Written after the US National Tragedy of 9/11, 2001.

What can we do as individuals to take back control, heal and get back on track with our lives? Petrene Soames, author of The Essence of Self-Healing: How to bring Health and Happiness to our Life, is offering 10 top tips to your listeners to help them recover.

1. Recognize that things will not ever be the same again, but decide that you will move on and heal any pain in justice, anger and imbalance with yourself, heal yourself and the world and that you and the world will win through.

2. Allow a period of mourning to take place within yourself. It’s needed and normal. Recognize that you have been in shock. Be gentle and nurturing with yourself. Take time to find small ways to make you feel good.

3. Take action; help others; reach out in small or big ways. Give blood; give a hug; make friends with people you have fought with in the past. Allow forgiveness to take place. Reach out to others in pain. Recognize that we are all one.

4. Re-look at your world. Enjoy all the positives and be honest about the negatives. Recognize all that is not OK and take action to bring positive change.

5. Keep radio, TV and printed media consumption to a minimum. Allow yourself to stay informed but not saturated with tragedy coverage and world response.

6. Express yourself. Write to your local newspaper. Call your local radio station. Participate in a forum or chat room on the Internet. Share your thoughts, feelings and ideas with others about what has happened. Join a think tank to help create a positive solution.

7. Bring something beautiful and simple into your home, i.e. a plant, a bouquet of flowers. Walk in woods, parks, and mountains or by the beach. Seek out natural surroundings. Watch wildlife. Listen to beautiful words and music. View and create beauty and harmony in all forms to renew your spirit.

8. Send out positive thoughts to the whole world. Start by imagining your house, street, city, country and the world being flooded by a beautiful bright yellow color light and energy.

9. Get plenty of sleep. Allow yourself to rest. Eat good natural whole food. Drink water, not alcohol or coffee. These actions will allow the emotions and nervous system to recover and heal fast.

10. Repeat the following affirmations, either in your mind or say the words out loud often:

  • My body heals, clears and balances itself
  • I am without fear
  • I am free and powerful
  • I am safe and open to wonderful and positive change


Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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