The time may arrive a lot sooner than you think for Alien communication, sightings and encounters en-masse.

Psychics, sensitives, spiritual teachers, masters, gurus and experts in extra sensory perception (ESP) and the Paranormal have been saying forever that there is no such thing as time… Finally, it seems that we are getting closer to where we can cross the bridge between the logical and the creative parts of our minds… That “science” and those of us who work within the paranormal can come together and move on…

It is little wonder that a great many people are afraid of other realities and life forms and of the unknown. For the last two thousand years we have been taught in school and led to believe by our parents our peers and our society that these things are not possible and cannot exist. Many of those who spoke of parallel universes and realities have been mocked, reviled and “alienated”!

But now we begin to really see and realize that each and every one of us is a multidimensional being who has access to all realities and universes. Quantum Physics agrees now that time, space and reality are not fixed. If we look back, Einstein himself said that “concepts that have been proved to be useful in ordering things easily acquire such an authority over us that we forget their human origin and accept them as invariable”.

The end of time as we know and have accepted it, is reaching an end. There is no need for fear. It is an incredibly exciting point that we are now at. We also have truly begun to realize that we are what we think. But we are also all and more than we can conceive. There are no limitations. Fred Alan Wolf, an American theoretical physicist specializing in quantum physics and the relationship between physics and consciousness, in his book “Taking the Quantum Leap”, states:

“Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order that includes us in a very special way. In fact, our minds may enter into nature in a way we had not imagined possible… Perhaps much of what is taken to be real is mainly determined by thoughts… The order of the universe may be the order of our own minds.”

Over a number of years and after having my fair share of alien encounters, I have stated that I believe that the question is not “Are they real?”, but one of inner and outer space… In my view, the whole alien reality and experience is simply a doorway… There are countless others, and they are all waiting to be experienced and explored. They are not outside of us, but indeed a part of us. I don’t feel that it is a question of aliens finding mankind, more of us finding them. Of course there will be those of us who have fears in our opening and awakening process. My advice is to face those fears head on, because beyond fear there are many other worlds.

Movies such as “Independence Day” bring negativity into the alien reality. This type of production panders to people’s fears and insecurities on the subject. Huge amounts of money are taken at the Box Office and this appears to be the first consideration. This is not necessarily good or bad however, as each and every one of us has the opportunity, capability and potential to sift through the stimulus that we are fed on any and every subject. Don’t just accept. Question and feel for yourself… Realize that stories are often reported in a sensationalized or negative way… Have your own opinion, it won’t cost you anything, it’s free! You can share it with others or keep it for yourself… But it will most definitely give you a real and greater sense of the being that you really are….

We are creating our own future on an individual and humankind level. Isn’t it time we arrived at some new and positive scenarios? Instead of all the destruction which has been forecast for the new millennium, realize that it is within our power to change that and any future reality. We CAN have the wonderful, bright future reality that we all wish for. Did you ever dream as a child, or even now, that you could fly? The truth is that you can. It’s only a matter of time…