HC2 – Interfacing with realities

August 1997

I wrote recently announcing the July 25-27, 1997 Harmonic Convergence since I wanted to make as many people as possible aware that the event was taking place. The first convergence took place ten years ago; there was at that time a grand trine of planets. I was asked in an interview by the BBC radio a few days before how I expected the convergence to be for people and what I was expecting myself. I knew it would be brilliant and powerful for all. The Harmonic Convergence is a time when realities and dimensions interface. Much is possible, including ascension – meaning to leave this reality, open up and move forward on many levels.

There was an irony involved for me for a couple of weeks before the event. I knew that I would need to be in a place during the convergence, which was flat and open unlike ten years ago when I was at sacred stones. The area in Texas where I live – The Woodlands – is covered by woods (and buildings) – and flat open space was going to be a few hours drive away, so I left the situation open to the last minute.

Nothing had really been decided about what we would be doing during the event. The day drew by. At around eight o’clock my partner and I were outside in the yard talking about nothing in particular, it was a clear and bright evening, I mentioned the words “dj vu” and the journey began.

I will try here to recount some of the brilliant experiences that I had. It was like being instantly in and of a huge energy vortex that had no beginning or end. It seemed to expand beyond forever. There was a great joy and a feeling of being back and at home, my true self all at the same moment. It was all that was and I was all that was, like a great wind. I checked how it felt and gauged it to be at least a hundred times more powerful than the last time. It and I had both grown and were so much more expansive, I knew that it was all of us, I knew that we had all grown.

Much information was absorbed about my own future and the future of planetary time and experience. There was, at one point, a great rush and my stomach – emotional center – was wide open and had a highway running straight through it. Systematically, I opened up all the other chakras -energy centers. I saw many Native American Indian symbols and became all of the elements at once.

I went around the backyard of the house and was really amazed to see that there was a big open flat space, that it had been there all of the time. I could hardly believe that I had never realized this before, a place where trees had once grown but long now empty. The most important thing that I realized was that this space had no fixed reality. I since had it dowsed and the spot stands on a ley line crossing. For me it meant that I had a place where I could go and instantly step out of reality and my own movie, indeed the world movie that we are all in. I took a chair and sat in the warm evening air. The atmosphere was heavy with crickets and all other sounds of life from the woods. As I looked around me I saw that I was surrounded by all that is in a very real and solid sense. There were people, places, scenes, centuries, anything and everything that you could think of to create from and build your own life movie. I had always felt and known about the nothing containing everything, but this time I really knew what taking things out of thin air means. There is no such thing as empty air.

I played for a while with creation, moving a few things around, drew a few things to myself. But all the while I was being distracted by two or three Mexican Indian people who were most insistent on having my attention. I had already noticed while playing that there were a lot of these people around: women, men and some children. None seemed together. I tried at first to put them behind me or to one side, but they would not comply. So I accepted their presence and the whole scene turned into a giant waiting room quite futuristic like a passing through space station of some kind. I became a giant hole, a void and all of these people just passed straight through me into another dimension. This was obviously some part of the ascension that I had already predicted. It was quite an emotional and nice wondrous feeling to have been that for so many people.

Later still I saw coming towards me witches and dragons, hermits and high priestesses, magicians, Buddhas, and many others including alien forms. They came to me and entered my being and I was once again all that is. The sky again was bright with lights, spaceships, rainbow colors and all manners of forms. It was like one huge party.

Much more happened for me during the convergence, the openings, the expansion information received was brilliant. I had been asked before the convergence what would I say to people who might be skeptical about the event. My answer was it does not matter, it will happen anyway whether they believe or not. Have you happened to notice change in your life since the convergence weekend?

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