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The Thyroid

The Thyroid is a gland that is located at the base of the neck and which secretes hormones that regulate the rates of metabolism, growth and development of the body. Have you noticed how many women there are in the US who have been medically diagnosed as having a problem with this gland and how many of them are taking medication to rectify this problem?

As a healer I take great interest in the subject. I would estimate that one in two women who comes to see me and who is aged forty or over has been medically diagnosed with thyroid issues. I have noticed some similarities in these women’s lives. They are at some crisis or turning point in their lives… They may be considering changing or ending certain work or career situations and/or also changing or ending a particular marriage or long term relationship. In general, these women are not happy and many of them are also suffering from some form of depression for which they have been prescribed antidepressants.

As the Thyroid is also located in the expression center or “chakra” as the base of the neck is also called, it makes sense that it is governed by expression….

For these women, I have found positive change and results when they experience Rebirthing Therapy with me and follow up with Healing, Clearing and Balancing session and even some past time or life release work in the form of Regression Therapy. There also will be counseling and Psychic sessions where the women get the chance to speak about their hopes, fears and problems and begin to get some real answers… They find this useful as an outsider can bring an unbiased viewpoint and as a Psychic, I can be very helpful and exact in the answers that I bring. As these women start to dig down, uncover, and then heal and release their problems and issues, their body, specifically their thyroid, can also heal and get back into balance.

I met with a client of mine just this past week who has done just this…. She has been able to come off both antidepressants and thyroid medication and has just visited with her doctor who could no longer find anything wrong with her… He said she was in good shape and that her thyroid was balanced and was no longer a problem. We are both of course incredibly pleased that the work we have done together has, now also “officially”, “paid off”…

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If you need help with any of the ideas or issues raised in this article, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Petrene has been successfully bringing awareness and helping people put their lives back together for over 40 years… As a Top World Psychic and Healer, her expert, unique and powerful techniques and psychic awareness are unsurpassed… She can bring you all the answers that you need, empowering and helping you to cut through decades of pain and years of therapy… read more

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Written with warmth, charm and profound insights, they are invaluable tools and a must have addition to everyone’s Self Healing toolkits…

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