Harmonic Convergence: July 25th – 27th, 1997

Published in PSYCHIC NEWS, London – March 1st, 1997 and Skysearch Issue 8 – 1997

The last harmonic Convergence was held ten years ago, on August 16-17th, 1987. It was an amazing time and event. Were you there? The planets formed a Grand Trine resulting in an interfacing of realities and dimensions. Need I say that time ceased to be relevant. The event was noted in National Newspapers worldwide. In most, just a few lines. Various scientists, physicists, and mystics commented. I remember living in England at the time, Prince Charles had been invited. People who felt drawn to participate gathered at Stone Circles and ancient sites all around the world, some tuned in from the local park, or their own backyard. The outdoor was definitely a favored position to be in. It was a universal shift of consciousness. People move forward at a greater speed in awareness from that point, some were aware, others were not, but all of humankind changed in some way. Look back, perhaps you will realize how life changed for you from that point onwards.

I learned valuable lessons from the experience. First, one needed to be as open as possible, to have no preconceived ideas about how the event will be, to be completely yourself, to follow totally what your feelings tell you. I was with a mixed group of people – North American Indians, Rock Stars, Mystics, and everyday people – at a Stone Circle in Cornwall. We were right next to the stones, the dogs suddenly started to bark, and the flames of the fire seemed to flicker more brightly than before. I was surprised to see people become nervous. A medicine woman ordered everyone to face the stones. I knew I had to keep my back to them. So I did. They came, they crawled along the ground, they floated, the atmosphere was thick with life forms, many of them, I cannot begin to even describe. The whole sky lit up with space ships, light, color, all was beyond 3D. Everything that ever was or could be was there. One communicated with it all, was it all. I had certain visitors communicate with me on all that was taking place. The group in the circle began to chant “OM”, a sound I knew was totally unnecessary. “OM” is to Earth, and the experience was not there to be earthed. I did not join them. The places I visited, the experience I gained, the knowledge I accepted was way beyond anything I would describe in this short letter. The whole convergence continued for another 48 hours, or so. The sky continued to be lit up, communication and assimilation continued. People’s lives were changed forever.

Afterwards I wondered. Does the Harmonic Convergence work that way – the interfacing of realities – because the planets are lined up in some magical way, or is it because all those great numbers of people focus at the same point of time?

This coming Convergence will be an opportunity for many people to make a giant leap in consciousness and awareness. The Shift or Ascension – as it is known – is possible for sure. I already made the shift, what remains of me is here to carry on and continue to share the knowledge that I have. Go to the place where you feel most peaceful, calm and magical. Be alone or with people you feel good with, clear yourself and be open, there is no need for any kind of fear, and when the time comes, be you.

Why are we NOT organizing an event for the Harmonic Convergence? Because it is the perfect time to REALLY be in touch with ALL that YOU ARE. Forget social events, just find a peaceful place, be with a loved one if you want, avoid crowds, clear your mind and open yourself to all that it. The Harmonic Convergence lasts for 3 days, 72 hours! It’s time for full awareness.

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