Originally published in Uri Geller’s “Encounters” – February 1997 – Issue No. 4

I had some very strong thoughts on Channeling recently and I feel that you were the magazine to send those thoughts and the piece to…

I have been involved – apart from forever – within the Paranormal for the past Twenty years, my father is also a Psychic. During this time I have been in contact many times with different life forms, Fairies, Angels, ETs, Spirits and various groups of Oversouls, to name a few. I have always been very wary of Star Ships and systems, great spirits and groups of oversouls that are named. I have felt that they are nameless, and to name them is to indulge ourselves with present reality and perceptions.

I know that we all have our own answers to our own questions, but mankind seems obsessed with accepting the limitation that there is so much other greater and more than us. I feel that it is time for us to really know who and what we are and realize what we can do. I believe that we are the creators of our reality not victims of it. For this reason I question Channeling. I feel that it is perpetuating a myth; is it not time to speak without it being in the name of? How about in the name of ourselves?

Awareness – Moving on:

A few days ago I was asked by a Radio program producer, who had booked me to do an hour interview, what I want to say to all those people out there. “What is the message that you want to get across?” I stood back and thought about this question for a few moments and I then knew exactly, all I wanted to say was and is this: I am amazing. You are amazing too. If you don’t really know this, then your fear and your pain are in the way. It is time to change this.

Over the course of the next 48 hours I then had a number of interesting and uplifting experiences. The next afternoon I hosted what might well have been the first world wide paranormal conference on the Internet of this kind, it was titled “Awareness, Moving On”. A small group of people from different continents joined together with myself, my partner and together with awareness we moved on. This was pure unobstructed, none objective communication, we did not speak about what has been or of concepts known to us, instead we moved on in Time and Space and, at a certain point, established a communication satellite structure outside of the Earth’s orbit. We then, with the help of other life forms and forces, proceeded to clear an ancient communication channel. Different people had different experiences and perceptions of the event. Those who took part in the experience expressed thanks and looked very much forward to the next conference. For those readers who have access to the Internet you can see a log of the conference and find details of how to join the next one by visiting our web site at http://www.petrene.com.

That same evening I attended a small meeting hosted by a known scientist who spoke about some of the things which are actually happening worldwide. The expected shift , which although prophesied by many to take place early next century, could from a scientific point of view happen a lot sooner. According to science the poles have already changed there positions and it has began the changes in temperatures and weather conditions in different countries. I personally have had visions and details for many years of the great shift, the changes in perception and reality as we know it, the huge amount of land being underwater. However I have also known for some time that a great deal of disaster can and will be averted. We are very close to these things now, not just the shift but, according to the speaker, for our lives to be controlled by governments in ways that to us at present would be inconceivable.

Here is the point: the future really is up to us. We can change all of this, it only needs that all of us individuals become aware of who we really are and the things that we can really do. Do you realize that you have all the answers to all your own questions? Of course it is so much easier to ask someone else, and each time that you do, you believe in you a little bit less. Each time we assume the role of the victim, helpless, out of control in any situation , we give up just a little bit more of our divine power and uniqueness, each time we look to and believe in a greater power than ourselves putting things right, we loose complete knowledge of who we really are and of the things that we can do.

Yet to go forward the only real thing that we can do is to bring back awareness of who we are. As you move forward and you realize the many life forms that there are and the many ways of experiencing life in different dimensions, letting go of this particular reality that we are so focused on becomes less than nothing to do. For those who have not yet reached this awareness and choose to stay in the reality of not being able to change the future, the only real thing of any importance at this time can be to Love, because to Love is to open. Then to work through and to clear past Pain, Fear, Doubt and Sufferings so you can then finally realize who you are and what you can do. All of this leads me back to where I began , I am amazing, You are amazing too. We are everything that is.

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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