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Time traveling is something that I do consciously, I feel that it’s something we all do to varying degrees, with varying degrees of realization.

I realized and knew, with absolute certainty as a small child, that time was not real or fixed. My first actual memory was of being held in the arms of a nurse and looking up at the wall and seeing a clock. I had the knowledge then that I had a great deal to do in a relatively short “time”. I was then about eighteen months old.

As a Psychic I am asked to make predictions. Traveling into the future is something I use all of the time. For me the way it works is very simple: everyone and everything has a particular vibration – lifeline – once I am tuned into that vibration, I move “backwards” or “forwards” along it. I use this simple way to explain things but I do not believe that there is a “backwards” or “forwards”, a “past” or a “future”. I believe that we live in parallel worlds, universes and realities. I believe that we live and are all of this, at the same time. Perhaps the only thing that shifts is our focus and perception. Reality is then not fixed. You might like to try this easy exercise to see for yourself how we all do time travel.


Ask yourself: “Where am I at this exact moment in time?”


You may well realize that you are in an event which happened last week, also in an event that you are looking forward to or curious about, so you have gone ahead and are checking it out before it actually takes place. Take this further and see: are you also at that same moment experiencing life in another shape or form? There are many after all, so follow your own threads and see where they take you. With a little practice you will be amazed at how easily you can do this. You will also begin to look at others and see the timelessness of them, to see all the different times and places they are and have been and are yet to become. This is called Clairvoyance and it means to see clearly. If you say you are not Clairvoyant, you are saying “you do not see”. Put away your fears and preconceptions and decide to time travel. Decide to be Clairvoyant and you will be. Remember, when you have done this once, you have opened a door in your Psyche and you can go to it as a reference point. You can then move from it and open other doors to other abilities and realities that are also yours.

We often need to go back to the past to heal, clear and realize past situations which may be keeping us stuck in the past. This is where Regression works. You can change the past, as well as the future. When you have this realization, the impossible becomes possible. Awareness is something which takes some courage and dedication to realize, but is worth more than anything else conceivable.

I work with and within the illusion of time and I offer therapies and experiences as a part of my work. These are known as Past Life and Time Regression, and Future Time and Life Progression. These are accepted terms, but I would rather use another word to more clearly define time and how we experience it: Digression. I also offer this as a seperate Digression Therapy session. Simply this is not “backwards” or “forwards”, it is all at the same time and includes among others, the reality of parallel lives.

Do you realize that you can go forward in time, whether it is days, months, years or lifetimes, without too much difficulty? I demonstrated the Progression experience twice live on National UK television a couple of years ago. While live on TV, one of my subjects progressed forward fifty years, the other over two hundred. Both recounted their experiences while being in a deeply relaxed, but not hypnotized, state. The subjects gave details of who they were and how their life was being in the future. One subject described in detail the room where she found herself complete with details of future home technology, the other who progressed further ahead in time found herself in a very different reality, a very different way of life. One which was in fact so idyllic that she very much would have liked to stay there a lot longer.

More recently a client came to see me who had just joined a toastmasters club. It was her first public speech and she was very nervous and anxious to do her best. Four days before the event, she Progressed to the forthcoming time and event and she saw the mistakes she made and how to improve the situation. She even described what a particular member of her audience was wearing and remembered where that person was sitting. By doing the Progression she gained a lot of confidence and control. Four days later Barbara called, she was elated, she had won first prize for her speech after having not made any mistakes. The member of the audience that she had seen in the Progression had also been there, wearing the outfit that she had previously described… Progression can be used to change and improve the future. I also use Progression to help people overcome things such as panic attacks which are caused by a deep fear of death. In one case a client Progressed and went through the death experience and realized it was no more than a letting go, a transition, not an end. The panic attacks then stopped. Time travel – you will begin to realize – is a most positive tool.

There will be a time – probably in our lifetime – where “time” is no longer a concept which we all live by and agree upon. Perhaps now is a good moment to begin to see just what you can do without it and how to get a real sense of your own individual speed and vibration… Instead of seeing yourself going forward in life and time, how about seeing yourself coming back? You can then be aware of what will be, you can then avoid mistakes and have great confidence in creating your own happy endings in the individual scenarios and in this colorful creation called life… I have met in this lifetime people who are conscious time travelers wearing ancient clothes and speaking ancient languages. These people exist and some of them walk amongst us. Doesn’t this open up the door to exciting new possibilities for you?

Remember, as the Hopi Indians say, “The swiftest thing to fly is the mind, those who know this have wings…”

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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