Positive Encounters

February 1997

I have been asked many times recently on radio and printed press interviews about the negative encounters people report with Aliens and ETs, where medical experiments and surgeries have been performed and other sinister experiences described.

I really had to go deep within myself to answer this question. On a personal level, all of my encounters with other life forms have been of a positive to extremely positive nature. I feel that there may well be some kind of parallel within the psyche – as far as hospital and doctors – right back to the days when primitive surgery was performed without any kind of anesthetic: the fear of having things done to you, without any control, by someone or something greater than ourselves. Looking back even just twenty years, doctors were considered nothing less than gods by the uninformed. Some today might still view them as so. I have regressed a number of people back to their negative alien encounters and abduction experiences and I have found a common link within each of them to the fear factor, existing long before the actual negative experience took place. In other words, that part of them was already open to experience the event in that particular way.

My encounters with Aliens have always been of the most positive nature, but I have always expected them to be. I would like to share with you two of my many experiences with Alien realities. One involves a “medical procedure”, the other one just happened few weeks ago.

Some years ago, in the early days of my work as a professional Psychic and Healer, I worked a lot more on a level of empathy than I do now. I used to take on the pains and imbalance of others, and suffered regularly with a nervous stomach, an obvious reaction within that area known as the seat of emotions. It was late on a Saturday night. I was living in London. My roommate was away. I was sitting up in bed reading when I felt the whole of my body go into a state of paralysis and deep sense of calm. This is often how it happens when I am visited. The room was flooded with bright light, the plants in the room also lit up and became incredibly alive and iridescent. Three beings materialized in front of me, they were clothed in some kind of shimmering metallic tight fitting garment and seemed to be both male and female at the same time. Their face was the classic almond eye type. I knew one of them, he stood a little taller than the others. I felt most conformable like with an old friend. We began to communicate telepathically and all understood everything between us. After a while they produced and showed to me three oval shape discs of different sizes, these were also luminous and of some metal unknown here. Between us we agreed on the correct size. The one in charge moved slightly forward and placed the disc on and then into my stomach. I felt a surge of energy and still perfect calm. We continued to communicate. I was given a great deal of information about future worldwide events and also of a personal nature. The meeting came to a close and they left simply fading out. I was left with a very real mark on my stomach, perhaps measuring two inches wide. I later showed the mark to my friend, it lasted for a good eight hours. I realized that the disc that I had fitted was some kind of deflector and it certainly worked as I never again had the stomach problems.

In another experience, just a few weeks ago, I received the message to simply go to the end of the road in the early evening and wait as there were travelers coming through. I was quite pleased as in past times I have often taken planes to be in the right place at the right time for these meetings. I went with a friend to the end of the road in the little cul-de-sac where I live. It was a warm evening and we took chairs. I knew we would wait around ten minutes which we did. Then we heard the dogs barking in the neighborhood and I smiled as this usually happens: animals are sensitive to the things that we don’t always see. I happened to look into the sky straight ahead and a black hole literally opened up before me, three beings came through, my partner also saw all of this although we did not speak of it until after. As the beings came through I remember my feelings of wonder and delight as I could see how far and how long they had traveled to be here. They came through with a few simple words: “We are here to join you”. They simply merged with my body and my being. Many interesting events have taken place since then with myself and others.

I know that we do all have our own answers to all of our own questions. I feel that the Alien experience and reality is a part of a much bigger picture and certainly every bit as solid as the reality that we believe ourselves to be in at this moment. I also know very clearly that the Alien experience is a part of us as we are a part of them. Our opening to this part of ourselves is yet another step on the wonderful journey to realizing all that we are and the realization that we are all that is.

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