Hunter’s story…. A rescue…

Hunter was owned by a back yard breeder, the female and her puppies lived in the cool and warmth and comfort of the owners hose Hunter lived outside in the Cold or the heat year in and year out.There was no shelter evident and as you can see from the photos of when he was rescued, he was a huge mess his fur was so matted and so overgrown that it had formed a shield around his body the great news is that this if anything saved him from maggots and the worse kinds of infestations that an uncared for dog that lived outside for any length of time would be prone too.

Hunter when I found him had a pile of food in a dirty bowl but no water just a quarter of an inch of mud in a dirty old plastic bowl. I don’t know how long he had been without water or how long he would have survived but when I saw this I knew I had to act. The local rescues and animal control said they would not be able to remove him just go around and talk to the owners this was a shock in itself, I had heard that the puppies this year had been hard to sell and not fetched so much money as in previous years so the owner had already told a friend she was going to” get rid of that dog” I was alarmed at what that might mean.

So with help I asked for him and secured his release.. phew….It was an amazing day..Its been some weeks now he has been vetted got all his shots been fixed been groomed is socialized gets along with other dogs especially small ones fine with some cats if they stand there ground, amazing with children but of course small children need to be taught to be respectful and careful.

Hunter is lively and happy and a joy he adores love and loves right back he is good on the leash and enjoys car rides.

He is nearly ready for his new forever home.Hunter sleeps on my bed he would be happy in his own bed not a crate, he is learning to use the dog door and is house trained. He likes company so needs a home where there is someone at home most of the day.

Someone is going to be a lucky person as Hunter brings a lot of love and a lot of joy.. If you are interested and feel you are ready to open you heart and home to this very special boy please call or e-mail Petrene at 281 363 9983

Also, check out my Facebook page “Petrene’s Pet Rescue“.


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