My meeting with Max and Sha-Na-Ra, the ancient crystal skulls, in Sedona on March 1st, 1998 was particularly interesting. It was like having an exquisite meal, but being left a little hungry. The hunger, I realized, would be my own future motivation to bring change.

I had felt Max’s energy before, so when I placed my hands on him, he felt familiar and solid in many ways… Sha-na-Ra was a very different vibration… I kept one hand on each skull for a while and then bent down and placed my forehead on these skulls alternately. My forehead or third eye cleared immediately with Sha-na-Ra and there was a blinding bright light.

The skulls felt as they always do at first: cold, hard pieces of crystal, without life. After a while, this changed and they became vibrating. I watched as their aura grew. I had my hands on Max as I described the energy. It felt like a low humming sound, feeling very powerful… It shot across the room, widening and expanding, looking like a beacon of light. I saw the aura of the skull as a deep blue, close to the head and not expanded yet. Sha-na-Ra was more of a silver color. I decided to work with both of the skulls, placing a hand on each.

For me the silence was extremely dense and powerful. It was an amazing feelings like the room was thick with a glue like substance. I took everyone who was there with me through their heart centers, to let everybody feel the emotion and all that was there… I was really getting energized. I could feel the energy under my feet. I knew I could lift up off the floor very soon. I was surrounded by bright purple light. It was a very high feeling.

I asked the audience to expand. The room was flooded with small lights, running along the floor, hitting the back of the room and travelling up the walls. The ceiling became alive. A huge pyramid engulfed the room and the proceedings. The top of the pyramid was above all. The pyramid was made of an unusual substance, not pure energy, it seemed earthier than that. Networks and grits were formed as the two skulls worked together, like water finding its own level, mass finding it’s own shape… This was all happening as a matter of course. I was observing, talking to the audience, charging and also being involved in the skulls’ process all at the same time…

As I was talking, I was flying around other universes looking at other things. I checked from time to time to see how people in the audience were doing… I felt a little sad for them as many were not flying and I could feel the weight of their being. We went through the forehead to the top of the head center, filling with light. I urged the audience to clear themselves and to let go of everything that was no longer needed, to bring in freedom and relaxation, to allow themselves to be fluid and liquid. I was very much by now all of this. I was happy to see that many other people were letting go in ways previously unknown to them.

The place I was in is indescribable. I began to move people out of individuality, helping them to let go of the here and now, also telling them to feel wide open and powerful. I then brought in a sense of fun and the ridiculous with simple exercises, pointing to the joy filling the room. Everything about me and around me, even beyond the room and me was pure gold in color. The audience readjusted and became the pure gold. The middle of the room opened up. A space was created. Many people entered and joined the group. They came from different nations and planetary systems. Many were beyond description. The room was crowded, they stood with us, joining with us in the moment, feeling all that we felt. Then they were all dead. Still, like a film slide… They ceased to be and to exist, instead fusing with all of us. The message was: “Aliens, races, nationalities, creations, all are unimportant. Don’t waste your time with these things, move on…”

All and everything turned into a mass of orange, blue, gold, yellow, green, and turquoise colors… every color you might imagine… The color had density, weight and substance. We were all very beautiful, each and every one of us… Our colors were amazing. We moved around, we touched each other. As we touched each other, we touched different parts of ourselves. We all became one eye. One all seeing eye… We became a vision, a vision of openness, awareness, light, energy and joy… It was like seeing everything for the very first time! Seeing, feeling and being without an opinion… Without perspective, not even acceptance…

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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