A Meeting of Minds

Austin, Texas – May 1996

Max is an ancient crystal skull. It has been tested at the British museum and it was stated that the carving on the teeth was done with an ancient wheel that dates thousands of years BC, which includes Sumerian and Ancient Egypt. This was known as the Mesopotamia period where it is believed that the first civilization began. Max is carved from one solid piece of clear quartz crystal, weights 18 pounds, and is an exact replica of a human skull. There are no more than thirteen skulls known around the world at this time. They have been found in Mayan temples, the pyramid of Egypt, and ancient tombs around the world.

The Native Americans believe that the skull goes back to over 36,000 years. Max is owned privately by a couple in Houston, TX, USA. It is the only ancient skull available to the public, the rest are in museums or in private collections. The BBC have made a documentary on the crystal skulls – Max being the main feature – shown in the UK in late May 96, and in the US in September 96 on A&E.

Max was found in an ancient tomb in Guatemala, and handed to a learned Tibetan monk, a red hat, one from the highest order. He used Max as a healing tool and focus in sacred ceremonies for some years. He passed on the skull before he died to its present owner, Jo Ann Parks, in Houston, saying one day she would understand and know what Max was for. She kept the skull in a box in her closet for several years not knowing what she had. Eventually she saw a program on television about another skull and finally met the world’s leading authority on crystal skulls.

An account of Petrene’s meeting with Max and the telepathic communication which Petrene received follows. “It was very clear and very simple,” Petrene said. “I received a great deal of information between the words which I relayed to the public during the session. It took many sessions with a tape recorder to allow the complete information and experience to unfold.” The full recording of the session is available here.

Transcript of the meeting in Austin, May 11th, 1996

The skull was sitting on a low table, facing the group and surrounded by three small candles. Petrene stood in front of Max and took few deep breathes from the bottom of her stomach, then held the skull in her hands and placed her forehead on Max’s. She took a few more deep breathes. Her respiration decreased rapidly to a very slow breathing. Then she starting to talk. Her body was vibrating higher and higher. After few minutes she started to shake as being if connected to thousands and thousands of volts. Her state was one of a conscious trance…

  • The energy that’s coming out of him is unbelievable. If you could imagine something like a tree with branches, with roots, the energy is going right across the floor of the whole room, it’s hitting the wall on the other side and then it’s coming back. If you open up your mind and open up your heart center now, you should get a feeling of that. It’s absolutely amazing, the whole room is charging with energy. I don’t know if you can see any of it from where you are sitting, but the skull and all around my body is flashing, it’s lighting up in purples and gold, it’s an amazing feeling. Just open your minds, open your hearts and just try now tuning into that energy, just let yourself completely relax. [PAUSE: 30 seconds] .
  • One of things that Max keeps on repeating is this: I am alive, I am alive, and YOU are alive too. And he is really, really telling me that it’s not going to be that long before everybody realizes exactly what that means. [PAUSE 20 seconds]
  • Now we are going into another place. This other place is a vast, huge empty space, the nothing filled with everything. There’s lots and lots of black, and there’s purple, and there’s a mist. This is a totally different universe, completely outside of our galaxy, another dimension, things are slowly moving, things are slowly being formed. It’s like a whole new universe that’s being formed. This is very, very far away from this planet, and yet it’s not far at all. It’s not even seconds from your mind. Just see if you can feel that place, and feel that space./li>
  • And the energy that’s coming from that place is also coming into the room, it’s coming into the earth, so our vibration becomes higher and higher. This is not just in this room at this time, this is in the future and this is what is going on now, this is what is happening right here. And it’s there for you to tune into that energy, bring that energy into your life. It’s time for you to be who you are and to use the abilities that you have. And it’s time most of all to stop blaming yourself and forgive yourself. The energy is there, and it’s waiting for you now to use. [PAUSE 25 seconds]
  • Finally we are talking now about the mind. Max is saying to all of you here: watch my mind. And as Jo Ann said, Max is beautiful, but Max is a focus, Max is me, Max is you, Max is all of us, everything that has been, everything that will be. Watch your mind, it’s time for you to be aware of your mind, what your mind is really all about, how connected it is to this earth, to this planet, to other planets, other universes. It is time to go into that mind, discover, unlock those doors of your mind. Do it for yourself. The most important things of all is: this is not difficult to do, this is just you just letting go, just letting things be. [PAUSE 10 seconds]. Finally just to say. It is time. Now is the time. [PAUSE 30 seconds]
  • Before we leave here, if you would all of you right now just close your eyes, and just let yourself go completely, just being in that space above the top of your head, and just let yourself go higher and higher and higher. Just go into the darkness and the purple and the black, and just see the everything that is there, and know that this is what you can use, this is material that you can create with, this is also where you can find your own inner self, where you can find your higher purpose. Everyone just for a moment, just go into that space above the top of your head, close your eyes, and let to, let go completely. And for just one going second open your heart, just be, just be you totally, completely, and absolutely you. [PAUSE 50 seconds] .
  • Maybe, maybe the shocking thing, the most shocking thing about all of this is: how Max is showing this thing to me, how it’s going to be, all those things that you imagine in the future, all those things that have been written, and is said, it’s almost like we are creating another reality. At the same time it doesn’t have to be, it doesn’t have to be like that, it doesn’t have to exist, and it’s up to every single one of you in this room to create your own positive reality, and change the course of future events. The earthquakes, the disasters, the people dying, the people ascending, the people staying here, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. It’s a story, in exactly the same way as this is a story, the reality that we imagine, that we are all sitting here and being part of right now. But this really is your movie, you really can change everything, the future, the future events are up to you. How do you want it to be?
  • And I’d like to say thank you, thank you to Max for giving me this opportunity to tune in, thank you for all the energy in the room this evening, thank you for all being here and joining us with this amazing experience, thank you to Jo Ann, the caretaker of Max, thank you all once again for this amazing evening.

