The common Cold

No one likes getting a cold many avoid getting a cold but when you do get a cold what is it “really” about and what can you do?

In my knowledge, knowing and reality colds are there because our minds and bodies are temporarily out of balance and going at such different speeds and need to come back into a workable positive balance again.
We need to take a few days then to relax, rest ,take care of ourselves and allow the cold to run its natural course.Many people say this will take three days for others it could take seven or anything in between.Remedies range from cold chicken livers placed on your back in ancient Haiti folklore to high doses of vitamin c and even eating whole or roasted garlic.
Of course there are many many pharmacutical products and each person if they use products, will swear the best results from one rather than another.
A lot of breakthroughs can happen when you are going through the process of a cold, realizations happen more commitments to yourself may be made. Deep emotional “stuff” childhood “stuff” can surface and be released and moved through.,There is the sleep, rest, dreams and even hallucinating while feverish those magical moments when the walls of reality break down, its all good, who could have thought that the common cold left to its own devices could bring such richness and awareness,it is so try putting products aside take time instead simply make a point to rest relax settle down, pamper yourself and go with the flow.

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