Mankind en-mass threw away one of our greatest keys to awareness, advancement, fulfillment, realization and happiness on a personal and mankind level. I feel very strongly that it is time to reinstate “daydreaming and imagination” to all of their former glory and to realize once again their many powerful and positive aspects.


To daydream is to let yourself go, to cease concentrating on the everyday, to allow yourself to be some of the millions of different characters that you are and have access to. What a marvelous and wonderful source of entertainment with far more potentials than anything else. When was the last time that you saw a really good movie? Isn’t it time to start making new ones of your own? Could there be anything more absolutely fascinating than yourself? If you don’t truly know this then you have not really looked. Sometimes we need to be invited! Please allow me to personally invite everyone of you to take a good look and allow yourselves to be full of wonder and amazement.

In your daydreaming you are the king, the queen, the rich, the famous, the powerful, and the extraordinary! Daydreaming has no limitations, you are the star, the director, and the producer of your own movie.

You create anything and everything that you wish, want, and need. The only possible limitation is the self imposed limitation of your own imagination, this of course is not necessary or real. When was the last time you wrote a story? Or allowed yourself a romantic notion? We do have all the time in the world available to us now, for time is no where else, that extra five minutes in bed in the morning, that journey to the office, many opportunities to allow ourselves this creative process which will literally change our lives. The more you explore the endless realms of imagination the more you discover and realize that the reality that you believe all exists in is also your movie and that it can be how you choose it to be. Imagination is one of our most powerful tools in the search for awareness, fulfillment, and development of personal and universal content. We are talking here about letting go of all that is no longer needed or relevant, bringing down the walls and barriers, getting back to yourselves and to your own creative abilities, creating your own positive realities and futures. If the sun is not shinning where you are, go with your mind to where it is, it is every bit as “real” as the so called “reality ” we believe ourselves to be in at present. We just forget the importance and wonder of this.

At some point in our social and economical evolution, people decided – somewhere – that the logical mind was all, that all the answers were found in Science, and that the way to success and to achievement was to be grown up. The shouldering of responsibilities was vital at all costs. Today, I meet many people who have it all on a material level yet complain of being bored. Even the most ardent explorer realizes at a certain point that the answers, the excitement and new are not necessarily out there. We continue now to see day after day that the logical mind does not have all the answers, neither does Science. What about Imagination? Today we have been told that only children need to be indulged in this daydreaming activity and even then just to a certain point in time or in their development. “Only” and “just” are huge misconceptions that we have been conditioned with and have accepted generally as our own often with no personal investigation at all.

Is it time to stop accepting others directives on who you are, how you should live, and what you can do? It is time to check for yourself, to go to the ultimate, to have no boundaries. Anything and everything is possible, start to truly know this for yourself, bring back the fun and joy to your life. Positive thinking and the use of positive words are tools that you can use to bring back your imagination to the fore. This creates a positive setting, opens a door to the “anything is possible”. You are no longer limited to the misconception that you cannot, should not, “would like to but”. Instead, with positive thinking and talking, you know absolutely that you can, that you are worth indeed, that it is your right – as one who is here and has decided to be here at this point in time and space. Let’s spread the news, set free daydreaming, start using your imagination, and change the universe – a small step with hugely positive possibilities and benefits for all!

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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