What is a Medium?

Being a Medium means to be able to communicate with people who have passed on, those people who we call “dead”. This can happen because in actual fact, there is no such thing as death. Life most certainly does go on. The people that have been left behind however, are often blinded to this realization because of their grief and their pain. A Mediumship Session will help with all of that.

The way I try to explain simply mediumship to people is that it’s a little bit like a radio station; we are on one particular channel, and “dead” people are on another. It’s only a matter of adjusting the channels.

“In a session I generally tune into one or two specific people who have passed on. Once I get in touch with them, I encourage them to pass on messages to their loved one, to give some kind of proof that they are there, that they exist, and what’s happening with them. The person who has passed on often gives personal messages about the clients’ life. As you can imagine this bring an enormous amount of comfort. .”

Petrene likes to use a photograph, a piece of hand writing, or something that belonged to the person who passed on to establish an initial link. Petrene is not a Trance Medium. She chooses to and does communicate consciously.

“Communication is generally telepathic. Often the person comes into the room; I then describe how I see them, what they are wearing, any particular habit that they are displaying. Sometimes they bring pictures to my mind so I can understand, occasionally I hear them clairaudiently, as clearly as I hear someone talking next to me in the everyday.”

Demystifying the life/death barrier

We are all too familiar with the terror and anguish associated with the subject of death by Hollywood productions. The printing industry has exploited the same views forever. The morbid, horrifying stories of the so-called “dead”, campfire favorites, have been with us for so long it’s hard to remember when it all started.

I have been personally communicating with “dead” persons for many years, and let me tell you, they rarely – if ever – take the form of white, transparent, shadowy figures as depicted in movies. They do not have white pale skin or dark sockets for eyes. In fact, they appear generally quite solid and whole. Very few have mastered abilities such as moving objects on a physical plane and I have yet to meet one who wanted to frighten the life out of anyone. Usually they are dressed in everyday clothes, sometimes they appear as light or surrounded by light. They can change how they look, showing us them as they were when they died, and any illnesses and pain they had at the end. Occasionally I feel their mind and watch how it works, seeing life through their eyes, being in their reality. If they were heavily medicated when they died, I experience that too. Can I touch them? There is an unspoken understanding between us that I won’t. Sometimes they touch me or others present with me during a session, their loved ones. Their touch can be as solid and as real as a normal touch between physical people, between you and I. People who have passed on can have a physical manifestation to varying degrees, so that they do appear and feel solid. This usually takes practice for both the medium and the one who has passed on. It is described as physical mediumship and is not as popular as it was during the eighteenth century in the Western world. Do they move around? Yes! In one session they may look younger than when they passed on, they may appear as a child, and in different varying stages of their lives, whatever is relevant and helpful to the session, so that I can pass on the information to their families and friends. They often display particular mannerisms and characteristics, for example, pacing up and down the room, speaking in an excited way, a certain expression, small things which help their loved ones recognize them. Often they use verbal expressions that are uncommon to others but identify them to the client.

The fear of death is a reflection of our own fear of living. The line that separates us is a concept that we all agree with. It is as real as any other concept that we, “living” humans, decided to use to organize our own life, our own reality. But death is not an absolute.

I enjoy mediumship because it’s a very powerful tool to help the living have a greater understanding of both life and death, to see and know that there is no separation. It brings enormous comfort to those who are often going through a period of great grief. Some of the most usual questions I am asked by loved ones are: Is the “dead” person happy? What is it like where they are? What are they doing? The answers are varied, of what each so called “dead” person is experiencing, doing and being in different ways, just as those who are so called “alive”. During a session of mediumship, the relative or friends are generally with me in person, although I can also offer the session over the telephone. The relative or friends usually bring something that belonged to the “dead” person and perhaps also a photograph. The object might be a watch, a ring, a piece of favorite clothing that was worn or personal in some way. This makes it easy for me to establish a link. When I engage in this session via telephone the clients mail me a photo or even e-mail me a copy first. This works fine too. If there is no photograph or personal item, I can still usually establish a link and communication from the “dead” person’s name.

When I link with the “dead” person, I start by describing how I see him or her, and then I ask them what they wish to say. The person then usually goes on to give lots of bits and pieces of information, perhaps the nickname they were called, the circumstances of their passing, the first gift a husband gave to his living wife and so on. Many times there are tears of joy and relief as the client realizes without a doubt that a connection has been made and that their love one is well and happy, or simply at peace. Often the client may ask what it is like where the loved one is. I telepathically ask this question and receive impressions, or simply descriptions of what reality is now for them. Each description is unique, as in life, so in death. No two people experience it exactly the same. The “dead” person may well have things to communicate about how his or her affairs have been handled, personal messages for family members, friends and acquaintances. Some clients bring a list of questions, I relay the questions and then repeat the answers that I receive telepathically. During the session, I also like to suggest how the relatives and friends can be more in touch with the “dead” person by themselves, how to move on from concepts and barriers.

Clients are almost always pleased and relieved after the session, many find a degree of comfort they might otherwise not have had and are able to move on with their own lives. I have had sessions with people who were initially skeptical but have gone away amazed and with much more open minds.

It is extremely rare for me not to be able to connect in this way, but if it happens I will be totally honest with my client and not waste their time or mine. Sometimes I am asked how long should one wait before trying to connect with a loved one. Different mediums have different opinions. For myself, I say there is no fixed rule. I have communicated with those who have passed on in as little time as a few days. So it depends on the individual situation.

Mediumship is an ability, which I have developed so I am open to that vibration. I do not see “dead” people constantly everywhere that I go because I choose not to. It’s like a switch that you can turn on and off. Developing this ability took some time and there are simple methods to use to do so. Again it will be different for each person. I am not personally – as you can see after visiting my web site at – open to low level vibrations, I work with the highest possible intent so I do not come across awful “dead” people or horrifying dramas. This is a personal choice. We can all make that choice.

I would very much like to see the boundaries between “dead” and alive more understood, more openly discussed and less sensationally exploited in negative ways. Until this happens, there is little chance that the everyday person will receive a positive understanding on how mediumship works and how the ability to communicate with those who have passed on is something that we all have the potential to do. As far as the age-old questions go: “Is it wrong?” “Should we leave the dead in peace?” Speaking from my own experience, I have not yet had a situation where the “dead” person did not want to communicate. Simply we should ask ourselves how can it be wrong to be involved in a process which brings much comfort, love and joy and further understanding to both the “living” and the “dead”.

Petrene Soames

If you have any questions about mediumship, or wish to schedule an appointment, I would suggest you call me directly at 281-363-9983 or send me an e-mail at