort eating and overeating is to use this simple self-healing tool. Each and every day take a moment and tell yourself firmly and clearly in your mind, “I love myself completely without condition”. Your goal is to be able to say these words easily, mean them totally and to feel comfortable even joyful about them. Until you have reached that point understand that you have some inner healing and processing to do with and for yourself.
Not loving ourselves completely without condition is the root cause of a wide range of pains and problems. These can include poor health, accepting poor and even abusive relationships, overeating, lack of abundance in our lives and much more.
As you repeat the words “I love myself completely without condition” every day, thoughts and feelings will come to the surface that tell you that this is not true. For example, “I don’t deserve…”, “I am not good enough”, “I should/could do more”… These are all common objections lodged in our minds, emotions and beings. The great news is that we are not stuck and we don’t have to accept this negative programming any longer! We CAN heal ourselves and we each have that capability.

How to move on…

Sit down with a pen and paper. Let’s start to deal with all the objections as to why you should not love yourself completely without condition. Ask yourself, who said that you are not good enough? When was the first time you felt that way? How old were you then? Who made you feel or led you to believe that you are not good enough? Use questions like these to trace the root causes of your poor feelings about yourself and then choose not to see things in these ways again. Find something positive in all negatives. There is always something, always another perspective that you can choose to have.
Decide that you will find your own answers with ease, take as much time as you like to do so, take days and even weeks… To deal with these issues is not just important, it’s vital to your physical, mental and emotional health, balance and wellbeing.
Nowadays, more and more people are starting to realize that life isn’t something that just happens to us. That we are in fact creating it ourselves from the inside out. Much of our miserable and unhappy life experiences are created by us because we have poor thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Thoughts and emotions really do create reality, science and physics can prove this now. Watch the film “What the bleep do we know”. It will put into perspective what I am saying and is guaranteed to be at the very least thought provoking and inspiring.
Back to our original question. Why do we comfort eat and overeat? Answers include to feel safe and to feel full. Have you noticed that when we comfort eat or overeat we tend to go for sweet tasting or bulky foods? Why is this? The answer is, because we desperately want to feel full! We eat the sweet things because we are not attracting, creating or accepting enough sweet things into our lives. When we comfort eat or overeat we are literally emotionally starving. We are suppressing our own expression of ourselves in someway, usually because we are afraid of being judged or of not being loved.

Breaking the pattern…

Even for people who have been stuck in these patterns for many years, the good news is that we CAN stop overeating and comfort eating and as a result shed excess weight easily and naturally. To begin the process, make a commitment to yourself now that you will stop using food to comfort yourself. Stop relying on other people to make you happy and avoid then being devastated when they don’t. Start today taking care of and loving yourself. Start using other ways to comfort yourself when you need comfort. The very next time you are about to overeat or comfort eat, STOP! Instead, use the following simple self-healing tools… They DO work!

Breathing good vibrations!

Think of something wonderful, amazing or sweet that you did or that happened to you. Perhaps something someone gave you or something that you achieved, saw or felt. Hold that thought, that memory and allow yourself to really feel all of the good feelings that this brings to you. Now open your mouth wide and breathe those good feelings all through your body… Like there is a never-ending source of them… Fill yourself up with them… This is like having a wonderful, fantastic meal, except that you are breathing sustenance vs. eating it and it’s not fattening… And guess what? It’s way more fulfilling!

You can follow on with this exercise in a perhaps unusual way by writing a list of as many as you can think of wow and wonderful moments in your life. The next time you feel starving and want to comfort eat, instead of choosing between coffee, donuts, potato chips or chocolate you can select a great memory from your list instead! Breathe it all through your body in the way we went through above. You could call the great feelings that each of these memories brings your “good food list”.
Feelings are vibrations. As you fill yourself up with great vibrations, you not only give yourself exactly what you need but when are full with that, you will be coming from and creating from, creating your daily life and reality, from good vibrations! If you are someone who is afraid of accepting good things for fear that they won’t last or will be taken away, it’s even more important to get comfortable with feeling good all or at least most of the time. The above exercise will help you to do exactly that.


Can you believe that rubbing your chest and stomach will stop you from comfort eating? It’s true, so read on…
Our emotions are located in our stomach and our chest area. Whenever you are angry, stressed, upset, drained, afraid, hurt or wounded and ready to comfort eat, use the following tool. It’s guaranteed to calm, balance and soothe, putting you back in control.
Place one hand, palm open, firmly on the top part of your chest and rub firmly backwards and forwards, then around and around in circles. It’s not important which direction you move in, just keep your head up straight, open your mouth and breathe long slow deep breaths from the bottom of your stomach. After a few minutes, do exactly the same with your other hand on your stomach. You can if you wish, rub both places firmly at the same time. Soon you will feel much better. For an extra benefit, say firmly in your mind three or four times, “I am letting go easily of everything I no longer need”. This affirmation will take effect quickly and on all levels.
Don’t forget that you always have a choice. You CAN take control of your life and wellbeing. These self-healing tools are here to use. You DO have the power to love and comfort yourself and you never need to use food in an abusive way again. Remember, food is in our lives to eat, to sustain us and of course to enjoy but not to comfort ourselves with!
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