America: Home of the Brave and The Free.

What to say about America? Home Of the Brave and the Free…

What should I say about America my home the place where I live?That it took me a long time to feel free to say anything, to voice my observations freely and out loud. I would say that first because it is an important point.Eleven years in Fact…

Then I will say I love this country, I love the different climates and terrains, the huge open empty spaces, the vastness of everything, the nature, the diversity of peoples and cultures, I love all of those aspects of this country.

I live in Texas and I love the woods,I watch raccoons humming birds wild deer bluebonnets and wild flowers that bloom in the spring, I live in a safe clean area, which is all good.

I love the convenience of shopping 24hrs If you are prepared to work you can have a very materially good life in the USA its true, I learnt to fly here and to drive perhaps I might not have done those things in another place firstly, there was no need but still, many things are more affordable here more possible.

I like the amount of “Stuff” that I can buy with the money that I make, I like the endless choices of things available.But alas materialism isn’t everything it cannot compared to openness warmth and humanity between human beings.

I don’t like the fact that news is often seeming to be biased and that unless I get on the internet I only ever seem to hear narrow view points of national and world events, I don’t like the nations fixation on the word”party” and the fact that this seems to amount to drinking beer or some other kind of alcohol and then proclaiming to have had “fun” and a good time, besides this kind of partying I don’t see much joy or real fun going on generally speaking.

I like the learnt intelligence and many times rich vocabulary and use of words that most people that I come across use, I don’t like though the often closed mindedness and no go areas that seem to exist whenever the subjects of politics and religion come up.

In fact that part of things seems quite scary a lot of fear based suppression, and judgment clearly exists in those areas.

“If your not with us then you must be against us” seems to rule out any real tolerance of objection to anything.

I am horrified by the healthcare situation if you have money or health insurance ok but if not, you are in big trouble in the USA this is amazing to me that in such a rich country in 2007 these basics are not easily available to everyone.

I cannot imagine living here and being sick or poor.

Racism is alive and kicking I shudder when I see it certainly here in the south, come on people its 2007 the current situation is so “un-cool’.

As mentioned I dislike the media bias the idea that Americans are fed that the whole world wishes it could live here, and that Americas are the only people on the planet, this is quite shocking to me.

I dislike the way so many people seem to not have thought much about, if at all about what they are told or taught and hardly seems to care, yet at the same time of course its understandable to a degree everyone is so busy trying to keep up with the pace of life, have it all and keep a roof over their heads I guess there is not much time or inclination to think, but even so that’s scary.

The conditioning here of people is mind blowing.

I have lived and worked in over thirty different countries, the USA to me is home and I am an American therefore I feel a right too have an opinion and not to be afraid to voice it. Service in restaurants I generally find excellent however in business if there is a mistake my fault or not, its almost guaranteed that I will end up paying, and be lucky to get an even insecure sorry from a company of any kind of size that’s depressing and got very old very fast.

The individuality that was once enjoyed in the States and the recognition of uniqueness seems to be fading fast the melting pot it seems has begun to frown on those who do not look and think the someway that’s a sad thing to see.

Still I see hope, I feel that our country needs change it can indeed lead the world but its going to require honesty and a willingness from each and every person to really think and feel for themselves Of course its possible that America really could change the world, first perhaps we just need to face the fear, its everywhere in everything it would seem,and be prepared to go with what we know and believe in our hearts to be right, the spirit of adventure and bravery is still here and does exist, I hope that positive change comes soon for we have someway yet to go…

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