At some time, you may feel that you would like, or need a psychic reading. There are many advertisements in Psychic – Paranormal publications as well as local and national press. Which to choose? What is right for you? As a Top Professional Psychic, I will attempt to define, in this short article, a little of that which is a vast subject and often beyond definition.

A reading will generally take between 30 minutes to one and a half hour, although an hour seems general. The price will vary. It’s good to call around and go with what you feel comfortable with. Crystal balls, Tarot cards, etc. are not magical in themselves; they are used as a focus for the reader, psychic, sensitive, or clairvoyant to allow clairvoyance to begin, to focus the mind at one point. Clairvoyance means clear seeing, clairaudience – clear hearing and clairsentience – clear feeling. These are born with and/or developed abilities, while intuition is more a feeling and knowing which I believe is found in everyone to varying degrees. You may find a Tarot reader who uses little or no psychic abilities, and who only interprets the cards. This may be adequate for you but generally a psychic will be more useful. Someone who is truly psychic can travel and see into the past, present and future. Hence “time and space has no distance”, and to quote the old Hopi Indian saying: “The swiftest thing to fly is the mind; those who know this have wings.”

Fear becomes irrelevant when you decide to know your future, because you can change what you know. A professional psychic will always be able to see and pinpoint other ways, paths and options that you might take. The future is not nearly so fixed as is generally imagined; life really can be good; you can be truly happy and have the best possible reality for yourself, despite how life might seem at this point. An outside perspective is always good, and one that points out the different choices and options you really have is very useful.

Spiritualist Mediums are people who often claim to work with guides, a passed on spirit. They do not usually receive or are concerned with information about the future but pass guidance and messages from your past loved ones. Their prime purpose is to supply survival evidence that life beyond exists and that there is no death. Palmistry – Numerology – Astrology – etc. are classified more as sciences than psychic phenomena. They work and may be mixed with varying degrees of psychic – paranormal influences and insights. Channelling: Some psychics or sensitives claim to channel information from spiritual masters or leaders, and others persons even from other dimensions, to bring teachings to the sitter.

Be prepared and feel free to ask questions during your reading. A genuine reader will be happy to answer your questions to the best of his/her ability. Go with an open mind; it’s the best way to be pleasantly surprised. Psychic HOT LINES, and ON LINE readings are more for entertainment value. Telephone and mail readings by a professional Psychic can of course be very accurate. It’s wise to remember also that certificates – diplomas, etc. are by no means guarantees of excellence. There are good, bad, and mediocre amongst psychics and readers, as in all other areas of life. Go with who and what you feel comfortable with.

The great news is things are never only as they seem, only whilst you are in them. To have a professional outside perspective on yourself and life can be of invaluable comfort and help. Good psychics have often been known to save individual’s time, money, relationships, and even lives.