Winter, flu and cold!

It is the season of fall and winter is just around the corner. How do you feel ? Does staying in bed in the morning seem like a great idea? Interesting how just like the animals many of us feel like going into hibernation at this time of the year. In our local Houston climate it is difficult even to know how to dress right now. At present we have cool to cold mornings, evenings and nights while the daytime can still be sunny and warm. All of this in the first week of November, yet many other states already have snow.

Between the air-conditioned and the heating system, changes of clothes and temperatures, we are assured and conditioned to believe that this is the time of year to expect colds and flu. Do we really have to accept this? Haven’t you ever met someone who at the beginning of winter says “I am not going to get a cold this year, I don’t have time for that, it is not going to happen to me” and it quite simply doesn’t. Maybe you tried this yourself and saw that it works! If you never have, well go ahead and give it a try, you have nothing to loose. We are told over and over that positive thought works, that we do create our own reality, so it does make sense for us to consciously decide not to have colds and flu this winter. It also seems that in colder weather we burn more energy so we tend to eat a little more to keep our body and nervous system in balance, a small step towards not being below our usual par.

How about flu shots? Here we invite a minor dose of flu into our bodies in the belief that next time it comes our way we will escape completely or with a minor dose. The theory sounds great and I am sure it mainly works. The thing that bothers me is how many times have we been urged by modern medicine to accept various immunizations and then, some years later, medicine admits that it was not such a good idea, as the various casualties are brought forward to our attention via the newspapers or individuals alone campaigning for compensation.

If we would just allow ourselves to move away from the expectation and the association of winter, colds and flu, we could have a real opportunity not to create a negative pattern and reality in our life. It works! I started sneezing just thinking and writing this piece about colds and flu!

When the weather starts to be gloomy, how about bringing in some color to your life? It could be clothing, yellow, orange, pink, lilac, green, and blue… We do not have to stick with the association of winter and black, gray and brown. As for SAD – syndrome and winter blues – yes, it’s very real. It is a good idea to feed and balance ourselves with different colored light, but simple visualization can work as well, and takes minutes, costs nothing, only the time we take for ourselves. Just imagine yourself feeling very relaxed in a beautiful garden surrounded by many beautiful flowers, breathe in all the colors and smells; imagine yourself being surrounded by a beautiful bright yellow light and color, allow yourself to bathe in that beautiful color and light and take long slow deep breathes and breathe that color all through your body until you feel completely full. This is a simple and effective way to calm, feed and relax yourself on a physical, emotional and mental level. And remember that even when you are in situation where others do have colds or flu this does not mean that you have to take this on yourself and make it your reality. The choice is yours.

If you do find yourself with a cold or flu despite all of this, enjoy the time! Stop fighting and take time out to go at your own speed instead of the speed of the world. This is exactly what you need right then: to give you a chance to get back in touch with yourself and find balance.

If the sun is not shinning where you are, right now, with your mind, go to where the sun is, let’s make this winter a sunny one after all.

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