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Courses and Studies with Petrene Soames

Are you ready to amaze? To be amazing? to change and heal the world in your own unique way? If you are ready, join us in Texas USA, study with Petrene Soames and get the best possible help available to take you to your highest and best self.

The courses and fees listed on this page are some of the current options offered to students who wish to commit themselves to personal development and transformation, for those who want to heal themselves on all levels and be all that they truly can be.

The courses are also for individuals who want to heal, work with and help others.

The techniques and practices that Petrene Soames uses are unique and have been developed over a period of many years. Petrene is an expert and pioneer in her field. Her sessions hold an edge over other more traditional systems because they are geared totally toward the individual who requests help. No two persons on the planet are exactly the same; therefore each individual will need totally individual attention, insight and guidance to bring complete wholeness, awareness and healing into their lives. This is a part of what Petrene successfully does and that she can teach you.

When you study with Petrene, you will not simply be completing a course and gathering valuable tools, you will also be undertaking a process that will be positively life changing, for you, everyone that you know and whoever you come into contact with and work with in the future. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of wholeness, wellness, and awareness.

The course fees you will find pleasingly modest considering the content of each course and all that you will receive. The hours that you are required to complete, cover what each student needs to experience, to learn, let go off and accomplish.The healing clearing and balancing course teaches you not only how to pinpoint root causes of illness and imbalance and then heal, it also allows you to find your own methods and path as a healer.

The Rebirthing course is not to be confused with any other form or style of Rebirthing where often between 10-20 sessions are required to reach the objective of clearing emotional blocks, wounds and traumas. As a paractioner after studying with Petrene Soames, you will be able to offer and successfully work with clients in only 2-4 sessions.

The Regression course is taught and used without the need for hypnosis. Regression when used as a therapy beyond mere suggestion goes beyond the usual understanding and use of Regression and allows the subject to make their own choices, heal their own blocks and traumas that have continued with them even through other lifetimes, when other practices have failed.

Courses with Petrene are offered on a singular or multi-block basis. They are conducted in person at Petrene's Woodlands location in Texas, USA. The hours needed to complete each course can be condensed or completed over a period of time; every effort will be made to adjust to your personal schedule and needs.

Petrene Soames is a master, a teacher, a healer and a unique individual with seemingly endless knowledge, she is also a down-to-earth warm and compassionate human being that people find a joy to relate to and work with.

If you are ready and committed to really make a difference with your life, to help others and heal the planet one person at a time in amazingly simple yet powerfully profound ways, then now is the time to contact Petrene Soames and investigate the possibilities further.

Petrene can be reached by telephone at (281) 363-9983 or by email at information@petrene.com

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Please note the course can be offered separately or as a discounted package.The student may study at his or her own pace, the sessions are in person.


Initial 2 hrs of consultations


2 Rebirthing Sessions With Follow Ups


2 Regression Sessions With Follow Ups


2 Healing sessions


2 Hours of follow up and completion


Certificate of Completion


Total Approx 17 hrs:


Healing Clearing And Balancing Training:

3 Hours of theory


10 hrs of practice with clients


4 hrs follow-ups and questions


3 Hours building your business & client Base, Pro Advice


Certificate of Completion


Total Approx 20 hrs:


Rebirthing Training:

4 Hours of theory


6hrs Rebirthing sessions, partial student involvement practice sessions, includes all follow ups.


10hrs Actual Client practice sessions, includes all follow ups.


5hrs questions follow ups and your own business practice Professional Advice.


Certificate of Completion


Total Approx 25hrs


Regression Training without Hypnosis. Training For Professional & Personal Use

5 Hours of theory


10hrs of practice with clients, includes follow up sessions.


6hrs of questions, follow ups, completion and business building professional advice.


