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Love & Relationships…



What is Paranormal?

What is very normal to me might be quite unusual for you and vice versa. Paranormal could then be just a matter of perspective... There are certain subjects that we think of as being part of the Paranormal. Ghosts, levitation, telekinesis, clairvoyance, to name but a...

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Meeting of the Minds, part 2: Sha-Na-Ra

My meeting with Max and Sha-Na-Ra, the ancient crystal skulls, in Sedona on March 1st, 1998 was particularly interesting. It was like having an exquisite meal, but being left a little hungry. The hunger, I realized, would be my own future motivation to bring change. I...

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Top Tips



A Choice to Heal

Time and time again we have observed the body’s own healing mechanisms. When we cut ourselves or suffer insect bites, our body heals with little or no outside help. There are many stories of people who have recovered from "incurable" diseases and against all odds....

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Food & Diet

The Myth of Good and Bad Food

We hear constantly about good and bad foods. We’ve become obsessed with reading food labels. If you ever hear a professional nutritionist speak, you might well come to the conclusion that there is little left on the planet that is safe or good to eat. It is easy to...

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