Happy New Year 2012

Happy new year 2012!

 A very happy new year to everyone… and welcome to 2012!

We made it! 2011 was a tough year for many people. 2012 really is going to be different. It’s different already. Did you stay in New Years Eve and you do not normally do that? Did you go out for a change when you have not done so for years? What you think and what you feel is often exactly what you get, so we all need to choose wisely and choose well in 2012.

That does not mean that you should be afraid of your thoughts but every now and again tune in to “you”. For example, take a pen and paper and write down for 24hrs any and every poor, negative, or self depreciating thought that you have. See where the issues are, and make a mental note to love and care for you more, for life more, and to think in the highest and brightest ways. This change in your thinking then feeling will make an enormous difference to what actually happens in your life.

2012 for some may look quite bleak already. Perhaps you have lost a job, a house, a loved one. It’s the same though if you are facing big problems,small problems,or no problems. The future for individuals and worldwide IS turning a corner even as I write, and 2012 IS going to be lighter and brighter for us all.

We need each one us to be open to change, to expect positive change and also to be patient with ourselves life and others if that positive change does not seem to come right away. Getting away from, and above, the “everyday” is important. We all need to make time to do that. If you are siting down, things may not look bright shiny and hopeful but once you stand up and move around a little, perspective and reality can change totally. Try that…

The world will not end in 2012, things are not going to get worse and worse, we are many of us, “surviving” now we need to take all that we learned last year, especially about what’s truly important in our lives, and start “living”, “enjoying life” no matter what! Choose this year to live and to live well each moment of the epic adventure we each find ourselves in.

Keep these words and look back at the end of 2012. If you followed and practice with them, you will find that indeed it has been quite a wonderful year.

Once again a very very happy positive and awe inspiring 2012….

Now is the time if you don’t have them to order a pack of the “Positive Thought Cards”. Better still, order packs also for family and friends. Everyone can use more and more positive thoughts…

Lots and lots of love…

Petrene Soames – 1st January 2012…

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