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Tuning into Love

Many people these days feel cut off and isolated from themselves and their fellow human beings.. Everyone appears busy achieving, doing and experiencing. There is not too much simply “being” going on. I see a great many people who say that they cannot feel and many say they do not feel or know what love is. Does this sound like you? Or are you one of the few who loves, is loved and is aware that you are loved?

So we are back once again to ourselves and getting in touch again with love. Often people are deluded and labor under the misconception that love is to be found outside of themselves. Many wonder does it exist? Can it last? Do they deserve love? Are they good enough? They hope that if they keep working, striving, praying and searching long enough, that it will come. The truth is that you are love, you are “all that is”… You may need to clear and put aside all doubts, fears and pains that make you not believe that this is so. There are those who can help and guide you, there is much that you can do yourself. Isn’t it time now to say no to pain, and yes to love?

We need to love ourselves completely and without condition. These are easy words to say and to know, but it takes a commitment on an every day basis before this becomes a definite reality and way of experiencing life and ourselves.

Our culture does not make room or time for self-love. We are taught to put others first and to be selfless. I regularly meet people who are in great pain, often “healers”… These people want to help others, feeling perhaps that if they do enough for another, it will come back in goodness for them. What these people need is to help, heal and love themselves first. Take the time to really digest these words and if they ring true for you, then it is time to move on. When you love and are not loved back, it is very painful. It makes you lose confidence in yourself and brings up all the other times and instances that this has happened before in your life. It brings with it deep inside of you a lot of fear… Fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough. Yet this is not so, it is an illusion. We are indeed perfect and we are love.

Have you been crippled with fear about asking for what you want and need from the ones that you love? Afraid to ask for what you need because you are so busy protecting them and putting yourself aside? The caretaker syndrome! Do you feel that you have a hole in your stomach or a weight on your chest? Do you overeat just to feel safe? One or two sessions of Rebirthing could well be the answer for you. Rebirthing therapy involves connected breathing from your stomach, solar plexus and seat of your emotions. It is very powerful and works to clear past built up pain, trauma, fear and anger… You will release and be reborn…

I often notice that people who stay on their own, who don’t want to mix with other human beings, who have had enough of pain and rejection, have come to the conclusion that to shut themselves away from others is the only way for them to survive. Many people put their pets in the place of other human beings as they receive unconditional love in return from these animals. They feel this is the one way they can love and be loved without pain. It’s one way of doing things, but do you realize that we are all one? And that all those people that you shut out are different living expressions of yourself? So in doing so, you limit and close yourself off… As a multidimensional being this cannot be the way to move forward. All people need to live and love again. We all want to be happy, to be fulfilled. We want to love and be loved. We can have all of this, but we are going to have to use the courage that we all have inside of us and face all and everything that stands in our way. It is an absolute truth that we have endless strength and inner knowledge.

We are now in the season of spring, the glorious sun of summer is just around the corner… Isn’t it time you shone and glowed as the happy, fulfilled and vibrant being of pure light and love that you really are? Isn’t it time to move on? Time for change? I would like to close this short piece by welcoming us all back to love and with the wish that this summer, we will all shine with the sun more brightly than ever before…

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