Staying balanced – getting the best and the most from the year

First my very best wishes to all readers and many positive thoughts and wishes for you in 1998. It is going to be a great year, often you may feel that you hardly know what to expect or what is going to happen next! So the first thing to remember is to stay calm, all is and will be well.

When I make predictions for the New Year, I use the Progression technique and take myself forward to the end of that year and then look around and see what has been happening. One of the first things that I was very aware of in 1998 was the speed of everything; time seemed to be going ten times faster than it has been in 1997. This was most exciting as I saw that we could all move forward a lot faster. After making the predictions I learnt that there is actually a scientific explanation for this and it is all to do with a slight shift in poles. The great Psychic Edgar Cayce said that 1998 would mark the end of a forty-year period of time and that we would be then in a more enlightened age. This is great news! I personally feel that the New Age has been with us always, it is just a matter of perception. But nevertheless we are now arriving at a time where many people are coming to consciousness.

One of the most wonderful things that I see, feel and predict, is the fact that more and more people are realizing that you can create your own reality and destiny. Staying in balance in what might feel like crazy times is going to be up to you. Others and myself can advice but you – the individual – are the one who will do or not do what it takes for you. So you are going to need to be responsible for yourself. Often staying in balance is learning not to do and for many people this is no easy thing, but at the very least take ten minutes three times a week and sit down and do nothing. This means letting thoughts come and go, do not try to clear your mind. Another positive way to stay in balance is by clearing out all that builds up on a daily and weekly basis. Again a simple thought at the end of each day such as “I am letting go of everything that I no longer need” can be enough to stop things building up and getting blocked. Take time for you on all levels: spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Make sure that your needs are met even if not right away. This is not something bad, it is a part of us to be selfish, it is a need we have and is good for us. If you do not love and care for you completely, no one else will. If you treat yourself in a positive way, you will find others much more likely to do the same.

I have talked before about time not being real. The more we realize that this is true, the more we may be inclined to take time. You can start with not wearing a watch, keep it with you if you feel the need but don’t wear it and begin then to get in touch with your own time. You will then find – especially now more than ever – that you are living consciously rather than being swept along by all and every outside influence. And talking about influences, have you realized yet that you are all of the star signs and do not have to be governed by any one of them? This may just take a short while to observe you and your characteristics, personality and traits, but always remember none of this is the sum total of who you are. So reading your daily horoscope can be a lot more fun when you decide to go for the one that offers the most to you. On dull and dreary days, remember it will not last, the weather will change, so do not allow it to affect you so much. Wear some bright colors if you see none around you! Remember those long sunny warm days and take yourself there for a while with your mind.

Probably the best thing to keep in mind is that things are not really real however much they appear to be, and that for every negative situation there is always also a positive outlook and solution. So focus on the positive when you grow tired of the negative. Remember also that you really do have all the answers to all of your questions. Some answers just take a little longer than others to reach but they are there.

1998 aim for the highest! Believe anything is possible and it will be! Expect the best and it will come. If it does not and you feel you are not getting what you want, need and deserve, then look again. There is a part of you that does know exactly what it is doing and where you are going, and everything is perfect . You will at times amaze yourself with just how amazing you are. So it is time to have a wonderful year, come out of the shadows, start to talk, talk to everyone, even those you don’t know, because there really is not anyone you do not know, only aspects of yourself that you have not yet connected with.

January 1998

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