The Alien Reality and Experience

Published in ENCOUNTERS – September 1996 – British UFO Magazine

Petrene now resides in Houston, USA, but was originally born in Reading – Berkshire, England, in 1957. Petrene explained to us that she had a great deal of vivid past life recall from around the age of five and her abilities grew from there. In her twenties she embarked on a program of extensive travel, often working with other psychics and healers. Petrene claims that using her mind and psyche is an every day part of life. She has also worked with regression for about 12 years and she now offers what she terms ‘progression therapy’, which is forward time and life experience. Instead of people living through and the dealing with the past, progression therapy deals with the future. The subject is projected into the future and experiences the ‘future time’; this is not someone else seeing it for you, but it’s you seeing and being there yourself. In one session you choose the time in which you want to be in. There are no limitations. You can see how long term plans work out and you can even go through the experience of death, leaving one life and go forward into another. The idea being that any fear of death is then transcended and removed. Petrene also offers rebirthing as a therapy. This, she says, is particularly good for removing the emotional blocks which we all carry with us through life. Petrene wrote to Encounters because she wanted to tell us of the various alien beings that she has encountered as a result of her channeling work. She is convinced that we all could meet ETs if only our minds were opened and made more susceptible to paranormal experiences.

The Alien Reality and Experience:

Aliens, UFOs, etc., exist, they always have. The question being are they from Inner or Outer space, or both? Over the years from childhood, I have had encounters, information has been channeled through me. I don’t only see the classic oval shape head almond eyed ET, but many different shapes and sizes of ET. Some I see, perceive, but could not begin to describe as they are unlike anything that you can imagine, or can relate to. But they are there. For some reason wide open space has always been a preferable place for me to encounter and communicate with these other life forms, but I have also had experiences in an apartment, in the middle of a built up city area. My experiences have always been useful and positive. I have physically seen these beings but communication has always been of a telepathic nature, I have also been healed in these situations. I must state I have understood these alien beings and them I completely. Such communication has been deeply fulfilling. In my personal experience almost all of the times I have been visited, my body goes into a state of paralysis, while my mind stays completely alert and functional, as do my emotions. I wonder: is this a matter of the vibratory pattern slowing down or speeding up? In all of the encounters, when I have been given knowledge and information, it has been like my mind – top of the head – crown chakra – being filled. I have been aware that I got “it” and it’s a process which will take time for “it” to come to the surface before I realize exactly what “it” was I got. This can surface piece by piece over days, weeks, months, even years.

I have been in communication with an alive space being who is held in the USA for a number of years. It began about 7 years ago (1989). I had a psychic development group running, I have run these groups for a number of years. I had been communicating privately with the being for about 4 years, when on impulse I decided to let others connect with and view this being themselves. The group consisted of around seven people. I first blocked my own mind to make sure that my students would experience this phenomena themselves rather than second hand from me. I then showed them like a map, certain reference points in their minds and in outer space, and led them to where the Alien was been held. Four people our of the seven described how it looked, how long it had been there, and many other details. They all interpreted the reality and picture in a slightly different way according to their individualism, but it was basically the same. Only weeks later I saw headline in an English National Paper that a certain section of the US government were been asked to confirm or deny that an Alien was alive and been held in a particular area.

There is no doubt in my mind that space beings are alive here and now, some in their various physical forms walk among us, others are in captivity. Doesn’t all of this make you feel wonderful and not alone? Open up your heart and your mind with the highest possible intent, and I will say to all those people who long to meet an alien, be taken to a space ship: if you approach it truly in this way, it won’t be long before you have the experience you have so long waited for.