Certificate of Completion


Total Approx 27hrs



Grand Total... Approx 89 hrs


New Beginners Healing Course

Beginners Healing Course: Level One. 6 Weeks


"Working with Petrene Soames has brought me a level of self-awareness that my mind could not conceive. She receives me with unconditional love and acceptance which facilitates a loving place to explore and heal all that resides within me. I am very grateful for Petrene." Cherie-Houston Tx

"Her insights hit close to home and raised my awareness about my own journey. It is always intriguing to experience her predictions as they often become reality." Christie-Dallas


Testimonial By Xenia from Greece

I have been a long time student of Petrene Soames and before I became her student I was having regular weekly phone sessions with her ( and have been doing so ever since ). Her unparalleled insight and compassion and guidance and psychic ability is a life line and an amazing shortcut and brilliant adventure for me. I can say without any doubt that going to be with her and study with her in person is and has been the most profound and life-changing experience I have ever had.

I have been to study with Petrene in person 3 times up till now, concentrating on different healing techniques each time and doing a good amount of personal work each time also. What I love and is so brilliant about learning with Petrene apart from all I have already said, is her total and absolute commitment to teaching in a way that is personally tailored to each student. I know that she does this for each and every student she teaches, making sure that each and every aspiring healer or therapist she teaches does enough of their own personal clearing and healing first. Otherwise, no matter how much they "know", they will never in fact be able to truly help and heal others on any deep level. Petrene is the only person who I have come across or heard of who does in fact do this and helped me to do the basic work, meaning clear and heal my stuff before I went on to learning techniques to help others to heal. In fact, many people go to be with her just to do this - to have an intensive healing retreat. And it is amazing! This was an absolute necessity for me and when I see the amount of people out there who are teaching various techniques and who are not even coming close to doing this I can only be extremely gratified and grateful that I found someone of her brilliance and commitment to teach me.

Studying with Petrene in person is an amazing experience! There is so much to learn! First of all about yourself and then about the various healing methods and how they work and then all about how to heal and work with other people and also about the universe and how it works! Each course is packed to the brim with fascinating information and insight and does not bring with it the usual stresses associated with studying. You have complete freedom to let yourself go into the process because of the extremely caring and capable guidance of Petrene. You learn in a relaxed, “let go” state, which I consdier the most easy and effective way to learn. The whole experience is totally personalized and you are not just learning techniques and theory which you then go and apply regardless of how well you have understood or applied it to yourself or not. Studying with Petrene is one-on-one and is tailor made to suit. You learn at a pace which is perfect for you and have the opportunity to have any and all of your questions answered. There are also supervised practice sessions which include thorough and very helpful and encouraging feedback on each session. You never leave from study with the feeling that there is something that you didn’t cover or with any “gaps” in your learning or personal work. The techniques themselves are of course totally one of a kind and the absolute best and most simple available. They are, like their developer, Petrene herself, really and totally amazing!

Petrene herself is an absolute joy to be near. She is a truly real, warm, compassionate, fun, bright, being, person, healer and teacher who makes learning and everything else she does a wonderful, powerful, fun and exciting experience! She truly cares about and is able to “see” and understand on deep levels life and the people who she teaches and works with. Petrene is truly what they call a Master and as with all Masters, to be in her presence is to be closer to the Master in yourself. Closer to your essence, your wisdom, your truth, your strength, with all the countless benefits which all that entails. You become more and more capable of creating the positive and magical reality that you want. Staying with Petrene is totally inspiring.

Petrene’s guest house if you choose to stay there vs a nearby hotel is brilliant, colorful and wonderfully comfortable to be in. The energy of the house is bright and clear and joyful and filled with joyful and beautiful creatures of all kinds! Cats, dogs, ferrets and often more play around here! The house itself is situated in a very, green and full of trees area with many lovely bike and walking tracks. There are many opportunities for long or short walks and bike rides as well as any other longer excursions you may feel like organising while you are here. During your stay you will have independence and freedom as well as being able to be close to and work with her.

In closing, I would like to say that working with Petrene in person, whether it is to study healing or just as a retreat to work on yourself, is an opportunity not to be missed and one which I could not recommend highly enough. I am truly honored and proud and so happy to be able to learn with and from her and to have had all the truly amazing experiences that I have had by her side.

Xenia Aidonopoulou - yeswearestars.com

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