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Religion: Moving On and More…

On a personal level Religion has definitely become a subject that I have declined to discuss publicly in any depth for a long time, its a lot easier to keep the peace and simply say I am not a religious person but I am a spiritual one that answer seems to suffice.

However recently I have accepted that Religion is an important subject one that needs to be debated and explored more openly without judgment and without fear, for each and every one of us are a part of a greater picture, and we are here to be that part that we are and to express ourselves fully on all subjects touchy ones not excluded.

There does seem to be a general undertone of “if you are not with us then you must be against us” in certain religious groups, this is not helpful to anyone who wishes to discuss further the subject in an open way. I invite feedback on anything that I write in this article as all others and I ask that please people will write to me in an open and intelligent way with the best intentions wherever possible because I do believe that tolerance is something that needs to be cultivated in all persons and in all nations for us as the human race to survive thrive and grow.

Religion is in itself a vast and fascinating subject I do not in any way profess to be an expert on the subject, simply a person with a knowing and an opinion to express, in this my current lifetime. There are many religions, and different ways of religion does anyone know the actual number? Indeed Many religions some answers and even more question?

It seems that since long ago some might say since time began that man has needed to believe in something greater than himself, and yet at the same time there is a longing to make sense of things for self, questions such as Why are we here? or How does reality work?

Or when did it all begin and how? Are most commonly asked?

When answers dont seem to make sense or are not easy in finding its tempting to accept and even believe glib answers often supplied by religion and religious leaders that we cannot understand, and that we will not be able to understand in this lifetime, yet if we are good all will be understood in another time and place when we are DEAD
There is almost an unwritten agreement generally speaking to go along with this and not to ask too much, for many this agreement and believing in something, via faith and what we are told, is a way to silence the questioning part of ourselves, and to find some peace.

There are some things that I am sure of and that I know no one told me them, I Just knew from the moment that I was born despite being told many times differently, other things I know after a lifetime of searching, experiencing, and questioning, both alone and with others.

The following are some of those things that I know:

  • I know that we are all good people; people are inherently good there are bad projections but Good people.
  • I know that people even those who have been brutalized and suffering incredible emotional pain and existing in abject poverty and ignorance,, given the chance know how to live and how to treat others.
  • I know that we are each truly free powerful and amazing beings, but that few of us know who and what we actually are, or what we can do.
  • I know that we are not mere mortals that we are not born sinners, born with sin,, or into sin.
  • I know that religion has served a purpose and that each religion has symbols and basic focal points, be it the cross of Christianity of the meditative pose of the Buddha that are there for us to find out about, what they truly bring us, how to use them and to springboard from there..
  • I know that we are not here in this life to be eternally grateful for life, to be submissive, or to live our lives in pain and suffering.
  • The suffering has already been done.
  • I know that God whatever we perceive that/it or him to be is not separate from us and is not greater or smaller than us.
  • We are both small and vast at the same time. We are both one and all.
  • I know that the first basic steps to awareness and working anything out include, healing our wounds, understanding why we allowed them, and loving ourselves completely without condition.
  • I know that there is not necessarily a beginning, a middle or an end, there is not a central point of creation or reality only a believe that seems to make it appear to be so. We are not going forwards or backwards we are all time, here and now, in actuality time does not exist its simply an agreed upon perception.
  • I know that neither life nor death are as they seem, and that currently we know very little of either, I know there is no separation between them only in our beliefs and in our minds. In fact we are mostly agreeing to a mass illusion about many things in our reality.
  • I know that every single thing in our life is perfect and quite brilliant, the good the bad the ugly, we can see and experience everything as perfect if only we release our own judgments and instead open our eyes our minds and our hearts.
  • I know that each one of us has the capability and the potential to truly realize all of the above now.

Religion is a pivotal point a place to grown and springboard from, not a place to suffer with, or in, or allow ourselves to be beaten with, and to accept fear from. Religion is not to be used to suppress ourselves or others.The perfect that we are is not a thing to strive for or to move towards it is what we already are but unfortunately the religions that we are taught do little to help us realize this.

  • I know that the very nature of reality our perception of it, and our experience of it is currently changing in subtle ways we can barley imagine, and yet change continues to take place.
  • I know we still kill because it is the nature of the beast within;; man refuses to let that part go easily because he does not yet know the true strength of refinement.
  • I know that Pain is not necessary, its still used because it catches our attention, and makes us feel present, it is a vastly overrated tool that we use to justify our staying in time and the present vs. all time and all things and to allow ourselves to have constant, direct experience with bliss, with timelessness, and all that is.

Religion tells us that we cannot have direct constant experience of the all that and pure bliss on this earth in this time, I know that this is not true. Few of us simply believe or know how, and are not yet experienced enough, or accepting enough of bliss for any length of time to be comfortable yet with it.

The question is how do you feel about your religion? Does it give you all answers and all that you need? Does it allow you to feel good? and to constantly remind you that you are perfect, that you are an amazing being and that you have unlimited powers and potentials that you can realize now? Is your religion fair? Is it tolerant? Is it just? Is is loving supportive and kind?

If not perhaps its time to ask some grown up questions, to take more of a personal responsibility in your own evolution, are you ready for an expanded version of what you have been told so far?

There is a great deal to find above and beyond religion, there is a great deal to discover and use within religion, but it is time to move on., of that there is no doubt, we can honestly no longer continue in our agreement not to question and receive real answers that we can understand. We each owe that to ourselves and to be able to feel good about ourselves life and others. Lets not look forward to death lets instead enjoy life, and even know that we do not need to die.

If you havent already watched it I can recommend What the bleep do we know… A excellent movie.

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