1. Keep it simple and save money. Don’t spend loads of dollars on best clothes; relaxed informal clothes work best for travel and vacation. Take one dressy outfit, then by a local costume when you arrive for special occasions.

2. Avoid stress by traveling light. Keep luggage to a minimum. What do you really need to take? Start a family contest, when going on vacation, and see who takes the smallest bag.

3. Nervous about flying? Take deep breaths from the bottom of your stomach, mouth open. Now place your open hand on your stomach; add pressure; rub back and forward, round and round. You will soon feel relaxed and back in control. Mentally visualize a stress free, incident free, smooth journey.

4. Drink plenty of water while traveling. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Carry some hard fruits and nuts to snack on. This will ensure you stay feeling energized and relaxed, and avoid feeling bloated and travel sick. Only read for small periods of time. Take regular breaks. Walk around when possible.

5. While traveling, kick off your shoes; undo belts, buttons and waistbands. Give yourself room to breathe. Socialize with others if you feel like it and ignore others if you don’t. It’s OK. Remember, you are on vacation.

6. During travel and vacations of any kind, get into a positive frame of mind. Expect the best. Don’t look for delays or expect to get lost or ripped off. Choose how your experience will be.

7. Break normal patterns and routines. Take time out each and every day to de-stress. Read a book. Take a walk. Keep a journal. Sit in a park, by a lake. Find beauty and simplicity. Repeat firmly in your mind once or twice a day: I am letting go of everything I no longer need.

8. Try to have as few plans as possible. Take your vacation one day at a time. For a change, don’t book up extended stays in a hotel before you go. Schedule your first night or two, then look around and see where else you want to be. Open up to the traveler and adventurer within.

9. Make an effort to speak the native language, even a few words will delight the locals and make a difference to how you are treated and received. Leave expensive cameras and equipment at home, all the less to worry about. Give yourself a chance to really relax.

10. Have a real adventure. The world is getting smaller. Take travel insurance to help you feel secure. Then check out destinations off the beaten track, ones that are not quite so popular. Check on the Internet; you can save money and find great deals. Exotic destinations you’ve only dreamed of can be within your reach.

Petrene Soames
Author: Petrene Soames

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