Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. You have probably seen the “Allergy Reports” on Television ( sponsored by pharmaceutical companies! ) as well as the many advertisements for help with hay fever and different allergy problems… All kinds of different medications offering and promising relief… It is clearly prime time for the pharmaceutical companies, which is great for them, but how about you?

Are you suffering? One of the ads on television shows a man sneezing violently as soon as the first flower opens… Instead of a sunny, joyful time, Spring and Summer are made to look miserable and fearful. It has reached the point where many people expect to be troubled by allergies and sinus just because it is that time of the year. You are constantly being bombarded with images telling you that’s what to expect.

I decided to tune in and have a look at the situation from a greater awareness point of view and used clairvoyance – which means to see clearly – to focus on the situation… I saw that any kind of pain is both a perception and a state of being. When we use sinus related problems and allergies we hold ourselves back, put us on hold and block ourselves from being aware, awake and conscious… You cannot be aware if you are in pain…

We do this because sometimes it seems that we need and choose to slow our bodies down. In someway this allows the mind to speed up. Check and notice this for yourself. Illness can be used and is used by people at different times to give themselves the space to realize something or to catch up with their awareness and thoughts. We might not always have the awareness that this is what we are doing, but next time take a moment to see what is really going on when you are ill or in pain on any level… The mind and body balance is a delicate one, and some people choose allergies – illness, imbalance – as a way to take time for themselves and do the things that they need on an emotional and mental, though not necessarily on a physical, level.

Living here in the Woodlands TX, at certain times of the year, cars, patios and driveways are covered by thick layers of yellow-green pollen and dust. Many people in the area are affected badly by the pollen. Personally I never expected to be affected and therefore am not. It is the same as the busy person who says “I do not have time for a cold” and does not get one. You can say no to allergies too, we all have that choice. Even if you get a symptom or two, do not give up or feel fearful that your will is not strong enough as this is not the case. Even if you are at present affected, step out of the situation and look again: is this what you really want? If you decide to have no more allergies, then you are already halfway along the road to recovery. This all might sound very simple but the truth often is.

There is also an element of crying from the soul or heart center associated with streaming eyes and noses. It might be time to ask and look at this yourself… What is really going on with you in your life? What things are you not happy with?

I can help you with all of this… See also my article Top Tips for Dealing with Allergies

If you do now have a blocked sinus, I recommend the use of lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils. Put a couple of drops of each into a bowl of steaming hot water… Place your face at a comfortable distance above the bowl of hot water, you can also put a towel over your head and the bowl to keep the steam in, close your eyes and be relaxed as you inhale the beautiful aroma… Be as open to the healing experience as possible. Keep this positive thought in mind: “I am letting go of everything I no longer need”. Inhale slowly and deeply, you may feel the sinus clear all at once or little by little.

This season, do things differently. Listen to your inner feelings and go with them to bring change, then you too will be able to sit back and enjoy the sun and the flowers.

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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