Petrene Soames’ comments

“I think Max is quite simply a focal point, a bank of information. I don’t believe for a moment that anybody was communicating through Max. Crystals are great conductors of energy. The fact that Max is 36,000 years old and I am a good Psychic allows me to go back over those 36,000 years. Yes, Max has obviously gathered impressions. On the other hand, it’s the same with everything. You have your favorite necklace that has been given to you by somebody special, you wear it all the time. It also gathered impressions. So we are speaking here of psychometry. This is what I first received when I touch the skull. Max can be real, and can have an identity. Max is you and me. Max represents and mirrors mankind.”

“A line of communication was open up by myself between me and the skull when I first encountered Max in Houston two weeks before the Austin event. I was very much aware of this, I had a deep emotional feeling of love after meeting Max, I was deeply aware that this was actually me loving myself.”

“The experience of communication with Max was one of being myself to a greater degree than ever before. It was so long ago and so far away, this made it some how so special. The crystal was certainly a way for me to go into that direction, a door which I did open in my own psyche. It was something I already had; if I hadn’t used the crystal as a focus, possibly I wouldn’t have opened that particular doorway in that particular way. The communication that came through in words was simple, very simple in fact: “You are alive”, “be who you are”, “know and use your mind”, “you can create your own reality more than ever before”.

Going through doorways

“The doorway is special and unique as it puts everything into perspective, including mankind’s wildest imagination, hopes and dreams. It is all about realities and the creating of them. Even the farthest ones out are also only created by ourselves.”

“The creating process is also only a process, and a very small part of what we do. Doing and being which have assumed a create deal of importance in our society and understanding are only two very small parts of the picture. The meeting with Max wasn’t a step forward or backward for me, it was a ‘by the way’ thing, it brought me to a place where I have been forever and gave me a fresh and new awareness of it. It was also a devastating and lonely place. It was like a tree with branches that was one awareness, the branches were abilities in the psyche and the mind, and the awareness of having easy access to them. This was very much a reflection of the session; one specific communication was ‘know your mind, and know your mind well’.

“I then proceeded to go through many doorways, and followed many lines, each representing a different part of the psyche and mind. Most were known to me, some I encountered and perceived with more clarity and depth than before.”

“As a Top Psychic I would expect to be able to have a greater understanding and awareness of this experience than one who has not investigated so many doorways. During the week that followed, two more abilities opened up to me, I was able to recall a great many visions from the meeting, too many to mention here. But the main point was that it is time to get to know and use our mind and our uniqueness, and to recreate with the mass of material available, to know that the end of the world, the shift in consciousness, spaceships, ET landings, etc., this may well all come into being. But it is not ‘it’. It is only because we have made it so, created by ourselves.”

Final comments

  • Can you imagine that you are staring in your own movie. This is much more how things really are. The techniques, the therapies, the experiences, they are all out there now, they are available: past life and time regression, future time progression, digression – parallel realities and universes. The opportunity to see reality – as it really is – is there waiting for you now. It’s really just a matter of letting go of preconceived and fixed ideas and concepts. And then truly you will also see that you can make anything possible, that indeed, anything is possible. It really is time to start now to use that wonderful part of you called imagination. And finally to be all that you really are.
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