Contacting ETs, Aliens, and other beings…

Perhaps I wonder as I write this article if it’s not just a matter of first making contact with yourself. What a delightful and wondrous thought ! Isn’t there an element of the alien in all of us, if we look deeply enough? I feel that the United States present preoccupation with Angels is a safe and comforting way to look more deeply into the unknown without straying too far from religious boundaries. Angels were mentioned in the Bible after all so they must be “good”. I guess it’s quite comforting also to feel that there is something out there which is more powerful than you are, keeping a watchful and protective eye upon you. I feel that the division between ETs and Angels is a very fine line, and I am a little surprised that people don’t appear to be realizing this yet. Still one small step away from the boundaries which limit us can only be good.

So you want to communicate with aliens! In my experience it has always been a quite simple thing, just a matter of recognizing the right wavelength. I feel that it can be quite simple for you too. A good way of beginning is to get into the way of really looking and really listening. Hear everything that you hear, visualize and feel that you are opening your ears so that they are wide open. Try to pick up as many sounds as possible. After practice, when you are comfortable with this, start to listen to the in-between all that you hear. It is only a matter of time before you start to pick up other vibrations and frequencies. Clairvoyance means simply to see clearly, it has mass association with seeing the future and seeing spirits, ghost, etc., but basically it means to see clearly. To see Aliens, UFOs, etc. is a matter of seeing clearly. Certain people for whatever reason at some point in time do just this. It could be for all kinds of reasons: a reaction to great stress, to a great need; they may not – and probably will not – be even aware of this, but these two factors may be the catalyst which open doors to the Alien, even to the abduction experience.

There are certain spots around the world which are known for alien sightings and encounters. I suppose these are always worth a visit simply because these are the places you expect things to happen, so perhaps your mind is more open for them to happen. Quiet a few people have aliens encounter and are abducted, and are not consciously aware of it, even forget; and yet when they are subjected to hypnosis – or other catalysts are used or occur – the whole experience begin to surface. This is a very interesting point. Did they really forget? Or was it that they were more focused on another reality whilst that was also happening? Imagine a picture frame, and then a picture on top of a picture on top of a picture, the one at the back becomes not so present, unless you really focus on it.

Fear of change…

Could it be a simple matter that more people are now more aware of such beings existence, more people are prepared to speak out about what has happened to them, what these alien experiences have been like? I remember one time a few years ago the time of the “Harmonic Convergence”, when the whole sky was lit up with space craft and the atmosphere was full of them, they walked, they crawled, they were everywhere in many shapes and forms, it was quite wonderful and amazing. I often felt I saw so much quite simply because I was totally open to the experience. One thing is for sure: there is no need for fear. We are not alone, maybe we never have been, but there certainly is room for us all. Naming Star systems, etc., has never quite rung true for me. I really don’t feel it’s that simple. I feel that’s like putting the whole phenomena in a box and labeling it. As with “Purpose”, why are they here, are they for or against us? As far as the great universal shift which has been prophesied for so long is concerned, I have no doubt that on many levels this will be and will happen, but as far as the great destruction is concerned, I don’t feel it needs to be in that way, I feel that a lot of that is fear, the fear of change. Negative visualization. There is no doubt that we are creators, we have the ability to create and we do create. So let’s create something wonderful, if you have the same thought over and over again you can turn it into a reality. It may take a while, but it will be so. Thoughts are powerful things. So instead of visualizing a dreadful end, how about a beautiful, harmonic and gentle one.

* * *

I don’t really feel that the question of what is real and what is not is relevant. I think the most relevant point is that anything is possible, and that creation and the creative process is very real, but also only a very small beginning. Remember also, the swiftest thing to fly is the mind, those who know this have wings. Quite simply your mind can travel incredibly fast, you can travel to and beyond the stars faster than the speed of light. You have this ability. It’s time to explore, explore those distant universes, create new ones; you are not limited to only the earth existence you perceive and believe yourself to be in. Remember, time and space has no distance. So isn’t it time for you to fly and discover the Alien experience yourself. Apart from myself, there are other teachers out there who can give you some guidance. You will only need a very little, some need none at all. Allow yourself to fly, to fly free. Let this be your gift to yourself.

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