What happens during a Pet Psychic session?

Pets communicate just like people. Although they may not speak English, they can certainly communicate with us “humans”. A Pet Psychic session is when I communicate with your pet for you in order to help you, them and your relationship… Typically they tell me if they are happy or unhappy… They tell me about the things that they love and the things that they don’t…. Sometimes their owners are thinking that the pet is behaving badly… they are simply not understanding that the pet is just trying to tell them what’s wrong… I can help find solutions to these problems…

In a Pet Psychic session I also look at the health of the animal and make recommendations. I look to see if the current diet suits the animal and what could be better… I have over the years had much success in finding problems that owners have later told me the vet did confirm, saving them both time and money and avoiding any unnecessary pain and hardship for all…

I have also had great success helping people locate their pet if it is lost and communicating with it so that it finds it’s way home as soon as is possible…

What is needed for a Pet Psychic session?

The only thing needed for me to tune into an animal in a Pet Psychic session is for you to send me a photograph ( preferably within the last 12 months ) of your beloved pet. Sometimes clients ask me to look at multiple pets in one session. In person house visits with me here in The Woodlands or at your home are also possible, please contact me so we can arrange this.

Please also note that I use ESP ( Extra Sensory Perception ) to communicate with pets but also with those who have passed on – this is called Mediumship session – and can communicate in exactly the same way with other people and beings such as animals, pets, babies and any entities in this dimension and more… Also, people with Alzheimer’s, people who are in a coma, who are dying, who are different or any other situation where a person cannot speak in the usual way… Many of us may wish that we could talk to our loved ones but do not know how. I can communicate with them for you and can also give advice, tips and even training if you wish, on how you can develop this ability for yourself.

Pet Psychic Sessions are generally a half hour to an hour long, although longer sessions may be scheduled.

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