1. Fulfill your own needs and love yourself without condition. This has to be the first priority. Without it, all else will not succeed in the long term.

2. Always know that there are no mistakes; there is a part of you that does know exactly what it’s doing at all times and has good reasons for you to act and do what you do.

3. Express yourself. It’s important. Keep a journal; talk to a friend; draw; doodle; paint. It does not matter what you express, but that you get used to doing so, rather like taking off a lid from a boiling pot. Help yourself flow instead of boil.

4. Practice thinking and feeling for yourself. Go beyond what you have been told and thought. We are each capable of original thought. Spring-clean your thoughts and belief system regularly. We are each constantly changing and evolving beings. Remember, nothing is ever only as it seems; there are always countless truths and different ways of looking at things.

5. Take quiet time out for yourself on a regular basis. Notice and look for beauty, even in unlikely places. Allow yourself to find and feel wonder, beauty, awe and magic. Let your imagination soar.

6. Whenever you are having a hard time with someone for a short or long period of time, never resort to violence. Protect yourself if you need to, but above all, ask yourself why? Why have you created this situation in your life? There is always an extremely good reason. Keep asking yourself until you find the answer. You do know.

7. Be prepared to listen, learn and grow. Break patterns, routines and habits and allow unscheduled time to be spontaneous. Reach out and embrace others’ life and the universe.

8. Offer help and be there when you can and when you can’t take care of yourself, until a better time comes. Send high and positive thoughts when you can’t send or give anything else to events, people and situations.

9. Open up to others, even if they don’t look like you, talk like you. Believe in what you do or live the way you do. Practice not being judgmental. Always remember that you cannot have a complete opinion about someone else’s life until you have walked in their shoes and come from all that they are coming from.

10. Recognize, value and enjoy all the beauty that you are. Find ways to express you. Think of ways that you can make the world a better place and put real ideas into action both big and small.

11. Be kind Kindness is born from a generosity of spirit. True kindness opens hearts and brings much to the one who gives and the one who receives.