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Petrene is an expert of metaphysics in which she includes many fields of the so called paranormal. Her unique and profound insights are drawn from every realm of human sciences and studies, and are not locked or blinded by any one doctrine. "I bring the next step", says Petrene. She invites you to go beyond.

Any of these topics can be used for Radio, Television or Magazine interviews, Lectures and Workshops

Self-Healing, Self-Help

  • How to take pain out of the body faster than using painkillers.
  • What is self-healing? Can anyone use it?
  • Healing Demo (TV only).
  • Health and healing assessments, advice, tips (call ins, TV or Radio audience).
  • Clearing pain, anger, fear and phobias without years of therapy.
  • Accident-prone. Where are you really at? What's your body trying to tell you?
  • Insomnia: getting a good night sleep.
  • Overcoming fear and phobias.
  • Starting your own self-healing and healing group.
  • Addictions.
  • Heal your past and the trauma of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  • Communication with and healing animals.
  • Allergies: it's in your face. Listen to your body and start to heal.
  • PMT. Secrets you won't find in medical journals. How to cope and cure.
  • Children and self-healing.

See also Ideas and Suggestions

Relationships, love, sex

Top Tips

How to...

After life, Ghosts, Mediumship

The Everyday…

Psychic, Paranormal, unusual

Time Travel, Perception of reality, concepts

To contact Petrene for an interview or feature, call Janie Jones at (281) 363-9983 or send an e-mail.

Short Bio:

Petrene Soames is world class psychic, healer, medium and therapist with over 22 years of experiences. She is a fascinating personality with cutting edge techniques and therapies that have been proved over and over worldwide with thousands of clients. She is a veteran radio and TV talk show guest, widely published as the author of numerous well received articles on self-awareness, self-help, healing and the paranormal, and is the author of The Essence of Self-Healing: How to bring health and happiness into your life.

Petrene Soames has been heard on 100's of radio stations nationwide and has been featured on many radio networks such as UBN, PRN, Talk Radio Network, Talk America Network, Power Talk network, Liberty Works Radio Network, United Stations Network. She regularly appears on the BBC and has been featured on the James Whale Show (UK), the Victoria Jones show, The Howard Stern Show, The Ruth and Ed Shaw Show, The Ken Hamblin Show and The Joan Rivers Show.

She has appeared on News Shows (FOX KABB - San Antonio, TX, FOX Network: Evening Show - Houston, TX - KMGH ABC Channel 7: Early Morning Show - Denver, CO - KNWS 51 - Houston, TX - KRQE TV Ch. 13 CBS: Morning News - Albuquerque, NM - KTFH - Houston, TX), has been featured on Comedy Central and appeared twice on the Debra Duncan's Show (ABC Houston). She was recently featured on Weekday (PBS Houston).

"PSYCHICS, love'em or hate'em, believe or disbelieve, there's no denying that everyone is fascinated by these mystic gurus. And after you've met Petrene, you may even be convinced about their powers." Andrew Balkin. London Newspaper

"Petrene Soames is in a class all by herself. I have no problem with saying that the time I spent with Petrene on the phone to say the least was mind boggling." Paul Gonzalez, UBN Radio Network.

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