Psychic Reading

What is a Psychic Reading?

Would you like to know more about yourself? Would you like to know your future? Would you like to know about the future of a relationship you are in or considering? The Future of your work and professional options?

A Psychic Reading can be many things… It can be all of the above and much much more…

A Psychic Reading with Petrene Soames begins with an accurate summing up and pinpointing of where you are in your life at the present time and what is going on with and around you.

Petrene will tune into what she calls your “individual lifeline vibration” and can then travel backwards or forwards on this line, in time… In doing so, Petrene will see and receive information. She will know what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. She looks at what is holding you back, blocking you or stopping you from being successful, happy, rewarded and fulfilled. She pinpoints negative patterns in your life, telling you where, when and why they started. She shows you how to clear the past, so that you can go forward and have the reality that you dream of.

Petrene looks at as many areas as are relevant and necessary to you. Some of these can include: career, love, sex, relationships, spirituality, health, finance, business, etc. You can ask all the questions you need. Petrene then points out your paths and options. She can look at any path that you are considering and tell you how it will turn out and be correct.

Petrene can tune into people that you know or don’t know just through their name, the sound of their voice or a photograph of them. This works not only with individuals but also with Corporations, places, national events, etc.

Petrene also looks at your health from your aura and makes recommendations when necessary. She’ll tell you how your mind works by tuning into your psyche. She will tell you the positives and negatives of your character and how to turn both to your advantage.

Petrene can also tune in to your past and future lives, but generally recommends a Regression or a Progression session as she wants you to experience the past and future for yourself.

Petrene also communicates with those who have passed on. This may be touched on during your reading. However a separate Mediumship Session is recommended if this is what you desire or need.

Psychic Reading Sessions are generally a half hour or an hour, although longer sessions may be scheduled.

Why do a Psychic Reading with Petrene Soames?

Petrene Soames has been giving Psychic Readings for over 40 years and is a top Professional Psychic. She is someone you can trust and you will feel and know that she cares. Petrene is also an accomplished author, healer and teacher and is on an extremely high vibration so you can be sure that all the information she will be gathering for you will be at the highest possible level.

Petrene is not to be confused with the many Psychic Readers who read cards, crystal balls, or use other mediums. Petrene only needs a vibration to tune into a person or situation and this can be obtained via a photograph, full name or simply a voice and you don’t actually need to be present for an accurate reading. Petrene does Psychic Readings with people from all over the world over the phone or via Skype or in person at her colorful, beautiful The Woodlands, TX, home.

The information you receive in a reading will be very accurate and specific. A session with Petrene is all about learning and communication. Can you imagine having all of your deepest questions fully answered and in a way that you can truly understand? Healing will most certainly take place during the session.

“There is a positive perspective to every negative reality” says Petrene and during a Psychic Reading everything surrounding you and about you will be put into perspective. Each session will be unique and individual as indeed you are.