What is Paranormal?

What is very normal to me might be quite unusual to you and vice versa; so Paranormal could be a matter of perspective. There are certain subjects that we think of as being part of the Paranormal, for instance: ghosts, levitation, telekinesis, clairvoyance, to name but a few. These are ones that most people have heard of and have some idea of what they involve.

This last month, KHYS – a radio station in Houston – decided to do something a little different for Halloween. We went on an outside broadcast to a known haunted pub in Houston, the Ale House on W. Alabama. My husband and I decided to arrive early on Friday evening just so that I would be able to get a feel for the place, see if I picked up any presence, or to see if the ghosts might just be a good sales ploy spread around by the owners of the place. Almost as soon as I went inside I was overwhelmed by a very heavy atmosphere and I wandered from room to room taking notes on all that I felt, saw and heard in each room and space. In one corner of the upstairs bar was a square space used for dancing. The space felt very heavy and oppressive. I looked on the floor and saw a trail of blood, then I watched as a woman in a black dress trimmed with gold edge that she was half wearing was pulled into the center of the room by a well dressed but desperate looking young man. He took a knife and cut her throat, a huge ugly gash. She ran screaming from the room.

I had the sense that she did not die but survived the attack. I later heard that the pub had been at one time a brothel and the girl seemed to fit in with that kind of look and time period. I moved on into the bathroom and almost straight away saw another young woman dressed in an old fashioned long dress; she was wearing many petticoats underneath. She was a very cheeky saucy kind and she welcomed me. She was glad that I had come and was happy to have someone to talk to. She told me her name but it was difficult to quite make out. But later when I described her to the long time manager of the place, Angela, she confirmed that the girl had been seen by many others and her name was Maggie. There was a spot upstairs, a room that I felt most comfortable in. There I clearly saw four men having a meeting and sitting around a heavy old oak wood table. Also in the room was the inn keeper from the place twenty years previously with a great white apron tied about his waist. He was most agitated and walked up and down the room.

A person later asked me what was the difference between the ghosts in the pub and impressions of events and things that happened in the place. The mental pictures that I saw of times and events were static, but the ghosts were interacting with me: we talked and they relayed information. This is the difference.

A little later in the evening we began a live seance on the air. It went well, very well. We had around twenty-five people linking up hands together around a long table that we were broadcasting from. Different people received impressions and information, which they shared with us. Two or three persons saw the same girl, most of the participants felt cold chills and hot flushes at different times, and one or two heard noises. The highlight was when the producer of the show who was sitting in and had admitted that he was nervous but skeptical about the whole thing clearly and vividly saw and communicated with a presence. He was very shocked, as was everyone there. He admitted afterwards that it had been very real and he would not take part in seances ever again. He was very shaken.

A client the next day who had listened to the broadcast asked me why the ghosts were all there. The answer is simple: the place has a lot of history, a lot of atmosphere. Many of them were comfortable there, not only people, but also a cat and a dog from past time had come through. It is like there is no such thing as empty space, all is full, we just are not perceiving all that is present around us all of the time because our focus is fixed on a particular spot in time and space that we believe is reality. Take away the concept of time and you too will see ghosts of the past and the future and all that is here in present time! I must say that the Ale House in Houston is well worth a visit. I would like to end this short piece where I began: this event was very normal for me, normal to talk with people and to see people who are so called dead, so is this paranormal or is it just perspective?

December 1998

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