Red and Yellow, and Green and Blue, Orange and Violet, all for you! You can see a rainbow

Words from an old song somewhere in the 60’s. A time that was certainly full of color. How much color do you wear? What colors are you surrounded by in your home? “Bring color into your life” is a piece of advice I often give. Color gives people a lift, can help the fight with depression. A splash of color can make a large difference to even the drabbest surroundings. Personally I like very much to live in color. Visitors often remark on the bright yellow kitchen, the purple and gold bathroom, the lounge painted in a peaceful pale blue, with touches of yellow, relaxes many to the point of sleep. My work place is a soft but uplifting mix of purple, lilac and yellow. I use color visualization when I show others how to heal. Do you realize that we are all made of color?

I tune into and see and read auras and can tell a lot about a person’s health using this simple method. This is something that we can all develop. There are many accepted meanings attached to different colors: orange for healing, pink for love and affection, purple for power, yellow for optimism and creativeness especially of the mind, brown is considered to be very earthing. I ask people who join my workshops while developing their psychic and healing abilities to make a list of colors and then one by one go through the list and feel how each color feels to them, what each color means and bring to them personally.

I feel this makes sense as we are all individuals and do perceive things in separate ways. It’s helpful and a lot of fun to start thinking in color. For example, what color do you feel you are as you read this article? When you start to think in color it’s only a matter of time before you begin to really see in color. During meditation, you may see colors that are very rich or vivid, colors that you cannot find in the every day. Colors are vibrations, and come from different places. You can visit these different places with your mind. As we are made up of vibrations, it makes sense that wearing different colors at different times and bringing color to our surroundings and life will give us more balance, healing, and a richer life experience. Color is also free! It only takes a moment and thought to surround yourself with bright yellow or gold, color light and energy. Then breathe deeply this color all through your body, and see how great you begin to feel. This can be literally a way to feed yourself.

Color is also about being who you are, standing out in a crowd, an expression of your very own uniqueness. Have you noticed how men are also beginning to wear colors. Taboos are being broken, from the man who wears a pink T-shirt to the one who feels great in yellow pants. Look around, color in menswear is probably more available than ever before. I met a young woman recently who wore a certain shade of lipstick and eye shadow, and didn’t like it at all, but she had paid for a session with a color analysis who had told her that these were quite definitely her colors. This happens, remember! It really is a matter of feeling color for yourself. No matter what the experts say, don’t get stuck in patterns, go with colors that feel good to you.

Think color, and you will notice rainbows much more often.

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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