“Doubt is the memory of pain.”

“Being in love is a natural, normal state of being, for we already are love.”

“The “self”- is an expression of the Essence.”

“We are here to heal our past and our pain so that we can live and experience all the joy and magic of now.”

“What we are is only what we think we are in any given moment.
It is only a projection of emotion, memory, thoughts and ideas. It changes moment by moment.”

“Painful or negative experiences or continuing negative patterns are there to show us what still hurts and needs healing.”

“The more we love ourselves completely without condition, the more open we are to love and to accept love from all others sources and all experience, including magic.”

“Magic is only not everyday thing because we don’t give it enough importance.”

“Forget drugs, sex and rock and roll. The greatest high is to stand in the brilliance of your own light.”

“As a child did you ever dream that you could fly? Well. the truth is, you can”

“You may live alone but your house is full”

“Only real safety and security exists within yourself.”

“Dying” is a state of mind and being which we choose when we perceive that there is nothing else better to do.”

“On some level we all want to “die” because we have never truly accepted the total joy of life.”

“When we “die” we simply cease to exist/be in one way and instead exist/be in another way. Death is simply stopping to be in one scene and instead being in another.We may believe that we suddenly find yourself in another a scene unless we have the awareness to realize we put ourselves there.

“Death and birth are illusions that we all go along with, simply they are our justification and believe, of how we appear to enter and leave this reality.
An illusion we go along with or feel we need simply because we have not yet realized that we can move easily and freely in an instant.”

“To not die we need to disentangle ourselves from the mass consciousness that believes and appears to be caught up or heading in that direction.”

“The world is as it is because we don’t choose better things to think about”

“If you think you don’t have time to read another book, you already have a problem with balance, time is yours and it maybe all that you have. The Essence Of Self Healing contains all the information and directions that you need to be who you truly are, whole well and happy..
Read it twice, as there is so much information between the lines as well as all that you consciously absorb….”

“A man does not understand a goddess, a goddess forgets who a man is.”

“When your life seems crazy wrong or you feel lost its really IMPORTANT to REMEMBER and to REMIND yourself that you do KNOW exactly what you are doing al of the time. Its easy to forget this fact so remind yourself often at critical, stressful or difficult times…”

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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