An Eye for an Eye?

Today is May the 2nd 2011. Everywhere I look and listen, the talk seems to be about the killing and death of “Bin Laden”.

People are rejoicing in the streets. Although of course this is understandable, given what we have heard that he did and all we have been told he stood for, yet it reminds me of ancient times, of barbaric times. Are things today really so very much different in our so called “civilized world”?

No doubt people will stand up and say with one voice “of course”! This is different! That he and other terrorists threaten the very peace and civilization and democracy that we strive for.

I feel that Mahatma Gandhi made a really good point when he said those famous words along the lines of “An eye for an eye and the whole world ends up blind” . So while we rejoice for Bin Laden’s death, I wish we might each pause for a moment and look at where we really are, which actually might appear still a long way from where we would like to be. “Imagine” – as John Lennon said – getting along together no matter what race, color, belief or way we might be.

Cats and dogs can live together and be the very best of friends. I am sure everyone has seen the videos where man has made friends with lions and tigers and been accepted as one of their own. Cute pictures of animal predators and baby kittens or chimps or puppies. Whatever it may be, “love” can and does transcend everything. Love simply means an open heart, maybe followed by an open mind and who knows what we as a human race can overcome.

For now, are we fighting with our mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, even the people who live next door?
As all of this continues, anger and frustration continues, hurts and wounds are left unhealed often because of a lack of support and understanding from our selves and others, our world remains as it is today “rejoicing in the street for the death of another” no matter who that other may be.

I am not for one moment making light of 9/11 of all the people who died and were injured. It was terrible as are all terrorist acts killing and wars the world over are terrible. I see no victory, only the knowing we have not got it right yet.

I only wish that anyone reading this might take a moment, and think about who we are each fighting with, who we each feel vengfull about? And ask ourselves: do we really want to keep in our world this continuation?

For it is true that how we each live in our daily lives, that picture is magnified in the outside world, the one we are all a part off. Yet we can each do something no matter how small it may seem to heal ourselves from pain and hurt and replace anger and hate with understanding and awareness. Perhaps it is what we are all here for; it is the greatest job that we can do and the best we can give our children, our families and future generations.

Trust me, I am not taking the high road here. I am also not talking in a spiritual way or a religious way. I am simply speaking from my heart and writing what to me is so obvious and makes sense. For now I feel sad for us all, yet also always hopeful and steadfast in my “knowing” that the day will come when we each live in peace with ourselves and others.

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