Years ending 2014… Happy New year 2015!

Yes and here we are in December 2014. Almost everyone I speak to these days simply cannot believe that this year is almost at an end. It seems that young people, middle aged and the seniors, people  right across the board, are in agreement that this year has flown by almost like no other.

During 2014  I have watched as people laughed, people cried and those who took wings and started to fl. One thing, everywhere I saw and I know for sure, that there are no mistakes and the complexity and perfection in each moment, event drama, celebration and triumph, has been filled with promise richness opportunity and an even greater, almost more than ever before, there has truly been the opportunity for expanded awareness, the key to all things, and understanding for one and all. Wow! What a truly  wonderful year this has been.

Here in the United States, it is traditional to put up Christmas trees and decorations after The Thanksgiving Holiday – last Thursday in November. This year was different at least in my area. I saw Christmas trees and decorations going up early even a week earlier than usual. It feels as though hearts and minds have been open and lifted, that people want to continue with good spirit and festive cheer. That’s a great thing! How about living  life as if it were “Christmas Day” every day… May sound funny but I believe that this time will come; it’s getting closer, when every day is a celebration for all.

For now  I love what I am seeing. It seems that more people than ever before are considering and even actually going beyond previous ingrained belief systems, and opening to infinite possibilities  and potentials despite any personal or global crisis and hardship. Many more – it seems – are now at last living with uncertainty, beyond the previous reactions of anger and fear, finding greatness in life and in moments in all ways and in all things this is inspiring indeed.

As I look at the year ahead – 2015 – , I see more of the same more opportunities for even greater awareness and connectedness outpouring of love and demand for compassion, even in the most unlikely places.

Nothing truly is ever only as it seems but always so much greater, richer and more. Perfection remains perfect in its seeming array of imperfections both life and death even with the little we know about either continue to evolve and offer us all a richness and a majesty that we only now begin to grasp. What incredibly exciting times we are in!

As 2014 draws to a close I want to say with a full and happy heart: Long live life, long live love, and each and every moment in between. May the true wonder of “being” be enjoyed by all…

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