Cleaning up forever…

Today while working with a client using “Regression therapy” something, a tool in fact that I personally developed and have used in sessions for many years I came to realize that we were not working simply with past time, but actually were cleaning up forever, Isnt it interesting that as a child when you thought about “forever” it seemed so stable, and so far “forever” was like a dream you could live in and explore, never come to the end off and feel satisfied with’Now we are grown and older and know about psychics we have the internet and so many other ways even if they are simply concepts, casting aside the old bringing in the new, so many ways to travel through time and space with realization. Some of us may these days be aware that yes just as the ancient “Hopi” Indians had said “the swiftest thing to fly is the mind” yes truly the mind does travel way faster than the speed of light and of sound .Experiencing this, then yes, ” forever begins to be much smaller,like a garden to play in and enjoy rather than the great unknown of our innocent childhood, I noticed while cleaning up Forever today, that it truly is not only possible for people to have real happiness and joy in this life, but actually rather easy..

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