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Tea Leaf Readings with Petrene

The Ancient Art of "Tea Leaf Reading" with Petrene Soames.

Did you know that I come from a 300 year line of psychics and seers? That is in this lifetime at least. My family were actually descendants of welsh, gypsies, travelers and tinkers. Someone always "read the leaves". My father's grandmother was the last to practice; my father was an Astrologer and Card Reader and after thirty years of being a World Class Psychic, Paranormal Expert, Healer and Teacher, like turning a full circle, I am also "reading the leaves".

Why am I now offering this service?

Because it's fascinating, accurate, and fun. I love meeting new people, affordable for those who may not want to spend an hour. I Enjoy the communication and healing that takes place in these short readings. I am available for group bookings at the Crossroads Tea shop in the delightful area of Old Town Spring Nr Houston Tx.

Check the web site at www.CrossroadsCollection.com or call Robyn at 281 528 6550.

Originally from England, I delight in the taste and the aroma of a good cup of tea. Robyn and her excellent team keep me supplied and there is always a pot ready and an elegant clean bone china cup awaiting the next sitter.

Tea Leaf Readings in some respects is like reading cards, crystals or any number of mediums a Clairvoyant may use. Someone can practice and you - the sitter - may be pleased, even surprised. But when a real psychic using genuine ability reads anything, then you are sure to be amazed.

During a group booking, perhaps a baby shower, a birthday party, a family get together or any other happy occasion, each sitter will be able to have a ten minute reading. Or if the group is smaller, it lasts longer. We look at career, relationships, finance, health, and love. People you know, people you don't know. A Tea Leaf Reading generally is focused on now and the next twelve months.

The way that the leaves fall and the patterns that are formed after you have drained a small cup of tea are read, and will be explained to you if you so wish. For example, there are specific signs, a purse represents money, a rabbit a carefree relaxed personality, a cobweb is a sign that you are being protected by others! So many possibilities... Nothing "scary ever" because looking into the future - when done professionally - can only be a good thing. Forewarned as they say is forearmed, and the future is not written in stone. We each really do have the choice to change our lives moment by moment.

So whether you are looking for positive fun, or more serious answers with life's decisions, a Tea Reading will undoubtedly give you a lift, and brighten your day.

Group readings: Fee $200 per hr [2 hr minimum booking]. At Crossroads Tea Shop - Old Town Spring - 281-528-6550.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to ps@petrene.com or call (281) 363-9983.

For your Own Group Psychic Readings at your location... Call Petrene at 281 363 9983 [Min group 6 people]. Call for fees and further information.

Individual and couple sessions are always available at Petrene's Woodlands location... $165.00 an hr or $100.00 half/hr session.

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