Flowers… Invitation to remember…


Just the other day a new client of mine, asked if it was appropiate to bring flowers to our next session.I smiled broadly and said “yes please”,you see flowers are the one thing that I accept very easily and can not have too many off, in fact it would be ideal for me to be surrounded by them at all times.

Once when I lived in India I laid in a room filled with flowers and slept on a bed of Mimosa it was wonderful, you may wonder why?What is it for me that is so very wonderful about flowers?

I am writing now because I thought about how my story might  bring a smile or an upbeat moment to someone out there reading my blog,we all need those moments, and I am happy to contribute, and also it feels good for  me to remember and share so here goes..

I remembered first the garden, the colors and the smells, so many colors so much beauty and the warm sunshine that seemed to go on forever and always be there.

Right then I was so happy so content everything was so very bright and shiny and perfect,and yet somehow I became aware that I was perceiving all of my surroundings at an angle, it took a moment to realize that my head was bent,I was a Petunia, a beautiful open flower.I am not sure what had happened but it felt as if only very recentley my stalk had been weakened so that my head must remain bent in this way.It did not seem to cause me any problem or take away from the beauty, the color, the sunshine and the joy of the garden and being there in it as a part of it all.

I could see” him”

A man, he wore slippers and baggy comfortable pant  bottoms his feet were up resting on a small table in front of him, he was almost bald late forties with a pair of glasses perched on the end of his nose.He gazed intently at the newspaper that he was holding and was reading.

He seemed completely unaware of my existence or of anything else,except what he was doing, just a man relaxed in his garden a very beautiful garden in the warmth of a sunny day.The moment appeared  to last forever without begining or end.

Just then a large and  beautiful but rather noisy butterfly flapped her wings right under his very nose, he looked right at her he seemed transfixed, as he gathered himself she lifted and flew and……

“came to land right next to me”.

He stood up rather quickly then leaned forward and examined my bent head, without a thought or a word, between finger and thumb he reached and plucked off my head removing it and dropped it to the hard concrete floor..


What and where do you remember being??????




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