Recently I had a woman call me. She was crying and obviously in great distress. The story began to unfold…

The woman had paid a so-called psychic to reunite her with her past love. She had never actually had a real relationship with this man – she adored him from afar. Many months passed and despite continued promises from the psychic and a large amount of money given, nothing changed or happened in the situation. The man did not come to her as was promised. The woman told the psychic that she had lost faith in her and no longer wanted her services or to keep paying her. The woman contacted me in great distress after the psychic had threatened to kill her by supernatural means. She was terrified and feared for her life. I was able to show her that her own mind was stronger than anything that was being threatened. She finally dealt with the situation and has not been bothered by it again.

What a sad state of affairs! But this is not such an unusual story. I have encountered quite a number of people who have been ripped off in this way! Ignorance and fear are the weapons which those with a little knowledge can use to manipulate the naive, needy and vulnerable. How can you tell what’s for real? First of all a genuine Psychic will not promise to reunite you with a loved one on the earth level. Avoid this promise at all costs, no matter how tempted or desperate you feel.

Genuine Mediums who promise to bring you into communication with loved ones who have passed on are another matter. You should still however question them and ask them what they do and how they work. A Medium who is for real will be happy you asked and glad to take the time to explain to the best of their ability.

How to recognise a Genuine Psychic

Genuine Psychics will answer specific questions to the best of their ability and will wish to educate you within the Psychic and Paranormal. They will NOT wish to keep you in the dark, claim that they are all powerful and insist that you pay a huge amount of money for their help. Psychic powers are there for everyone, they are a part of us all. Some of us have chosen to study these abilities further and to use them for our own good and the good of others. Genuine Psychics want to share…

There are many books that you can read, workshops and study groups you can attend and simple exercises that you can do to develop your own sensitivity, awareness and psychic abilities. There are some people who choose to be fatalistic – choosing to believe in “fate”, feeling like a small boat on the sea of life being tossed around and not wanting to believe in or assume control. You don’t need to be one of them. The truth is that we all have all our own answers to our own questions. We often however don’t trust our own answers, feelings and intuition. We perhaps let our emotions get in the way and can be afraid of making a mistake. We also often don’t take the time needed to look at things and may be impatient and looking for a quick fix.

In these cases, confirmation and guidance from an outside source can be very useful indeed. A good Psychic will bring new, helpful and real perspective. Real Psychics are amazing people who are here to help, guide, heal, support and indeed, to educate and share. They also are real people who have lives to live and bills to pay, so they charge what they consider to be a fair price for their time. This is acceptable and usual in all professions and psychics are no different. They will however have a real sense of justice, fairness and honesty and should not be judgmental. A good psychic is a person worth his/her weight in gold and someone who can make a real difference to your life.

I sometimes feel that you can’t know what is really good until you have experienced the opposite, so perhaps the rip-off psychics exist in the scheme of things so that we might have an extreme to measure by. One should never close the door to the Psychic and Paranormal because of a negative experience, in doing so, you would be denying your very self, because that part is in all of us… As you go further and further along the metaphysical path, you will see that the part of us which we call “The Paranormal” is in fact very normal and everyday.