Ten Top Tips for a Happy New Year

  1. Discover what makes you feel good, happy, positive and hopeful, then make time and take time to include a regular dose of those things in your life.
  2. Look for something good and positive in everything that happens to you, and around you, even if it takes a moment or more to find it, you will find it, because for a fact it is always there.
  3. Have dreams big or small, find a passion, become engaged in life, it’s yours to LIVE not just to get through.
  4. Believe in yourself and love yourself, if you don’t know how, accept help and start learning now.
  5. Make and take time for rest and relaxation, it’s not a luxury but a necessity.
  6. If you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything, you simply don’t yet have all the information that you need to move forward.
  7. Refuse to be a slave to time, instead make a point of feeling and knowing what time is, and how in charge you actually are moment by moment.
  8. Say NO to abuse of any kind.
  9. Tragedies, disasters and dramas are still a part of life, grieve, learn, live through them, go with the flow and ask for help so that you can move on even if you become stuck.
  10. Be KIND to animal, children, older people, friends, family, strangers and of course yourself… Choose to live with kindness and with love.
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